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Secret to keeping your girlfriend.

Well, Ive proven it again.
My girlfreind tried to commit suicide, cause I ignored her for nearly a week.
Now that Ive assured her I love her, and committed myself to her, she couldnt care a damm.
so, its all psycological again. Be hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. Never give your heart totally.
and dont overdo the ignorance and cold part, otherwise your have the guilt of a loss you could have avoided on your shoulders forever.

Always have a few flings on the side, it makes her mad as hell, but she will keep coming back, and claiming you as her possesion.

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Well you have certainly proven something you poor man. I take it you still havent sought help.
tell her you have found someone else ......banana
well apparently she has some psychological issues out of your control, I would think, sorta sad to see, cause im sure aside from that shes a great person, I guess my question would be, if your having flings do you take your back, knowing her past sequencing of bevaiours, seems like you either enjoy it, or want her to be jeoulous, jst wondering if you really cared about her, why have flings confused but then what do I know dunno
If my BF were to have flings on me I'd be flinging him out the door.
rolling on the floor laughing Cc!
whtwb,You've obviously got the wrong idea about keeping a partner.
roll eyes
Sadly some guys live by the saying: Treat them mean, keep them keen........ blues moping

............ grin hug wine
Sounds like the weddings off then whtwhb....blues uh oh stuck shimmy elephant reunion
It is sad that you both treat eachother poorly...only to repeat the cycle...I do not find this funny...suicide is a very serious matter...maybe you should try to get her the help she needs? Playing with someones' affection is not cool...
You cannot base a lasting love relationship where two people really care about each with psychological game playing on both sides. The loved one also is not a possession. Not healthy, bound to be filled with drama and stress...what's the point?

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