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Met this girl on here, coming to stay with me, sho

Met this girl on here, she is coming to stay with me,
Im a bit nervous, cause Ive never had a girl stay with me more than
one night.

What colours do I decorate the room with, and who does the cooking, cause I dont usually cook.

and do I get a seperate bed, so she doesnt think, I just want to sleep with her, or what do I do.

any tips from the experienced people.

Im new at this. having a actually stay with me.

oh, catfoot, Lukeon, here is the photo I promised you,
of the girl I had about a month ago.

what do you think, think you can match her,
her figure is unbelievable. Its not a fake, she is bathing in my bath.

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Comments (40)

Did you copy that picture from a pro ana site? Awful.

As for the rest if your blog, its as believable as the rest of thd rubbish you write.
WHT, just be yourself and don't worry abut anything. If it's going to work out, then she has to accept you for who you are and how you live.
Good luck with all.thumbs up
Mate considering what's missing I can't see what your concerned about.
By the way where did you find the cardboard cutout?
I want one to impress my friends who don't think I have a girlfriend.rolling on the floor laughing
nothing like being a virgin rolling on the floor laughing oh and again, I like your hair smitten

rolling on the floor laughing
Get a blow up doll and all your concerns will just "blow away."
@candy, really??? your a virgin too dunno

rolling on the floor laughing
2 x wives and a lost child would warrant the answer "no.".....and im glad you can make yourself laugh so easily, most aren't so easily amused.
mrwilling, its not a cardboard cutout. its a photo I took of her, then I just fiddled it a bit with a free graphics program which is a free download. nothing special.

if you saw the other girls in my tub, those ones where there were two of them with a beer in thier hand, your see, its the same tub.

but that was quite a while ago. Bspoken and choco remembers.

Glatol. its true. not a fake pic, not a pic from a porn or model site. its original and my work.

took me 1 minute to take photo when she was here.
and 5 minutes just now to hide her bits, and play with the level colours etc.
mrwilling, pay me a little, or send me some canned food or something, and Ill design anything in the graphics program you want.
Glat...Ya crack me up! laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Rainbow has posted pics of his girls before, so on that score he has credibility...

Rain...use the couch until 2am - then jump into her bed. Tell you heard noises in the cupboard and you're scared...grin laugh
Bspoken, the couch is the bed.

I only have 4 plastic chairs, plastic desk, and a double bed luckily.

the office so to speak. "that is the plastic table is next to the bed."

oh, by the way, thanks, just typed in, started learning and playing around with it.
so, I can transfer those domains to it with ease, just have to pay the fee again for each site.

so, I might do that when if I come back from overseas with some money hopefully.


Im just learning c++ now, but its much more harder and alot more complicated and harder to learn than php and the others.
so, Im just taking it slow, if I ever get through it or conquer it, then good riddance, if not. then just one of those things.
Credibilty......your kidding right?

The man wouldnt know the truth if it smacked him in the face and is seriously in need of help.

The girl in that pic is either pre pubescent or anorexic either way, pretty sick.
Just make sure he is not from nigeria. .......
she is 27 years old Glatol. while thats what she said.

but, I had to leave her, cause she was on drugs. kind of got married to the drugs.

Im really sad, cause we clicked like a house on fire. she was sensitive, kind, warm, passionate. A cancerian girl.

now I have a capricorn girl coming.
Im booking her coach tonight, then I dont have to drive all the way there and back.
Hello whtwhb,,youre pretty clever with computers my friend,do you know of any type of program involving animation..?? i draw cartoons in my spare time and am trying to make a short animation with one of them....dancing dog shimmy elephant dance frog detective redclown stuck sad
Twazzle, try Gimp for graphics, shouldnt take too long to learn. there are other graphic free downloads as you probably know.

learn a bit of jquery, its a programming language that you can make things move, and do all sorts of things. that should help your animations.

should take a couple of weeks to learn if dedicated, and have privacy. experiment with it.

can find it on
Thanks whtwhb,i really appreciate that my friend..cheers..cheers cheers wine
As what you wrote in your comments that you already had a girl coming before and this is the second one you already is an experienced man what to do and how to handle her ..just let it flow naturally nothing to panic her body language and try to make her comfortable as much as possible As you have not mentioned if you love her or its just a infatuation of a one night stand or two so it really depends where u both are heading to..All the best for the meet my friend cheers hug
Hi wht

Trust me dancing grin you can't go wrong with Hello Kitty wallpaper popcorn laugh hug wave
rapturecapture, are you a night owl, its after 4am here.
hello kitty sounds exciting, Ill check it out.
take care.
Hello kitty, shows kitten pics on bags and items. is that it.
I went to
Good luck with this lucky gal. I would say, just do what you want to do. Treat her with respect. Sometimes the best policy is play things by ear. If you have any confusion on what to do, simply ask her. She will have all the answers to the questions you have.
wow ... nice body shape.
you have accepted her by thinking what are you supposed to do for her during she lives with you... I think wont be only 1 night...
call bill clinton.
No stress just leave ur place the way it is and do what u usually do coz suddenly pretending to be someone else will just last a day or two and be really tiresome...If she stays say "nice to meet you"if she runs for dear life say "good riddance" hug
All I can say is rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing roll eyes
A separate bed would be a nice jester. Light blues are nice and calming and peaceful.
I know quite a few women of various races who are petite and shaped like this girl and they are very healthy.comfort
All I can say is good luck.
rolling on the floor laughing not sure if everyone wants to be that guy or not.
whtwhb was very honest and nice. Real and in no shape or form a troll. Could have been, cos this is sortof what it looks like but he was real and unique.
Hope he is dong ok.
Catfoot and Lukeon...rolling on the floor laughing was that doubt or curiosity?
There are only a few reasons a decent looking woman would travel more than 10 miles to stay with a strange male. Sex is not one of them.
The reasons are:
She believes the male has more wealth than she does, or that even if she is poorer she can easily take what little he has before going on to the next man.
There is someone who wants her dead and she thinks she can hide at your p0lace for awhile and if she really has to provide you with sex, well, it is better than having the people chasing her disembowl her or cut off her head.
She is an unemployable crazy drug addict/alcoholic with no money or income and you have a dry roof.and a place to cook food., and if she smiles and wiggles her butt for you, you will feed her too.
You negotiated a cash per night arrangement (this is really just a variation of the first reason) and you agreed to pay more than the guy she is already living with.
Her kids need someone stupid to be a daddy and their real father agrees you fit the description.
She is determined to really piss off her husband/boyfriend/parents (pick one) by showing them how much she rejects them or their values and wants to shock them with her poor choice in who she sleeps or has sex with,
In the case of cross national boundary relationships, she needs to pretend she loves someone in your country so she can get a Visa. Once the Visa arrives she can sponsor 'cousins' for their Visa and by that means bring her real boyfriend or husband into the country and maybe even live with him in her bed in your house while clueless you go to work every day to pay for her happy relationship with the 'cousin' who even now is putting another baby into her womb while you work.
Go ahead and pick the one that most fits your situation.

professor laugh
Thanks Ken. Btw this blog is 7y old but your advice still valid, hehe! beer
Yeah someone took the trouble to resurrect it, so why not help them keep it alive for a few more years?
I found it interesting that men consider a new found friend important enough to select their decor.
It coincides with another blogger currently starting a transition towards new found friends as well.

thumbs up
Ir isn't unusual for a live in arrangement to end because the woman finds the man's house too trashy.
Buy a gross of rubbers and diaphragms, wash the bed, clean the frigid out and buy a case of Budweiser and a fifth of maddog
Hahaha blog originated in 2014 laugh
Darn, I was hoping to pick up some tips from this blog. blues

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