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Conflicts of life! One!

Being child was fabulous of my life,
Being youngest sister but stubborn given me much more fun,
As young student traveling all over made me a helper,
Given me the sights I never seen while a child or a teenager,

Got married in very young age to a King who owned a Kingdom of Morons, Too many Morons and a queen never settle as one master piece so end was splitting up and then a divorce
Some were mad at me , thrown all the hot coals to me,
He was a very good man why you just give up?
asked by people who had just cup of tea nothing than that,,
my father always said never mind they know only about cup of tea,,

My emails were hacked, my phone was GPSed,
where I go he knew, what I did he knew,
What I said he knew, Who I talked to he knew,
If I were on a dating site, he come with woman photos and throwing shit me,, giving dirty profile comments,flagging them blogging against me,but I got no change, I kept silence.
Letters with dirty words were send , dirty comments were posted just as me through emails through FB twitter all the media call social,
Million times phone number changed, but he knew,
Million times secret numbers activated but he knew,
I ran away from everything what called social,but I kept silent and watch how life goes,,

Day begun with a threaten email or a voice mail,
"I will laugh when you burn in hell and I command evil to burn you more" That was his prayer,
King did not stop there, he ran away from the mortgage,
At the end I end up with huge debt,
Due to the curse I married to him,
complete 6 years I spend my whole salary paying the debt,
in the sake of a moron.
My loving family were there all the time,
They did help me in every ways they could
but no one pluck money from trees,
To fill a debt from Moron King,

How he threaten me, how he hurt me made me in to a strong woman by the time,I did not let those to disturb my inner peace.
I felt my fears were flying away,
Instead of worrying and crying I learned to deal and find solutions,and face for the life, and give a fight through justice,
I got the guts never give up from winning life... and go for what I want,

I honestly feel happy for what King did. He made me a strong woman. And I am happy that for the things he said online because it shown who he was not about me.. I enjoy honest sincere happiness today. And I am happy that my mother outraged me not to break my inner peace for crap. And I am happy for my father backing me up together with my brother.

Talking through my own experience I never spend time throw hot coals to the other because my ex was giving a hard time. I spend on learning something and I waste my time to libraries not for looking people mistakes and criticize or condemn or throw crap to the others.
Honestly I feel happy about who I am today.

Today I feel like I won... my curse flew away by the time.
I have signed for papers for my own house,
I feel much proud about my self,
So I thought of sharing my folder with you all!

It is a house middle of no ware with 903m2 house was build up in 1934, very older than my father even, Has 7 rooms, bigger living room. Enough space for few more cat and dogs families, surroundings more with farming families, where I can buy fresh veggies, fruits also some sort of meats.
This is just from the folder, I am just home from Notary. I am planing to go there in the week end and see how I am going to live there then I will drop more photos,, I am not planing to move yet, my daughter has only 2 years of time to go to the other school till that time this is our week end home!
I hope you guys will be happy for me!

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teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (21)

Hi Zeurich, sounds like you were married to a very stupid man, who treated you the way he did. I am so happy you came out of this as the person I get to know, that happy lady who is strong and independent. I am proud of what you have gotten and I wish you good luck in getting this home for yourself. You go girl, you won that battle now enjoy Victory! yay teddybear hug
hug comfort teddybear bouquet
Thank you welela oh yeah,,, he was kind of stupid king ha haa,, Tomorrow I am going to see the house and walk around. It is really nice place. with peaceful atmosphere. It is a nice feeling when feel that have a place to call my house. grin grin

Thank you mimi hope you are doing well too ,,, I forgot to ask how is your darling in the other side of the world? Did it work out? hug
good girl zuerich!!
Thank you Namaron,, hug hug
Zurich wave ,

Gees...You went through a lot with that cruel man
but glad though that you have cleared yourself free
from this so called parasite...cheers hug cheers

I am happy for you now...hug hug teddybear
Thank you Titsy,, oh yeah what for saying,, once a while need to have that sort of man other wise life is boring hug
Z hug You are have risen above this and come out like a beautiful flower that has blossomed despite severe weather. I remember one morning walking in the beautiful hills and valleys of Wales in Feb, it was icy cold and the ground was frozen yet as my friend and I looked down there was the most beautiful snowdrops shining bright on the soil. I thought how amazing it was that these delicate small flowers could push through that frozen ground yet there they was in all there glory.. I stood in awe at this miracle. You remind me of that miracle. When someone can come through so much pain and come out shining .. with a beauty within .. to me that is a miracle. daisy teddybear bouquet
Thank you very much wallops,, hug Honestly I am happy today. My daughter cannot wait till we go there tomorrow. heart wings
Oh Zeurich, did you not read the blog towards the end? Right before you commented? He came to the scene and made everything alright.... It was a misunderstanding when I changed my CS account to a good friend. Long story short, it nearly cost our fledgling relationship and thank god he rectified it before any serious harm was done. Now, we're good and I couldn't be more happier with him...albeit we are in a LDR. hug teddybear
bouquet bouquet ooooh very good I am so happy for you. Then the story is going very good then ha love
Thanks Zeurich! I really hope so. I want this to work out for us. I'm very enamoured by him. He's from the old school ( that's what he claims!) and I know he will take care of his woman very well bouquet wine
Your house looks beautiful Z.. SO HAPPY for you applause cheering boogie dancing joy cartwheel joy cartwheel cartwheel
wallops it is cute old type but very cute I was fallen love with it since first day! heart beating heart beating
thumbs up
oh Zeurich, first of all... I am so sorry I was missed your blog..

I really glad for you my dear... big house with 7 rooms... I can book 1 room when I visit you later...

pls post more clear photo to see how beautiful of your palace clearly...

I am proud of you Zeurich... you are very well in life.. teddybear

hope I will be next... wink
@Itao Thank you!

@Smart thank you dear of course you can come over! Sure I will I am going there tomorrow. Hope to spend the week end with my camping items.. I am hoping to get more clear photos,, this is from the folder from state agent dear... I will drop the real ones.dancing dancing
Thank you angel how are you?hug kiss
Zeurich I too missed reading this blog.
Yes you can be very proud of yourself.
Be very happy in your new home.

cheering teddybear
Hi BC I feel happy honestly, this afternoon we go there to campgrin Then I come with a blog with new photos. Thank you for popping by

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