My Tomboy Baby Sister

My sister was born three days after I turned nine. At that stage I had two brothers aged seven and two. That is how they planned us; in two batches of two.grin

On the night of my ninth birthday we all sat at the kitchen table discussing the arrival of the new baby. Those were the times before sonar and there was no telling if it was to be a baby boy or a girl. My mom and dad wanted a girl but my brother and I wanted another brother; to keep our baby brother busy so we won’t have to look after him.giggle

We though my mom and dad still had a choice in the matter; you know something like going to a baby shop and pick one off the shelf. My brother and I resolved that if it was to be a girl she will have to greet us with the hand as we boys were taught to greet each other; there will be no kissing.handshake

We stuck to our guns and I first kissed her good bye when she was nine. That was when I was conscripted into the army for my military training. My brothers followed suit since then.kiss

We made no distinction between her and us. She was a little boy and we treated her as such. From very early she refused to wear a dress and she stood when having a pee. Until my mother got fed up and put a stop to it.doh

We taught her how to fight and we often used her to sort out the boys of her age when they annoyed us. She picked up a few blue eyes for her trouble but it paid off in the end. It was a disgrace to be sorted out by a girl and the little boys quickly learned not to trouble us.tongue

After I got married my work transferred me to Johannesburg for three years and when I came back I was pleasantly surprised with my tomboy sister who had developed into a beautiful and sweet young lady.flirty

When she was twenty her boyfriend tried to hit her but she sent him packing with such a hiding that he never showed his face again. I don’t know what happened to him. Her training paid off.boxing

About five years after she got married she arrived at a family gathering one Sunday, sporting a swollen cheek. I asked her what happened and she laughed, pointing at her husband. He gave an embarrassed smile and raised his arms in mock surrender. Accident, he said. He was having a nightmare and he hit my sleeping sister in the face. blushing

We believed the story. Firstly, he never was the type to beat his wife and secondly, there was not a mark on his face. He would not have gotten away unscathed; she can look after herself.yay
cats meow cats meow

May you all have a great Monday with no shades of blue.wave
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Oh Catfoot!! I love this story! Great piece of blog, as usual wine hug kiss thumbs up
Hi Mimi
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am very proud of my sister. And one would never guess that such a prim and proper lady can carry so much strength and energy in such a slender body.thumbs up
hug wave
Oh CF... nice story.

now you see in fact having boy or girl baby is just same.. that only depend on how we want them to be in behavior, how hard you taught her to be like a boy but at the end she is a lady.. and she made you amaze with her beautyteddybear
oh Candy... so sad of her. I am so sorry deeply to read your story...
Crazy things like this happened all the time in Los Angeles California. ....a psychotic place for sure.
Hi Smarty
Hmm, we could not change her gender, but if I could have it all over, I will certainly wish to do it exactly the same again. I would not want her any different.
hug wave
Truly a sad story.

Though I do not think we were in any danger of that happening. My parents wanted a baby girl and she was loved as much as the rest. And she was not unhappy with the way we treated her. She was quite satisfied to be one of us. When she got her first bicycle she wanted a boy's bicycle as well, but once again my parents overruled her.
cheers wave
Absolutely. ...I was not implying that was ever a danger. She sounds like she was happy and loved and that's all that matters. ..... I was just telling an extreme situation that we witnessed. I dont have any children, and although I would rather have a girl, I would be equally happy to have a boy. All children are special.
My 4'11 1/2" daughter is very handy with her fists. She was once subject to a robbery by two 6' men armed with knives.

It must be so embarrassing to be beaten up by a little girl while her mates stand around and watch. giggle

(But the funniest thing was her rushing in through the front door that evening shouting, "Mum! Mum! If the police call, it wasn't me!" "Oh really, darling? What, exactly wasn't you...?)
No problem my friend. No such thoughts in my mind. I appreciated that comment and such things does happen. I have heard of similar situations but never with such drastic consequences. It is sad.
cheers wave
Hi Jac
Yes, I think it is good when a woman can give an account of herself. Even if she cannot effective defend herself against a stronger man, it will make him think twice before taking on a woman again. They are cowards and normally expect no resistance.
cheers wave
Hi Catfoot, I too used to be a tomboy girl, I played with boys and I played with cars and I climbed trees, I did this and I see my boy friends as my best friends at that time. Thank you for a wonderful story and for sharing it with us. yay teddybear hug
I agree with Catfoot, but I'm also mindful that my daughter judged the situation well. She saw from the young men's body language that they weren't well practised, or confident in their approach and were picking on a group of kids they thought were easy prey.

In other situations, people's intuition (whether men, or women) tells them not to resist, or play dead. We must respect those decisions as well.

I sat at the back of my daughter's martial arts lessons for many years and she was encouraged to evaluate when to defend, when to run and never to be the attacker.

I think this kind of training is so good for kids. It does wonders for their confidence and sense of freedom.'ve just reminded me of myself when I was a teen...sorrounded by three brothers and around 20 boy cousins on my father's side of the family...growing up with them wasn't so bad till I reach 16 and many young men started to pay attention to me! My brothers and cousins were very protective and would threaten any young man who'll come near me! I never had the chance to go on a date with anyone there...I met and dated my husband here and I feel so relieved cos they're not here to follow me around!doh grin
Hi , Cat;

I am the only baby sister of my only elder sister.We are 10 years gap. laugh In my childhood she likes my half Mom. But strange is,I always have a dream if I had an elder brother who can guide me or maybe standing behind me when I was bullied by others ...
That's right Wel
Girls are not made of glass. They are as resilient as boys and should not be pampered as some parents prefer to do. Pampered children in general turn out to be pretty helpless adults.doh
doh wave
Hmm but those are the ones you have to be most careful of; the unskilled. Nothing is more dangerous and unpredictable than a scared person. They are capable of killing you in a panic.
cheers wave
I think she judged the situation well, Catfoot.

The two were both convicted and she and her friends remained unharmed. tip hat
Cat...wave I had 2 boys & 1 girl...end result..they teased her endlessly. My solution, like Jac, sent her for martial arts training...teasing stopped quickly! thumbs up cheers
Cat, If I stayed could happen to me, plus those five years in that convent school...doh luckily I got awaygrin laugh
Hi Phoenix
Yes, I guess it can be an advantage to have an older brother to pave your way. I remember my younger brother stuttered and I had a torrid time trying to prevent the other boys from mocking with him. I even got a hiding from one of the bigger boys for intervening. Just one of those things.
hug wave
What ends well is all well. I don't have a problem with it and I'm glad she came out of it unscathed.thumbs up
hug wave
Cat...will you please expand on that?grin laugh laugh banana
laugh laugh what a wonderful sister you have, would give her big hugs will ya from mekiss kiss yay yay I like that kind of a sister,,,than a tomboy brotherhug hug

Lovely family story sad I didn't come from

a family like
Cat,,handshake , decent story.thumbs up I've known a few 'ladies' that could take care of themselves too. Good to be friends of the type.laugh cheers
Bung, you can join mine!grin teddybear
since young i did not like wear a dress, i wear t-shirt and short pant, playing a boys toys, did a boy act such climbing the tree, cross the river, a bicycle racing, etc. But once married my nature genre and behavior has bring me back to a "woman" i suppose to be. Do a woman works, give a birth, taking care a child, and whole woman's job. wave hug
laugh really fun blog... thank you CF.
Cat...'nuns' aren't that holy surely?grin laugh
Hi Bung
Indeed. I did not appreciate it when I was young. I was blessed with my parents but only realized it when I was grown up; when I saw and heard the stories of other less fortunate beings.sad flower
cheers wave
Hi Luke
Always be better to be friends with a lady. Whether she can take care of herself or not.laugh rolling on the floor laughing
cheers wave
Hi Mei
Yes, I don't think you can ever take the woman out of a woman. And yet, every woman still has that bit of that little girl that she once was in her.
hug wave
Totally agreed. Problem comes in when 'walking away'help As I usually need eyes in the back of your head sigh
Hi Luke
That is the first lesson in love. Walk away backwards or run.
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Mr. Cat, sure most of us can look after ourselves as ladies, without that military training. We got a weapon of heart destruction called charm too.laugh laugh laugh hug
Yes Mr. Cat, I do know men have charm too. Only at abusive situations the charm turns destructive, otherwise it's just simple charm. cheers

I'm sure the one at the counter would have been a man. If it was a woman, you could have easily gotten away with a smile.laugh laugh laugh
Most of the girls at my school were as tough as old boots & it was a brave man who messed with them uh oh laugh but times have changed & I get worry when I hear of people sending their kids to martial arts classes, I don't care how good they are they will never be a match for a nutter with a knife & the fact they have confidence to front such a person just makes it more dangerous imo.
wave Once again Cat, I have to thank you for the good topic, and comments, (good story),
Ek ken nie van karate nie. Ek het kavoeti; ek skop 'n ou sommer in sy moer.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
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