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The end of human intelligence for most

The end of human intelligence is near.

Only an elite few with all the power will be allowed to do the thinking, manipulation, physicology, think for themselves.

The rest will be turned into human robots, the brain controlled and manipulated by energy fields of a gigantic like machine that controls everything, thought patterns, weather, ocean movement etc.

you will have no thought processes or personality of your own.

Is this far fetched.

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drinking I don't know. But! Most likely many of us, will be already gone, by that time. Maybe! Just maybe. IF that do happen.
at a guess've run out of smokes again ....wave
Hi whtwhb. You mean like in the Matrix?doh laugh

I don´t think it is far fetched...dunno
But, no if we let them!scold professor
Think its just round the corner.
its upsetting, cause, maybe your a creative type and enjoy creating and engineering things.
now, your turned into a rabbit.

The human becomes God.

All your programming and instincts God had given you, is now taken away completely.

the planet energy fields and wave lengths and life form are now sucked up by a gigantic machine.
Ok virgo, Ive calmed down.

Put white light around to protect me today.

seems to be working, cops have even given up on me.
diverted them elsewhere.

Neighbour totally confused. I am getting total control over her.

she is realizing, that racing down here all the time to watch me, is destroying her business.
Her bread now has holes in it. so the people are buying the other businesses bread.

I do not know how much you believe in metaphysics, but the first sleeping prophet, "Edgar Cayce" made over 13,000 predictions. To this day, I have never heard anyone say that any of his predictions were not true, and he done those predictions in the 1920's to the 1940's. For what it is worth, he predicted that the battle between good and evil would start in 1999.

I have recently discovered a "Second Cayce", as his book title describes him....Ross Peterson. He has some actual recordings on Youtube. I have listened to them all. It sounds like he is pretty much in line with what Cayce has predicted.

I am always somewhat a skeptic with these sort of people; however, I do keep an open mind and draw no conclusions or judgments. I have tried twice, something he has suggested, before you go to sleep. To my surprise, my dreams have actually addressed the issues. I have just recently discovered this guy and I am 2 for 2 with his advice.

A little off subject...some of this is to your topic...but some of it may be relevant.

If you are a mind controlled robot you are not going to know there is anything else but being a mind controlled robot so it is not going to bother you. dunno
Ekself, you have a point.

Manerva: you cant stop it, unless you managed to get to a position where you are in charge of such high power.
And if you were, you would do it, and want to be God.
Well, pisces would do it for greed and jealousy, thats for sure.

you may have the side, that comes out, and thinks, hang on, this is a not what I want.
Johnny Spartan: yes, I believe there are true fortune tellers or extreme highly intuitive people, who can see and work out the future, long before it happens,
I sure did a few times, and still, nothing I could do to stop it,
as others had control.

Ok, highly intuitive people are always in danger too, and unless can afford protection of one they choose. They probably end up in prison and/or dead, or like folklore and medieaval days, burnt at the stake.
Well, lets just say, the more power, control and freedom one is able to get, the more intuitive and physic, he will be able to be.

Guess that profit had alot of freedom and power.
Like Im having some deep groundbreaking ideas right now...
Im a drinker,not a thinker...


you need a vacation...your posts have lead me to think this because your imagination has led you too far...
Ok loulou.

but nothing is impossible with space, money, time, and power.

you can become God just about.
Ok loulou.
will you marry me, and give me direction.
I do all the work, you collect the money.
Im not good at that.
johnny boy,,,mr cayce said atlantiswould rise from the ocean floor,,,that didnt happen,,,,,,
where have all the humans gone,,,long time passing,,,,,where have all the humans gone,,a long long time ago,,,,,where have all the humans gone,,,,gone to robots everyone,,,,when will they ever learn,,,when will they ev,,ever learn,,,,,,,,
Just now we are serving that robotization aim as well, aren't we?

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