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Apparently 10s of thousands to freeze to death thi

Apparently 10s of thousands homeless people to freeze and starve to death this winter in SA. sleeping in tents.
food supplies and aid also cut off and sabotaged.
Media coverage cut off aswell.
near the pretoria areas.

will try find the links again, and post later.

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This is very sad WHT. There is no help at all? I am so saddened and I wish that UN can help or do something..
welcome to the real world sigh
are there really 10 thousand homeless people just in the Pretoria area?
Its horrible???peace
I wasnt born yesterday Butterflies, I know how the real world works.
and by the way, dont think your more educated than those homeless people, just because you earn a good salary etc.

This is Africa.
yes Lyndsyjones, and they cant even stand up, fight for themselves, and start business and a community, jobs etc.

they are ransacked all the time and sabotaged by ones outside.

and if they stand up and fight for their survival, they have O...a and everyone to contend with aswell.

Its total persecution.
iotoo, you are sick. nobody here did anything to you, but your time will come.
I'm wondering if we could start a petition up
on the internet using AVAAZ,
they encourage folk to do that now
and if there is enough interest,
something might be able to be done
for those unfortunate people.
ye, I dont know, told them to take up arms and go out with a bang, than being forced to freeze and starve.
I mean if your going to die anyway, might as well be exciting and quick.

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