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Do bad wishes on someone come back 3 fold.

Does bad wishes and revenge come back three fold everytime.
Does the evil of the planet get stronger and stronger, worse and worse.
Does finding the spirit of god, then purposefully defying it after gone to hell and back, be much stronger the next time.

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iotaoo quantity and will be..there is a way...the mid-way.
Hello Whtwhb,hope you are well old chap,,in my view bitterness and revenge etc only breeds more bad feeling and bitterness...I dont believe the planet can be evil,more that some of its inhabitants are evil and do evil....Regarding god....i personally am not very religous....each to theyre own on the religous front....But if theyre is a heaven and a hell then i hope that those who commit horrendous acts that destroy lives pay for theyre wrongdoing in said hell......i.m.o....Adios..professor conversing crying blues mumbling beer wine uh oh teddybear
have your fingers and toe's fallen off yet ???? wave laugh
If you believe in karma as I do, then those that do bad deeds will be dealt with eventually. Not in three fold or two fold, it'll come to them when they least expect it. Apparently, it can even affect you in your next life. If you have bad thoughts towards someone, or hurt them physically or mentally, karma will seek you out and make you pay for your crimes. Karma might be a b*tch, but I love her giggle
nope popcorn
If they say be careful what you wish for, it applies to all what you wish for. professor
Yep, what goes around, comes around. The revenge is not ours.
cheers wave
confused confused what is this blog say I have no clue,, don't we have anything else other than evil god beliefs revenges ?
The Doctor speaks much truth. Karma
Oh, hallo Unaloised, how are you.
wave hi unlaoised how are ya?
Hello there wht and zeurich. I'm very well thanks, hope you are too smile

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