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Internet connections and reality

A 45-year old american in North Carolina abused a german woman for a week after she arrived there. He took away her money and mobile. They got to know each other via internet connection. There is not much description of how he abused her, which could be interesting to read. They say he choked her but not where and that he watched her all the time but not which parts. Probably he put too much pepper in her food and salt on her feet when he or a goat licked that clean, too. Hahahahah.....
So there is reason enough for me to be afraid of going to the usa, because I may find myself bound to a pole in a pad and get my feet licked. Though I won't pay for that.

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That kind of incidents world wide not only in USA, so you better try to find some where with out that sort of incidents in simple way say!comfort
It's ok, I don't mind a goat licking my feet, really. I don't feel ticklish at all when it comes to my feet! dunno
So try choking. Perhaps u do not mind that, too.handshake
Mimi1973 choking! I have very short throat!! wink
Guadal, my farm would be the perfect place for you to visit so the leeches can lick not only your feet but you blood as well lo.....laugh laugh laugh laugh tongue tongue
conversing Guadal; Those kinds of things, happen everywhere in the world. Not just in the usa.
And I thought u would make a barbecue of me (for ur bros blo me...)
pepper, that's why i don't take no photo together with u anywhere...handshake
Sie an, sieh an Dich gibt es noch. Wie wäre es, wenn Du nach Bayern Höhlen erforschen gehen würdest? Nimmst am besten gleich die Intensivstation mit, wird dort unten irgendwo dringend gebraucht. Hoffe, es geht Dir gut. Ciao F.
Ich dachte du bist schon der Ötzi von Uri.

Da muss ich erst jemand aus St. Paul, Minisoda holen wegen ER respiratory therapist of bats in dee holes.
laugh ..........hug
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