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Like Mother, Like Son!

My son is home for the first time in 7 years. It is wonderful seeing him and spending time with him. Last time I saw him was two years ago as I travelled to Pittsburgh to see my best friend on my last vacation in November 2013.
He is so much like me personality-wise. He is truly his mother's child. I sigh and then tell myself - he is your son and shake my head at his antics and wisecracks.sigh I see what others mean when they say I am too much! gringrin

Some of my nephews are coming over to spend the weekend - I have a total of 8 nephews (their moms think I spoil them can't think why angelbut they love their auntie) rolling on the floor laughing They will be hanging out with my son mainly as I will be resting.

Remember spend time with your loved ones and continue to be gentle with each other as we are all on life's journey.heart beating
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

We said goodbye to Granny on Wednesday and I overdid it a bit at the funeral service so have been resting since then. Thank you guys for the condolences and get well wishes my last blog. hugbouquet

Hope everyone is well and wishing you a fantastic weekend!teddybear laugh hug grin bouquet

Comments (32)

Welcome back Bajanshay!hug You were missed very much!hug I am happy that you are getting much better.yay

Very sorry to hear of your grandmother! May she rest in peace!bouquet

I do spend lots of time with my family. My son and his wife and son are taking me boating this morning. Really looking forward to it!

Take care of yourself and God bless you and your family!hug

Have a wonderful day!yay
Take rest and have a wonderful weekend too Bajanshay! wave hug teddybear bouquet
Hi Jim,
Hope you enjoy your time with your family! hug Have a great weekend too!
Hi Mimi,
Thank you and I will!teddybear BTW Your daughter is lovely and I wish you a great weekend also!hug
Enjoy your precious time with your son I am sure you have made a good one for the world. I wish you a fabulous week end!heart wings heart wings And truly sorry about your granny!
wave Hey my bajan: Enjoy your son and family! . . . hug
Hi Zeurich,
Thank you and I really enjoyed your pics of your Disney trip and your new house. Congratulations!
Give your daughter a hug for me.

btw I cracked up at your comment re World cup yesterday. That was a great match. WOW and world cup has just started!

enjoy your weekend!cheering
Hi my angel!
I see you are having a blast without me! crying congratulations on your upcoming nuptials rolling on the floor laughing I am awaiting my invitation.laugh

how are you? Good I hope!
You're getting out & about a bit cheering well maybe not too much of the cheering or banana yet laugh but good to see you getting there wave wine
Bajanshay, oh, your son is with you, Enjoy to be with him and the rest of your family as long as possible. I am happy to hear you feel a little better, and hope the recovery continue well. Thank you and you too have a wonderful weekend, my friend.yay teddybear hug
Hi Zman,
Not too much out and about as I am on medical leave but resting as much as I can.
How are you? I have not seen you blogging often at all. Hope all is well! hug teddybear
Hi Wel,
He is here and giving me a dose of my own medicine.
I truly never realized how much he was like me until now. rolling on the floor laughing
I hope your beautiful grandchildren are fine and give them a hug for me!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!teddybear hug
I'm fine dancing I stick my 2 cents worth in now & then but you don't get a lot for 2 cents these days laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Bajanshay and like I've always said, thank god she has her dad's look!! Phew!! grin
LOL.. So true! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
you are too funny! rolling on the floor laughing I think she looks like her beautiful mom!hug
And you Bajanshay are too kind! hug teddybear hug
Sure I will Bajanshay, when I see them again, not this weekend...
So he is like you, huh? It's like meeting yourself in the doorway, not good, not good. But enjoy as long as it last.yay teddybear
drinking Bajan;
Richie & I, is just doing great! He is soooo blessed. Post your address to this blog. So! I can send you an invite...wink
So lovely to see your beautiful smiling face hug

Hope you have a wonderful HaPPy time with your dear family.. son and nephews yay Think you will be spoiling them allteddybear
it is the truth my dear lady. No kindness necessary. hug
definitely not good! I just watch him and shake my head in amazement!!laugh
you lost my address? crying you were supposed to visit me soon okay here is what to do- send me an evite? Save trees!grin
Hi wallops,
Thank you.How are you doing? I will always maintain I don't spoil themrolling on the floor laughing they just love their Auntie very much!angel
hope you are having a great evening!teddybear
Nice to see you back in action...hope you are well and it is always good to be around family!!!wine
Hi Lou,
How are you doing? Not fully back in action but trying to get there. So nice to see you. hug
wave Bajan;
Tell Bob, that he is invited too. But! You 2, must come together.
of course we will come together!laugh and his name is not bob!rolling on the floor laughing
confused dang! What is the little fellow name?
Hi Bajanshay, wave 7 years is a long time and it must be a special time for both of you! teddybear

Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you will feel better soon. bouquet
you know his name very well....and he is definitely not little!
Hi KN,
thank you so much. Hope all is well with you!hug

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