Just a Quickie to say...

I joined C.S. some years ago and never used Blogs/Forums. I met my ex on this Site. Fast foward- Relationship over, so slowly healed and came back online but this time I went into the Blogs.
I am spending too much time on Computer and also watching T.V. since I had the Phneumonia /Shingles and it can become addictive.
So Taking a Break from the Blogs to catch up on Friends, Reading, Hobbies, Painting pictures.
handshake I will be keeping my profile Site like I did before.


Comments (24)

OK .......have fun ..wave wave
i will soon take a flight break but will be soon back rolling on the floor laughing handshake
Have a good break...and have fun!!wine
dear friend goldengloss;this new discovery that you found your ex on this site is amasing,wowow...I understand you're reasons to take brake and I am thinking that I may need the same for the same reasons...I admire your sincerity and love the way you are wine Hope you find lot's of real fun out there teddybear lips
Hi Golden,,,a break is as good as a rest as they say....painting pictures is a great way to lose oneself,,and rewarding too....Enjoy...teddybear professor reunion detective sheep writing thumbs up
Golden, I have breaks far more often now than I used to mainly, because I can't find enough blogs interesting enough for me to participate on, but I still check the blogs regularly for a subject matter to come along that I would enjoy participating in.

Our Priorities obviously come before using a free dating site for chit chat no matter how interesting it can be at times.

Take care and enjoy your breakwine beer
Hi GG! I'm sure a break will do you a lot of good, come back whenever you're ready, we'll still be here...(I've just mailed you.)teddybear
Life's for living, enjoy yourself golden and drop in whenever you feel like it. wave
Go if you should....but return when you should.....::handshake:
I am a Rock I do not move
No matter the weather
I dont move.

I am an old tree

I dont like to be trans-planted

In life changes are happening always

The rock will become sand.

A storng wind will blow down the old tree.

Wish you lots of laughter and fun.

and Walk good dancing
GG. Take good care of yourself. I will miss your blogs. Oh! Call me if you need me. LOL
Angel!!! where have you been?peace
Cya golden. I always enjoyed your words. wine
Hi Angel.wave teddybear
Hi Golden,

Take care of yourself my friend!wave You know how to contact me if you like!hug
how about un blocking me so I can send flowers ....wave
Hi goldengloss, enjoy your break and hope for your return to this site when you're ready wave hug
Goldengloss, you will be sadly sadly missed. Your have brought so much happiness and kindness to these blogs...always positive and a peacemakerhug
Hope you will be back soon, but until you are have wonderful time doing all the things that will bring you peace and joy teddybear
You are a wonderful lady bouquet xxxx
Don't stay away too long, I really enjoy your contribution on the blogs and forums bouquet
Thanks Wallops and everyone, Unlaoised, Angelpepper etc., I just felt I was spending my life on the Blogs... on the Computer, and not getting out there...
Virgo I havenot got my Profile blocked and get mail from all over te World. Are you serious !!! you would send me flowers.... well that is a huge compliment... Thanks everyone Nenagh, etc., for kind wishes wine
Hi Gloss
Enjoy the break and we are looking forward to your return.
wine hug wave
Hi golden, I hope your health is okay now,
I know just what you mean about blogs, I used to say my grandkids spent too much time on computerprofessor and hey ho here I go. I myself have took a few breaks but its like cs has a strong magnet so lets hope it pulls you back soon.hug teddybear
You take care Golden beautiful person with beautiful heart. I will wait for you to come back...

Take care and do what you must.
You'll definitely be missed, Golden. I always read your blogs!!!

teddybear Have a restful vacation away from CS madness.

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