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hurray 5-1

dancing dancing

I am watching foot ball,
Amazing fun of time to watch,
This is how I support ,
who ever kick my butts I give damn cheer,
Who ever win I go and sit by them near,
In that way I cheer up all the teams!
Just like some politicians do after losing the election,
cheering cheering cheering

edison324 laugh laugh you said Spain will make sure that Dutch boys go home. Sorry dear we gained 5 goals too latelaugh

Comments (17)

im just sitting on a fence.......
Yall's football players must be a lot smarter than ours. Ours have stop very frequently to figure out what to do next. group hug
Do you mind if I take a soke there with you Nam?
They also play during a much more pleasant time of year. It has to be more enjoyable now than when it's bitter cold and snowing.

Gives fans a good excuse for drinking buddies Of course, they do the same thing during baseball season! laugh
Smoke doh
Mr Nam, so you sitting on the fence, you not scared to fall?
sitting on a fence means ,,,whoever becomes the winner ,,i will fall on that side of their fence,,,,,,,
at least our football plyers dont have to wear those cute little shorts,,,,,,
well done holland that was a shock win but good luck for the rest of the world cup
Hup Holland, great game. Loved that one goal when the player copped it in the goal, cheering

crying crying crying crying crying Spain...
I thought Zeurich doing magic to the soccer team... 5-1 wow wow

Spain is 2010 champion... how come? crying
Good morning friends!

@nam oh let me bring you a cup of tea with plastic! If you fall down cup wont go breaklaugh and I am going to sit next with you do you mind put your hands around me and hold tight?blushing

@mich you are talking about American foot ball right but that is the game where all fun with not this onelaugh I used enjoy that many years

@con I wonder what are you going to soak from namlaugh

@val,, no val he gonna hold me tight so where ever fall we fall all together top of the fans!

@BC Good morning dear! I fallen sleep completely on the floor after watching the game!

@ Smartacrying crying I am sad too Spain was the best I always like to the Italy or Spain to win.teddybear teddybear
Oh edidon324 shall we watch the rest together may be?conversing
what a game by the flying flowing football what a game
this is what the world cup is all about
Hey angel dear ,, how are you? cheering cheering

Hi nickyme after long time ,, where have you beendancing dancing

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