Hi CS People

dancing I used to Live here on CS a few years ago, . .and at that time, It did me a lot of good meeting many new Lady friends, . .cool cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering

and in the last couple years, i got Marrieddoh , . . . Got more Consumed/Dedicated to Film/Movie makincool , . .and had my share of Upsinnocent and Downs very mad

I just want to stop back and say Hi, . .to some of my old, . .little lady friends, and hope they have had as much Fun/good times/ and Joy and Laughter yay banana cheers applause as they Deserve.
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You might not know me but I just wanna say hi wave
hmmm I know what you did last year... giggle
Yeah! dude. So! What's been up with you lately???!!.. bouquet
wave Heyyyyy! Lady.....hug
Angel! reunion hug
I am here! Come and get me, for the weekend...reunion
Sweet Darlin MiMi, . . .
A movie just instantly came to mind cool , . .of a little saying, Quote "ill have what she's having"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-bsf2x-aeE

Nice to Meet you wave
Stay put! I'm on my way motorcycle
Uh Oh, . .Sweet Cochita, . . . .uh oh

What's it gonna Cost to Keep it between Us?dunno
Well Angel, . . . .What We've heard a million times in the Past professor

Wait for me, . . . . I'm Coming, . . .I'm Coming banana
Cocheta ;
wave ok! I'll be waiting. Thanks!...crazy
applause Great! we're going to South Africa.
Cute Cocheta, . . . seeing as Ya Like Riding motor bike,s with a smile roll eyes

What kinda other rides, . . . are popular in your part of the World? confused , . .
Angel, . .If it means you > me, and > Cochita, . . smitten love smitten , . . . then I'm on my way, . . ok?
drinking Great! Let's ride
Hop on aJ, I'll take you for a ride innocent
Hi, welcome back to our wonderful Cs family, I'm Val how do u do? Angel don't forget to pick me up when you get to South Africarolling on the floor laughing banana
yes! Will do my queen!..bowing
dont forget to get your tickets for the past,,,,,,,,,
Hello I am curious why you back just to say hi or....??confused are you back in market for sale?laugh laugh
Yes Ladies, . . .It kinda looks Like all the Excitement cheering smitten cheering smitten smitten is in South Africa these days, . . dancing

I've been married for a couple years, and the New love smitten is slowly startin to wear off the Newlyweds smitten uh oh

so, I thought I'd just drop in and see if there was any Wisdom professor , . .Heartachecrying , . . adventures dancing cheering or just plain old "CS Drama" : angel devil . .that I have been missing out ondunno

I have also been on this site now for a long time. I don't think you have missed much. grin
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