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My girlfriend wont let me go completely ever.

My girlfriend wont let me go, Ive told her the relationship is unhealthy, cause we both play pyshicologically with each other.
as soon as I get another girl, then she is here to frighten her and chase her away.
But, then she ignores me for days on end, when I try to contact her.
Then if I do the reverse, cause now Im fed up with her, then she tries to commit suicide.

so, she wont let me cut her off completely, and she is really turning my mind inside out.

One minute she wants me, the next minute, couldnt be bothered with me, but she wont allow our relationship to end completely.

I have flings, only because she is never with me, and she gets drunk on weekends and has flings.

Worst of all, she wants revenge on me, and when she is about to tempt suicide, she also says over the phone, my life is over, look what youve done to me etc, etc. goodbye.
And I yell over the phone, Please dont do it.

And I know she isnt joking, when she attempts it, cause the last time, she was in hospital for an overdose, tried to hang herself already, and this time, I found her at the bridge just intime for the second time, when she was about to jump onto the railway track.

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handshake WhtWht, when you finally meet a girl here on cs wont the lady first knock you and your cs love off, before attempting the bridge thing again? You need to put her on the right track. conversing grin cheers
Maybe she is in panic for some reasons. Take time to explain her to help her gets over this hard time. Be clear to her about the reason for stop relationship, one day she will understand and may feel lucky to be more happy without have to be with someone doesn't love her. Good-luck!
every time you respond to her actions it gives her more reason to hang on to the so calld relationship. I had a husband that played that game very well and finley called his bluff, I left and divorced him and yup you guessed it he never commited sueaside. I cut all ties compleatly and moved on with my life. As long as you give in to her ployes she will have hope and it will be false hope that you give her for responding to her. I think it is you that needs to move forward with your life and let her go.
I do love her, but its unhealthy.
the problem is, the minute she feels unloved, then the suicide thoughts erupt.

However, as soon as she knows, I love her, and am looking all over for her etc, then she doesnt want to know me.
Yes Mimzy, thats what happened, I ignored her for a week, and then she tried suicide.
it is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. a shrink might help in her case.
I feel sorry for her. Hope she is able to get over that hard time soon and to be both healthy and happy.

Hope you won't feel regret later for letting go someone who you love.
@whtwhb...your actions towards this young lady obviously shows you are a responsible and caring person.....I think Luke and Ajkaorjun's suggestions about helping her onto the right track through perhaps seeking professional help in dealing with this situation would be best for all concerned... as well as your peace of mind...dunnosigh best of luck tho handshake thumbs up
well your in a pickle dunno cant you get her admitted or certified in to a hospital, outside help, rather doing it all by yourself, must be tough teddybear
wow speechless i dont what to tell you
maybe mimzy333 has the right answer very good what she did
Seriously she needs professional help, for herself and everyone else she is dragging into her dark messed up reality.
Just treat her normally whatever she does; don't respond in kind or ignore her for weeks, etc. She definitely needs help and there was some good advice posted here. The best you can do is treat her lovingly always (but don't pursue an intimate relationship) until or unless she gets better and you sincerely want to. Something has to change the course of the boat. sad flower

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