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sweet memories...

i was on my laptop with all of you my friends...

suddenly my mobile was ringing.. the sirens rang a bell ... I opened and found on it says .. "ER&TG Anniversary 13th June 2014" ...

oh my God...

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he is TG.. I met him after my divorce. being with him for 1,5 years and he was passed away due to car accident after drooped me to airport..

just last 5 months I feel cure and recovered from all the pains

Honey... I am glad that I have ever being with you, now you just my memories.... and I have to move on.. my life must go on...

teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (29)

Yes it must! BUT!!! You have many good memories and you made the leap away from grief. Amen!!
sad flower Truly sorry smarty! I can feel it. Be strong there is only one thing certain in this life that uncertainty. you will be fine! heart wings teddybear We all are with you my friend!
wave Ed hi ya
Yes ED.. and I will not say happy b'day for the past... just try to forget it.. much better.
oh Zeurich... thank you dear friend....
Hi Smarty, there are tears in my made me cry today.....sad flower sad flower sad flower
I am sorry Prob... I even try not to cry... blues
Ooooh, that is so sweet, you two look so good together. I am so sorry for your loss! But that is how life is and I think you are dealing with this life of yours in a very good way and you come out as a strong and independent woman who can free her own way. I am proud of you, and happy to call you my friend. May his soul rest in peace, and you too.teddybear teddybear teddybear
Smartie hug Sorry for the pain you have gone through sad flower But happy that had someone who you could truly love and who loved you and made you happy.. it is a beautiful cherished thing heart wings
Now you have all those memories to treasure forever bouquet
No need to say sorry smarty, great stories like your's inspire people like me to live and spread the love across to people around. I pray that TG soul rest in peace.....
Aunty Welela... Really thank for your support.
I also happy to have you as my friend, whatever happened in my past, i have to leave them behind.. I have live my life to get better future.
Killing time by working is my way to forget all my pains.
Hi Wallops... Reading "true love" on your comment has push my tears drop finally... As that words he always told me and wrote on his emails...
Prab... Its honer that my love story has inspired you...
Awwww!.....sad flower
Angel... Thank you for a sad flower...
Oh Angel, thanl you for hugging. I need it for now.. But only pillow that I have.. :)
My sincere condolences
SmartAssss; Anytime, hun.....hug
Thank you Corne... It was sweet LDR ever I have..
Smart hug comfort hug teddybear
I was remember abt today but I was not sure..
Then 12pm my mobile rang a bell, it made me sure that I remember
Saya nangis...
Iya, baru semalam kita ngomong pasal dia!! Keep him in your heart, and you are right, you need to move on.....Smart, one day you'll the happiness that you've been searching and craving for. You will, my dear friend... hug teddybear
Awwwww sorry I pushed that button for you crying

Like I said though you have beautiful memories that will live forever my dear friend. Some never have or may never will have what you have experienced so it is a wonderful blessing that you have shared. teddybear

Think he would want you to be remembering him with a BIG SMILE as I am sure he loved that gorgeous smile of yours. hug hug
Hi Smartywave

I am truly sorry for your loss! sad flower bouquet I hope your life takes a change for the better.yay
You are a strong person with a beautiful soul.
You have such beauty, craziness, love and humour within your soul.
you have suffered heartbreak, but choose to continue on a quest to find love.
May you find all the love and happiness that you seek.
"SMILE AND THE WORLD SMILES WITH YOU" and you my dear smartass, has the whole the world smiling with you.

this is whats thrown at us in life smarty,,,,and it seems you have risen above all,,,a truly amazing person,you are,,,,,when,,not if you meet that other guy,and you are taken aback once more,,,,,,,,,remember,,,always does good come out of bad,,,,,,and the reason?,,,as sad as it sounds,,,,the man who left you,,he had to leave to make room,,,because someone else is coming,,,,,,,,,,,,
So true mr Nam,,,,,,yes Smarty life goes on. TAKE CARE teddybear teddybear teddybear
good morning everybody...

thank you very much my dear friends for all comments and supports..

I am fine now as i could not erase the memories and history happened in my life... both sweet and sad memories.

but i take all those things as life lessons to improve my maturity, behavior, patience, wisdom, and self confidence.

i only give sometimes to myself to fix all the messy and back to normal..

I love you all....

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