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There is a bat in the house.

There is a bat flying up and down through the passage, through the lounge, through everywhere.
How do I get the bat out. I dont have a net.
Or do I leave it for the giant bugs,
they are everywhere, and when I stand on one, it goes crunch and squeels and lies suffering all night.

Although, tonight, the bugs are hiding, maybe it is the bat.

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so.......thats not it ....that thing on your head ?
Hey virgo, like your new style.

No, that hat is a huge sun hat I made, when I used to be creative, before the pisces moved into the street and claimed me, before I had to adapt to the way they want me to be, or face property damage, and complete sabotage.

although, its about this time, 1am, where I start tuning in again.

No, Im sitting here wondering, when and if the soldiers are coming.
Are they going to surround us, and take us out in one stroke, or are the tiny Guerilla units ready for them.

The cops seemed to have dissappeared tonight, maybe it was my low profile, and they got bored watching everynite, when I never come out.

All though, I peeped out last night at about 3am, and the one guy on guard supposed to be watching me, was getting flirty with some girl that came there.
Eventually, they closed the door.

so, thank you to the girls going and destracting them.

I will make my escape soon, but wont go straight to my final destination.
oh so that's a chair you are sitting ...wave
in .......
Embedded image from another site
there it is virgo, the bugs, but now I cant find the bat.
Maybe he is full and gone to sleep somewhere.
No vigo, that is a specialy engineered weapon I made before pisces arrived. it can fire, 50 rounds in 9 seconds. not too bad hey.
Ok, well, the bloke across the road is an engineer, he has all the machinery and stuff in his garage.

He doesnt come here much, but he helped me with it, I just gave him the design and measurements etc.

but sh...
But now you get those microwave guns, have you seen them.
they can be fired from a great distance, and it doesnt have to be accurate.
it penetrates your house, disrupts computer, and electrical things, and gives you a very painfull death they say.

they using it on the cows and sheep now.
they said, theyve killed 40 000 farmers, now there are only 37000 left.

but they are going to use these microwave weapons now.

the only defence is if you cover the house in metal, fully that is.
Its made with a microwave tube. whats in your microwave.
Ill see if I can find it sometime
If you put a dish of champagne or wine under the kitchen sink...the bugs will drink it and die. The cockroaches that is....conversing
man, sucks to be you sad flower

can I help popcorn
may be you need to leave that country you live in .....get a boat and sail away where you can be a free man

oh, thanks Calliopsgirl.
Ill try that if I ever get wine.
Maybe you should make a microwave tube weapon to use on your bugs. Maybe you only have to leave the door open while it is running.
I know, put it on a turn table.
I suggest you go out tonight for awhile though.
virgo, there is no freedom living in another country. Ive done it for 6 years once, I nearly went insane.
you can live there, if you change your personality type, but I hate doing that.

its just nicer to feel at home, even though one is kept reminded of its not yours, you must get out.

well, I feel at home at this time of morning while everyone in the neighborhood is sleeping, put it that way.
in the day, all the cultures are up and about, and the possesive type personalites, with the mindset of this is my street, get out, so you cant really be yourself,
you will get killed if you upset someone, which is impossible not to do.
those are cockroachesconversing you best keep the bat as a permeate house guest. or you get over run wit those nasty bugs
Ye, I dont have a boat, and am 500km from the ocean
Thanks Mimzi, s... so they are cockroaches.
My g.. and Ive just let them breed. cause got tired of vacumming them up.
do you think the bat will find and eat them, cause the bat doesnt go to ground.
do the political asylum thing and plead the shit you are going through , on you as a human being ...see if you can get a working visa to come to my country , there's 5 years holiday help you find yourself...wave
Thanks virgo, I do have a British passport still, and have been there, although its a nightmare, but at least an escape for a while.
its the concrete jungle with rain the whole winter, and vicious drunk youths, but I might just get some work there for a while to start over.

can only try.
You could invite the S.A. cricket team round for batting practice.dunno j/k.wave
Thats boring, I dont watch sport.
@Whtwhb...... I wish I could give you great advice, the only advice I can give is don't go "Batty" on us!!
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

~DAN~thumbs up
Can you buy bat insectiside?
I dont watch test cricket either i just heard the result. thumbs up

...these guys have a similar problem...rolling on the floor laughing
Thondae, I dont kill bats, unless Im hungry.
I find them fascinating and mysterious creatures.

I hear him banging about, so guess he is hunting again.
maybe he is trying to get outside, I should open the door maybe.
but I think its the same bat as last hear, I dont know where in the house he hibernates.
Why on earth would you want to rid yourself of the bat? Bats eat half their body weight every 24 hours. Leave the thing in peace and it will eliminate those cockroaches in short order. If you are lucky the bat will invite his friends over and your house will be roach free in less than a week.
In the meantime don't let the bug eater drive you batty.frustrated
Well, I dont know, those cocroaches are still around.
What about the bat, have you spotted it lately? They are adverse to light so more than likely he is flying around at night when you're sleeping and it's dark. The cockroaches would come out when the bat is sleeping and hide when the bat is up and about. If you notice a steady decrease in the number of roaches, then you'll know that the bat is taking care of business.

yes, looks like there are less. but I dont know where the bat is now, havent seen it for two nights I think. he might have escaped somehow.

there are alot of bats out at night, when I go outside, so now I think I know why the roaches are all coming inside.

well, I see my spider pets are gone. guess the bat got them.

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