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I would argue no one is compatible, look at this definition for compatible, which says:

(of two things) able to exist or occur together without conflict

Any rebuttals?

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With you or the definition boxing

laugh wave

Let the obvious be our guide, but for the sake of clarity, couples.
Well then I concur nerd

Which is why there are so many (realistic) singles on the planet, the rest of them are carrying on a charade cool
It just hasn't caught up with them yet. (:

The real point I'm making is many people are so hung up on looking for someone compatible that they don't stop to realize it doesn't exist, at least not in the way they think it does in their mind.

The other fact is when two people first meet, and find they have something in common, which in their minds means compatible, they don't seem to get that it, what they have in common, will most like change. This is something that leaves me somewhat confounded.
I must be getting tired, my wording is going in the crapper. (:
No I get it, but perhaps you are looking beyond the trees and the forest conversing

I do think though that you are realistic, people often lose sight of the everyday doings particularly on dating sites, it's all about romance and that compatibility thing which falls into the realms of pipe dreams to a certain extent.

Just call me romantic eh rolling on the floor laughing
i went to a bar once with another guy,,,long time ago,,,,,,sat at a table of people he knew,,,,,and one girl there caught my eye because of the look on her face,,,,at that moment i wasnt thinking,,,are wecompatible? and i dont think she was either,,,after that night it was about being together,,,thats it,,,,so ill come down on ur side on this one,,,,,,,,

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