Haven't we progressed to be a society, country, and globally of civilized, loving, kind and compassionate people?

Haven't we attained a certain degree of understanding, intellectual and compassionate unity to accept that after all religious differences is truly not a cause to harm and to hurt other people?

Obviously not. Below is a copy of the result of the Human Rights Study, that covers all kinds of religion and it is truly mind boggling why it is on the rise. While this report is based on a 5 years old study, I do personally feel that lacking of acceptance and understanding of others belief and religion do cause so much rift among mankind even today.

When I was in Australia last year, which house the biggest group of Muslim (asylum seekers) sect, I observed a rather, alienating feelings and discontent from the citizens due to their transparent and powerful exhibit of their strong belief of which is very different from the Christian based citizens. Whether or not this will grow into a major problem, I don't know but perhaps some of our members here will share their opinion?

Can we shed a little understanding and what would you do if you had the power, authority to change such a growing intolerance?

Will we ever achieve a true friendly and compassionate relations regardless of our religion? Or perhaps, truly all wars are indeed caused by this rift?

Thank you all so much for your contributions, comments and opinions.

Have a nice day/night.

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You are right Mr. Willing. Yes, there you go, be an idealist and you will suffer the consequences, because after all for the world to change it takes a lot of many a sacrifice, before the recognition of the worth of that change is accepted and applied. Mandela, went to prison for many a years, didn't he? Ultimately is the removal of self aggrandizement and think of the benefit for all, and that is the key for this forsaken human fate. But I won't give up, if we all unite as one, idealist as I may seem, got to be a way to do it, Mr. Willing.
By the way Hans, I saw so many Big cruise ship parked on Sydney Harbor, and even at Stephens Port, specially during the New Year Celebration..They even towed my car, for parking on a residential parking with limit. Ah well,,what a wonderful place you have there Hans.. And darling harbor is so beautiful, I think they finally finish the casino built close to it. My friends by the way, can't believe that in your place, it is casino after casino in every block. I won quite a bit on the one in downtown Sydney called the Star. But I lost a lot in Jupiter, in Gold coast by Queensland.. Well, Hans,
@ lindsyjones - Yes I have been to all those places that you mentioned except I went to Port Stephens not Stephens Port (north of Newcastle)... laugh .... I am basically not a gambler so the most I ever spent in a casino was for a cup of coffee while taking great pleasure in watching others lose their hard-earned cash.... laugh ...... grin hug wine
Lindsy there is a way, and the only way I can see this world being a better place, is if we all become selfless, (as I mentioned before). But sadly the world is an imperfect place filled with imperfect people. We as good people, have to remain strong and keep being ourselves, by doing the right thing by others, but at the same time, not to preach it, but lead by example. They say you can't teach old dogs new tricks, but you can with the pups. The youth is our future, and it is them we need to learn. wine
Yes Hans, very good of you to be not a victim of another society's illness. I don't o anymore as I used to, and I'm very keen aboutall the troubles it can lead to.

I do like your idea of buying a used carrier and turn it into a golf course and park in Sydney harbor.
Yes Doc, let's aim at that, the youth or the young holds the key to our future. A very good promise if we stay strong.
@ lindsyjones - grin cool

...... cool hug wine
What a heaven Hans. Which by the way, in my belief, yes there is heavy and hell, and here it is in our realms, right now. Hell when all the killing in the world take place. When Pops Innocent killed all the poor Muslims ftom Spain, when Hitler's Holocaust took place. And endless commission of evil acts.

Thanks Hans
In Canada we have what is called a mosaic to chose whatever religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs one wants but...all are one shall discriminate or kill/harm in the name of religion or cultural this keeps our country (people)
How are you my friend. Same here my dear. But one thing I noticed in your country is yes the presence of peace is very noticeable, at least where I was, in Vancouver many times and it is great.

So how is your day going?
Just got finished night shift...waiting to get tired so I can fall to sleep!! has been a long 12 hours...hope your day is good!!wine
Have a nice sleep my dear.

Hanging in there

Talk to you soon.
Intolerance is just what we need, it religion that has f..... up the planet.
corruption has f..... up this planet and alot of peoples lives have been robbed, including mine.

No, cool, should be all out war against these a**.... in power.
Time for revenge at last.
People are tired of being bullied and everything stolen from them under the so called law, that is only meant and protects the corrupt, who keep mowing down the non-corrupt.

no, its a good thing actually. tired of so called law and order to shut one up into poverty after stealing from them.

Its about time.
You're right wtg. Such is our progressive society today
ALL wars are not caused by religion. Many are. Some are motivated by greed or the need for power/control.

As long as man desires power and control, or bears hatred or intolerance towards any persons (sometimes caused by religion, but often just by prejudice, ignorance or fear), there will be wars. It really isn't fair to say that all wars are caused by religion (or religious intolerance), as if eradicating religion will eradicate most wars. It won't. Man is a warring creature. Just look in your own community.

Unfortunately, although evolution occurred in the material world, it hasn't in the heart/mind of many human beings. sad flower
My computer is acting up so I'll get back with you Calm

Calm, of course, you are right. Not all wars stem from religion. Definitely not in fact, it is only used as a cover for man's greed and power as that of the first and second global war.

But yes if only man would learn how to eliminate all the use and practice of dark human element, then it would truly be a paradise.

Thanks Calm.bouquet
"ALL wars are not caused by religion. Many are. Some are motivated by greed or the need for power/control.

As long as man desires power and control, or bears hatred or intolerance towards any persons (sometimes caused by religion, but often just by prejudice, ignorance or fear), there will be wars. It really isn't fair to say that all wars are caused by religion (or religious intolerance), as if eradicating religion will eradicate most wars. It won't. Man is a warring creature. Just look in your own community.

Unfortunately, although evolution occurred in the material world, it hasn't in the heart/mind of many human beings."

This was posted so many years ago but it seems all the events that are happening today, specially in the current wars are not really caused by religion but rather all for power and greed like Calmheartseeks comment above.
A family of six suicide bombers that included two young children carried out deadly attacks on three churches in Indonesia's second-largest city on Sunday, police said, as the world's most populous Muslim nation recoiled in horror at one of the worst attacks on its Christian minority.

At least seven people plus the six bombers died in the attacks in Surabaya, according to police. At least 41 people were injured in the attacks, which Indonesia's president condemned as "barbaric."

The bombings were the worst to target churches in Indonesia since a series of attacks on Christmas Eve in 2000 killed 15 people and wounded nearly 100. Religious minorities in Indonesia, especially Christians, have been repeatedly targeted by militants.

All I have ever read that it is the Christians who are attacked Jenny
Jenny this is to confirm that the world is still on the overdrive by religious intolerance. If we can all find a solution to let all religions flourish in their own ways without hurting or harming one another that would be the end of this so called issue.
BritishColumbia ~thumbs up Well said and not too much Media coverage either.
Hi Lindsay wave
Yes it is on the rise. Why? because it seems in certain places they can.
Take Ireland. Dublin hospitals were urged to take down symbols of Roman Catholic Icons eg Crucifixes, Statues in hospitals [which give solace to a lot of elderly and not so elderly people.

Also, the head of the Islamic Institute was on T.V. saying that the Schools with Saints names on them should be changed [Keep in mind, these schools are Christian and have been going for some time in Ireland].
It is part of our heritage whether one likes it or not, believes in it or not. Ireland is a largely Catholic/Christian country.

I was furious about this, why? because the head of the Islamic Cultural Institute is a man of learning and highly educated. His people have been taken in, into a small relatively poor country and given housing, education, [mostly free] and a welcome [apart from very few bigots]. So why demand that the school the Muslims attend take off their badges and names of saints? That Christmas be abolished because it makes the Islam kids feel isolated? I could go on.....

This is the head of the Cultural institute remember. We have a large proportion of immigrants when you consider Ireland is such a small Country. So that is just one aspect of intolerance that I find infuriating.

I am a live and let live, and expect others to be too. Those who have received hospitality from a Christian Country, and also allowed to build Mosques, should have tolerance for those who allowed them in to our Culture and our Island.

The other intolerance that is creeping in quickly is the absolute intolerance of Atheists for the belief that many of us have in a creator and a God.

This is not just an Irish problem. Surely religion is at the core of those who believe in a God and shouldnot be mocked or debased, but you have it here. Many Atheists and Agnostics do not act this way and I apologise for the ones who don't.

Intolerance in general has become viral. The elderly are now at higher than ever risk of being abused in Nursing homes, neglected . Isn't this a form of intolerance for the elderly, dribbling, unable to remember? at the most vulnerable stage of their lives.
wait till the antichrist comes on the scene. you think it is getting bad now you haven't seen anything yet.
Here I am, string. devil wave
Plans to track Christians that refuse the mark of the Beast
hi harb

you little devil.laugh
Hi, string. hug
They're a bunch of freaks?
And I would say that much of mankind's smarts and honesty has gone over to atheism because of science, leaving sheisters and weak-minded people behind in the modern world religion is more of a duplicitous ploy.
Organized religion is all about control and not of what they preach. This they hold on to with everything they have. Since they will never control those of different religions, it is only natural that they seek to eliminate the opposition in any way they can. It has never changed and I do not see any difference in the future.
Lindsay ~ I am aware that in my long blog reply to you, it may seem as if I am anti - Muslim, nothing could be further from the truth. Inclusion, respect for others beliefs, be that atheist or muslim or Jew and their traditions. I see war as being greed, the lust for money and power and Gold and Oil and a need to govern.
Hello Harbal I have not seen you for ageswave
If everybody could just keep focussed on their own lives and religion and leave others to their own devices....religion included....the world would be a much nicer place....but many choose to look at others instead of cleaning up their own backyards
Hindus Attacking Christians in India.

Miwagi ~ I thought Hindu s were an extremely tolerant race of people . So much for that.confused
Chesney ~ So we are weak minded, those of us who believe in a Creator. Now that is intolerance and insulting in the extreme. I expected more from you.
Me too GG.dunno
All religions cause wars, it's a case of "my god is better than yours" madness. On the flipside those who are spiritually inclined want peace. peace
Good morning you all. GG it is very sad when some foreigners come to your country and demand to have all your cultural and religious practices be eradicated or abolished or replace by their own culture. What does that tell you and the world? And more importantly about them?

If I were you and all the good Irish people who want to preserve their traditions and values I would demand for them to LEAVE. That simple. It is much more polite for you as a citizen to ask for them to leave than for them to demand for you to change.
MrRick77: "Robbery"(meet us in the puzzles)

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