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My cobra for my neighbours, what do you think.

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Your cobra eats the bat, bat eats the cockroaches. You've got quite the food chain going on there. If you are partial to snake meat then the food chain becomes even longer.

ye, read the other blog, left a comment there.

the roaches look like they are much less.

guess its working, but didnt see bat last night.

maybe he escaped.

there are lots of bats flying outside at night sometimes, but not last night for some reason. maybe season is nearly over.

approaching winter, and thank god, Im out of here this time.

this dessert, its freezing behond belief in winter.
Ye, I hope it doesnt bite me.
but Im playing it pyscicologically.
seems to be working.
Are you saying that this dangerous reptile is hanging around? If it is then it's time to get rid of it before tragedy *strikes*. A good hunting dog with quick reflexes ought to do the job.
In the meantime don't encourage it to stick around. If it turns out to be a pregnant female you will soon have a nest of them, then you won't be able to live there anymore.
Why does pictures not come up when I press link?confused

NO, it was hard getting it, so Im keeping it.
its for the non stop barking dog next door.
it barks at me the whole night, I cant sleep at all.
That dog doesnt like my energy field, and I dont like that dog.

the dog is a huge pitbull, and it attacked my German shepherd not long ago.
the German Shepherd is now dead.

The neighbour on the right side, doesnt live there, but keeps the dog there to annoy me etc.

The neighbour on the left side, I dont want her bitten by the cobra. Im still planning something else for her.

I managed to chase her away now and then, cause at 3am in the morning, I take two pots and bang them together.

its just a fence that separatess us. and these houses dont have sound proof for some reason.

she sleeps with her window open and you can hear her snoring.

she has done terrible damage to my livelihood for 5 years. and sabotaged all my buyers aswell.
can write a whole chapter whole cruel she is.
but thats for another day.
confused dunno press on with mouse grin nothingcrying
I dont know, last night the links were underneath the code. not today.
so, I just copy like it says, then paste in the blog.
not working.

I first copied into a empty file, on the laptop, then copy and paste into the blog.
looks like its not working
doh oh well they must have disabled it. Never mind your new pic of yourself I can recognise is youholaugh
Have good daypeace
Where I live we have plenty of bylaws. There is a noise bylaw (barking dogs) and a dangerous dog bylaw(pitbulls etc.)If that dog keeps you up all night and killed your German Shepard then this would be ample incentive to file complaints.
I'm going to presume that you've already tried all of that. Might be time to take the law into your own hands. That pitbull would not last too long if it lived next to me. I'd bribe it with some food into the back of my SUV which has a partition, then slam the back door shut. Me and the pitbull would then take a long ride into the country where I'd let the thing out and it could fend for itself.
I do like animals but if the thing killed my pet dog, then no more Mr.Nice Guy. mumbling
666 thumbs up devil
666 thumbs up devil
Here, nobody listens to laws.

the lady across the road had 15 barking dogs. and she lives on a farm somewhere.
she left the dogs there to annoy the whole nieghborhood.
ok, she is pisces, and I think the bloke next doors wife is pisces as well, so their is nothing you can do.

people complained for years, the one woman even has to go sleep somehwere else to get some sleep.

and this rich old pisces woman lives comforatbly on some farm. only comes to her house in the day.

hopefully she gets m....... with all the other farmers.(jokes) but looks like they are not murdering people in this area yet.
maybe they dont want the farms in the dessert regions, not sure.
Well, pisces is a very lucky star sign, they never die, and can never go to jail. and are the resource drainer of life and destruction.
and we all have to look after them.
says so in astrology.
scorpio is the persecuted one.
My goodness, it sounds like you are living in Zimbabwe the way you wrote about farmers being murdered. I do believe I'll stay put in snowy cold Canada.
Good luck to you with that cobra, don't allow yourself to get too comfy with it, and don't ever trust it.
Embedded image from another site
Hey, Hey, there it is. the part was missng.
I have a cornsnake, jake the snake hug snakes are awesome dancing
What are you feeding it, live mice and cockroaches?confused

Its all covered up with natural causes on the death certificates.

so, you wont know about it.
apparently only 37000 farmers left. think 40 000 perished so far.
but anyway, better keep silent about that.
wave thanks for picture snakes not so bad when kept as pets but that one sure looks uglyapplause
Well, I gave it my hamster, cause it was getting old and miserable.

and a few doves, which get captured in the outside cage. the cage door is open, cant get it closed. the gate to the cage is only half a metre or so high, so the doves get in, but the cant find or fly low to get out.

its an old thin wire large bird aviary cage or something.

ye, I get in, then just shoot them with the pellet gun.

the snake likes them alive though, but the pellet gun seems to do the trick.
Its called a cape cobra.
they cute.
My sons feed snakes on road kills, they even eat big squirrels that's the snakes not sons.laugh
Here's the plan: When no one is around place 10 sleeping pills into some soft dog food. Then when it's dark out place it where the pitbull can get it. Wait until the pills have done their work. Then place the pitbull into a bag and drag it inside and open the bag into the cobras enclosure.
Just make sure that the pitbulls legs are tied and it's mouth is taped shut in case the thing wakes up.
I'm guessing that the pitbull will feed the cobra for a couple of weeks at
Thank you, I forgot about sleeping pills.
That will work wonders.

and I have dug a grave in the yard. Well, it was supposed to be a pond I wanted to build for the German shepherd, cause its very hot here.
so, Maybe Ill use the snake to scare the neighbours on the other side.

ye, that will work, cause Ive tried to spray it with maise, when it barks at the short part of the wall at me, but it runs away and barks, even though its a vicious pitbull.

it knows, IM not scared of it.
I pointed a knife at its nose once, and stared it in the eyes.

and it didnt even try tear me apart. It just knew, that knife was going to be thrusted into its heart.
Right, that takes care of the pitbull. As to the bat and cockroaches you ought to try high frequency. Get a device(they sell them here)that emits high frequency waves. This rids the house of pests like bugs and mice. It will also drive the pitbull completely mad if you place it outside next to it.(revenge)
Holy cowl. thank you,

I think thats what this neighbour used to disrupt my tv channels.

some high frequency wave transmitter or something.
Hello whtwhb,,Said cobra looks like a nice enough chap my friend..careful it doesnt bite the new picture old chap,,what are you wearing ?,,,looks like youre covered in leaves...detective frog burger lightbulb stuck sheep transport angel2 writing crazy coffee2 banana drinking mumbling
Twazzle, its like a sniper suit, I made it from died material cut up, and sowen onto netting. Im just using it for camouflage and get away, if the soldiers arrive.
Well, ok, I wont be able to get away if they surround the town, and Im not allerted beforehand.

Saw a military vehicle in the next small town, 70km from a bigger town, and that is very unusual.

Didnt examine it, I was in a hurry and putting petrol in.

but now that I think of it, I think it had some industrial machinery on the back.

Im going to try hide in the tree or bushes and not be noticed if they do ever come.
Sounds like youre on the ball and a step in front if ever said military come throwing theyre weight about....Tiz a fine costume and perfect for blending in with the shrubbery....though dont wear it for any cocktail parties or high society luncheons...Thats more a sharp suit and bow tie uh oh cheering smoking reunion dance stuck detective
Sounds like youre on the ball and a step in front if ever said military come throwing theyre weight about....Tiz a fine costume and perfect for blending in with the shrubbery....though dont wear it for any cocktail parties or high society luncheons...Thats more a sharp suit and bow tie uh oh cheering smoking reunion dance stuck detective
Said it on 2 occasions there my friend..blushing blushing elephant waiter pizza tip hat blah blah
Oh, so thats why Ive never been able to get an office job.
well, I did once, was all office politics, no work done, just loosers with office politics that kept their jobs.

ok, that was overseas, a very long time ago.

Here in Africa. the new jobs coming up are anything to do with death, crime and war, cause their wont be any offices, or place to think soon.

Those diners and coctail parties will soon be shrepnel, birds and lizards to eat.
cant hide away in an office suite or ferrari over here anymore.

I do have medical skills aswell, but at this age, the only medical help Im giving anybody is ignoring them while they dying, unless they empty their bank accounts into mine.

Just like they did to me.
Cant wait for the party.
Oh, ok Twazzle, not sure about you yet.
Not sure about myself yet old chap..laugh laugh dunno banana cheers crazy daisy choir dancing dog motorcycle
The cobra looks as cool as your outfit.

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