Haven't we progressed to be a society, country, and globally of civilized, loving, kind and compassionate people?

Haven't we attained a certain degree of understanding, intellectual and compassionate unity to accept that after all religious differences is truly not a cause to harm and to hurt other people?

Obviously not. Below is a copy of the result of the Human Rights Study, that covers all kinds of religion and it is truly mind boggling why it is on the rise. While this report is based on a 5 years old study, I do personally feel that lacking of acceptance and understanding of others belief and religion do cause so much rift among mankind even today.

When I was in Australia last year, which house the biggest group of Muslim (asylum seekers) sect, I observed a rather, alienating feelings and discontent from the citizens due to their transparent and powerful exhibit of their strong belief of which is very different from the Christian based citizens. Whether or not this will grow into a major problem, I don't know but perhaps some of our members here will share their opinion?

Can we shed a little understanding and what would you do if you had the power, authority to change such a growing intolerance?

Will we ever achieve a true friendly and compassionate relations regardless of our religion? Or perhaps, truly all wars are indeed caused by this rift?

Thank you all so much for your contributions, comments and opinions.

Have a nice day/night.

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Europe and North America in 2007 and 2008.
Members of religious minorities throughout the
region were subjected to numerous physical
assaults causing serious injury or death. Adherents
of religions deemed by governments to be
nontraditional in Eastern Europe and the former
Soviet Union, including Jehovah’s Witnesses,
Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists,
Evangelical Protestants, minority Orthodox
Christians, and members of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints, were among those
targeted for violence, sometimes in the context of
government restrictions on religious activities and
official rhetoric that vilifies such groups. In the
United States, violent attacks on religious
institutions sometimes combined antipathy toward
particular confessions with hatred motivated by the
racial makeup of their congregations.

High levels of violent attacks against Jews
synagogues, and other Jewish sites continue across
Europe and North America, combining both
religious intolerance and racism. Antisemitic hate
crimes are addressed in a separate section of the
2008 Hate Crime Survey: Antisemitic Violence.

Anti-Muslim violence, which includes violence
motivated by religious intolerance as well as racist
and anti-immigrant bias, was also present in many
of the countries covered in this report. These and
other patterns of violence towards Muslims are
discussed in another section: Violence Against

This section addresses violence against adherents
and property of other vulnerable religious
minorities. In some countries, members of
minority religions are subject to violent attacks,
reflecting longstanding tensions between minority
religious groups and the majority religious
community. In other cases, adherents of religions
that are new or are perceived to be new in a
particular area are the targets of violence.

Government officials are not always neutral with
regard to such tensions and disputes, and may
exacerbate them or create the atmosphere in which
violent acts take place, as well as influencing the
way such violent acts are addressed by the
authorities. In several countries discussed here,
governments have enforced restrictions on
religious activity, specifically targeting minority
religious groups and beliefs. In extreme cases,
religious activities that are not approved by the
authorities are criminalized, while official approval
of religious activities by some groups is arbitrarily
withheld. Government security forces and law
enforcement officials have harassed or committed
other abuses against persons engaged in religious
activities, forcefully breaking up religious services,
confiscating property, and fining or detaining
religious leaders and other participants.

With or without such government action, officials
at times condone or fail to refute vilification
against some religious minority groups in the state
or private media. In particularly egregious cases,
law enforcement officials participate in attacks or
fail to intervene and provide protection to
members of religious minorities.

Human Rights First, 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th
Floor, New York, NY 10001-5210
This is the thing that I don't understand with these so called Christians, who go about causing wars and hatred towards people who do not follow their beliefs. They always get up on their high horse and say, but God said this, and the Bible says that. Oh well, one day these type of people will be serving time in Hell, (if you believe in Hell that is). No wonder it frustrates me and many others on here when we see the same kind of BS on CS. One day, if these Christians are not careful, they will be the ones targeted and brought to their knees. People talk about terrorists, well these Christian groups that seek out the minor religions and strike at them, are terrorists themselves.
A great blog lindsyjones. May those who have free will, and have a choice of what religion to follow, live in peace and free from bigotry. wine
Thank you so much Doc. If you read this, I have responded and agreed mostly on your futile quest on the other blogs of religious concerns.

Anyways, yes, it is the very act of insisting what they think is right even when it is outright wrong. But any growing misconceptions and commission of crimes based on wrong interpretations are very dangerous indeed.

On your last sentence about BIGOTRY, indeed, how people can judge others yet, they remain blind to their own.

Thank you so much..
You are welcome lindsy. I myself do not tolerate this kind of behavior of bigotry. And I will not stand by saying nothing, when these matters need to be addressed and dealt with.hug
We have only to look at what is happening in the world around us from day to day,

I dont see any degree of understandingin our in day to day life .And to use the word inellectual, does this means the man in the street a farmer a gardener a mother with 4 children have no intellect ??

To talk about compassionate we could ask the banks tobe more compassionate with us when we want to start some thing new to make a living.

Looking back now ,We Human have always make war on each other in one way or another .
Why should we stop now ?
Because FLYJAMES, isn't life about learning?
You're not going to learn much at all if you are at war with people who do not follow your beliefs.
Doc. with every new day I am aways learning some thing new
I try to keep the mind open.
I belief notting that is where I am coming from.peace
Well said Doc. The problem is that most of these religious sect, do insist on the difference of their belief instead of uniting each other on what good it serves all.

That is what I mean. And if we do away with hypocrisy and bigotry, yes I do believe all these intolerance from each other would go away.,
Exactly Flyjames, I was just going to write my response but Doc, did respond and then it is agreed.

May I add, that what comes to mind when I say intellectual is not what discredit those that are not gifted with intelligence. It is more of being an open mind. After all the questions that are brought about for the understanding of certain questions is derived from having to use the mind, with the heart and a good spiritual element.

Now if we are good to each other and be kind then it is what matters.

Well said lindsy. I think one of the major problems in our society today, is that so many people are so selfish instead of being selfless. Greed, and the need to control people, or even blind them from certain truths is a major thing too. I myself not that long ago, was so down with how people treated each other, that I felt I needed to totally get away from civilisation. Time will tell I guess.
I dont see the farmer the the worker on the street here on the blog fighting every day over a religions
I have many friends thay are Muslims friends that are into New-Age I into Tao and to talk of open minds.
Some of us need to come down out of the skys
Back to every day life that is not a religion or a belief
to stay in the Here and Now.
But what the hell this just me.peace
That's it Doc, why can't we be selfless? That's the question.

Be like Mother Teresa? Why can't we?

That's the question, Doc. Anyone?
To talk of being selfless
Have we for gotten EGO or the very strong I
Do we take the time to listen without the Ipeace
So if that's what it takes to solve this conflict why can't we do it James? Or is there a cure for it?
When my dauthers were in school thay would some times bring home a play friend from school, most of the time the children were withe, at the time it took me some time to get use to the other chrildren, but I did my best to let them feel welcome.

I was in West Africa I saw things there that let me walk on my head, I could not help all of West Africa but I could help one man for this my heart glad.

The last time I was on the Island Bull my friend wife was very sick there last savings went to pay bills. I buy a boat and got 6 fishing pots made for Bull so that he could make a living.

The man next door should he needs help I am redy to give it. A old lady in the train I will give up my seat to her.

I will not send away a friend when its dinner time.
@ lindsyjones - Good blog, Girl.... There are over 4,000 different known religions in the world today...... and each one professes that their's is the true path..... doh doh it's no wonder that we have so many wars and disagreements on the subject.....

laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing ..... grin hug wine
James this is when I say you're blessed with kindness and selflessness and that's what we all need. How can we make all of us like you? That's it James.

Yes Hans, so do we have hope? Ian's theory on the Shire concept is so scary. But seriously Hans, there's got to be a way, have any idea?
@ lindsyjones - Who's Ian... dunno shire concept... dunno ... did I miss something... confused ..... grin hug wine
Hans sorry, he's the one who suggested about the concept of this theory. He claims that there are only placid horse in the stable, and the reply was all the horses that showed aggression were all put to death. I irresponsibly made this comment but in my opinion, if I were deficient or defective and n my death would create a better good and I can't be improved, I think I would be willing to die. But this is easier said than done Hans.

My question is how can we truly become selfless and tolerant?
@ lindsyjones - Hitler and others have all tried the 'stable' concept and failed.....

The only way that we can become selfless and tolerant is if all religion is abolished, lets face it if there ever was any truth to the original bible it sure got so screwed up by translations, misprints and personal additions over the years and very much out-dated because any idiot could have come up with the rules of the 10 commandments, one doesn't need to be a god or a Rhodes scholar.

All national and international borders are opened to allow people to travel to any part of the world (that is their birth-right) that they chose. The world governments would have to come to an international peace agreement. And of course there should be no hungry or homeless people, all should be taken care off equally and education of selfless and tolerance should be taught in the home by all parents.... professor

..... cool hug wine
I agree with you Hans, now I believe, then that it becomes, universal, and with intent to create a one true commitment to become borderless, religionless and be one. IMAGINE, the concept of John Lennon.

I guess, we better create a think tank, to initiate a very achievable and doable process to achieve this Astronomical, Herculian Job Hans. The question is, would there be a willing head of the whole world to be the only leader? Or there would be none at all?

I don't know Hans, my too limited mind can't yet process the change the we have to go through, to initiate such a plan.

But perhaps some can join and brain storm this concept.
@ lindsyjones - The largest stumbling block is that as long as the world leaders are obsessed with with greed and the almighty dollar it can never happen. In fact the only way that governments can be changed is if EVERYONE on the planet black-bans them and refuses any direction from them until they change their ways, the law cannot arrest every citizen on earth.... rolling on the floor laughing

'Imagine' is one of my favorite songs of all times.... thumbs up grin

..... grin hug wine
In general Australians are tolerant, but as in most countries the saying" when in Rome" applies here as well..
Problems arise when fanatical types start to tell us what we should be doing and how to do it. Treating local female's to drugs abusing them using them as prostitutes, all the while treating their own women with reverence.
Introduction of drive by shooting, no respect for our way of life. They come to a country with the freedom to express their opinion, but then abuse this right.
Telling their new home they will become an Islamist state surly provokes anger from the resident population.
Relocate to an Islamic country and express the view that they should be atheist or worse Christian, see how far you get.
There have been times through history when different religious belief coexisted. It never lasts that's it.
Maybe not in my lifetime but in the future I can foresee that history will repeat itself. If you are not prepared to blend and assimilate, piss off.
It's ashame though the people with belief who are happy and tolerant get banded together with the fanatical types.
Me, too, Hans, and so back to square one...Let us save the world, how? If all of us, would have one third of what Mother Teresa has done, it would happen, Hans, but all of us at the same time, would have to do it.

Yes, NO RELIGION IS the direction. THEN, BE SELFLESS, then apply the concept that what is good for you should be good for everyone..NO PASSPORT, there you go. Because, when all are free to go anywhere, then, there is no reason to be..bordered, right?

I need help Hans..
@ lindsyjones - A great man was lost and missed.... crying

..... cool comfort wine
Mr. Willing, I feel you. A true story on my account. The Muslim women were so critical of the citizens (white) who wear Bikini, and skimpy dress. And express it with scorn. Now on the one hand, these Muslim women spit, on the road, and the citizen said: "Go back to where you came from." Now both are wrong if you ask me..But for the Muslim women to be critical of the ways the white women's ways is outright wrong. You see? For me, it is true, they should do what the Romans do when in Rome and why not..

Or else, don't expect people to change for you, specially when the hospitality is at the expense of these people for your safety? Am I right? Or is it too much to ask?

Thanks Mr. Willing.
Thank you Hans. Why can't we all be improved to attain and practice what is good?

So beautiful Hans..

Thanks so much, yes a world that is built upon tolerance and selflessness, and kindness and compassion, why...can't we all be in the same page?

Thank you again.
@ lindsyjones - laugh rolling on the floor laughing If we started a revolution on that scale we would soon be made to dissappear, the Illuminatti would never stand for it for one moment...... laugh rolling on the floor laughing ..... grin hug wine
@ lindsyjones - In the words of Penélope Cruz "Maybe in another life when we are both cats"...... laugh rolling on the floor laughing ..... grin hug wine
So then, there is nothing we can do? Is this a dead end deal? I have to give it a try Hans. After all there is so much good feeling in waging peace instead of war..In love, sans hate, in kindness without cruelty, in applying the golden rule? There is the key. The Golden Rule..
Then, this human life, needs to be sorted out then, and if we will all become cat, so be it? Hmmmnn like not much choice then Hans?
When I have visited other countries I respect their lifestyle and do my best to blend. I expect no less in mine.
In my time I have seen significant changes in our culture and many not for the better.
What does it say about people's belief when Muslim beat Muslim, Christian beats Christian, all the rest of the time beating on each other while both believe in one god?
Yet they are some of the richest entities on earth, tax free, hypocritical monocultural leeches.
That is what we call respect and courtesy Mr. Willing, after all why leave where you were if where you are going is not better? Wouldn't be enough that there are far better services and benefits than where you were?
Like door knockers, they are mindless with only one track of thought so you should be too.
Like Pol Pot, kill off anything that thinks for itself, or cannot be subdued.
The more I hear about belief the more I see it working against humanity.
Yes Mr. Willing, just like Hans said, NO RELIGION period.

Let all be good to one another, let us just be as good as we can be to ourselves..Eliminate all the dark elements that cause all these conflicts. But is it ever possible? I don't know. God or no God, as long as we are good to one another?
Here is a link to the Human Rights activities

Thanks to all who are participating on this blog and perhaps all of us can join hands and end this rising level of religious intolerance...
@ lindsyjones - OFF TOPIC - I'd like to pass on a funny story that happened today: Today I had to go to the vehicle registration office to pay for the next twelve months. The vehicle registration centre also deals with boating, so after I paid my rego I went to the boating section and asked them "what is the largest boat that I am allowed to operate with my licence". She told me that there is no limit in size to which I replied that a boat is considered to be a boat until it reaches 100 feet long, after that it technically becomes a ship except in the case of a submarine. She thought about that for a moment then told me that she would need to ring head office for clarification.

After her short phone call she repeated her earlier statement and said that there is no size limit, as long as it's used for pleasure not for business. I then explained to her that my 'Boat Licence' should read 'Vessel Licence' to which she agreed.

Further, I gave her a hyperthetical senerio.... "So then I can buy a used aircraft carrier, cover the flight deck with astro turf for a golf course and cruise up and down Sydney harbour to my hearts content without ever having operated any vessel larger than a small speed boat"...?????? By the time I left the office the whole department was shocked as to how stupid the government boating regulations were, and I left laughing..... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing .... grin hug wine
Careful you'll be called an idealist.
Remove money, power, religion and work towards the greater good of the earth.
Yeah, dream on.
Greed will always trump the idealism of utopian society.
lol lol rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Yes I see your point Hans. A rather unresearched response if you ask me, and yet when the interest of the government is short changed then they change it. Typical enactment of the law. But how many would probably have to encounter such a mind bending application of rules Hans?

Nice story and thanks for the share.

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