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Satuday Journey and the Horse!

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Hi every one my target was buying a horse, I bought two.
I was kidding honestly to eat the grass. But I love horses. As a kid I had horses and I used to ride them too.

After the owners leaving to an apartment in china this two horses become helpless. And they were sold to a neighbor farmer but they keep coming back to the place they used to live.

The previous owners were really exhausted as they have hand over the keys and already planned to leave the country to China.

They left many items they are very heavy and also real wood items.
I have taken the two horses. And I could see the relief of the people who already waiting to leave.

In the same time I have taken their 2 rabbits,, 2 cats,, and a German Shepperd Dog who is now 3 years old.
Hope they wont try to take a flight and go to china!

Have a good afternoon every one!

teddybear teddybear teddybear

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laugh Zeuricxh.. you didn't did ya? You have now two horses, 2 rabbits who multiply in a minute, 2 cats and a German Shepard? Wow, that's something to start living in a new house with. I wish you all the best of luck. Is the dog a she or a he?yay teddybear hug
Did you know that to keep horses is alot of work that are almost like having children one have tobe there day and night

I wish you all the best with them..
Not to worry Zeurich, they would need a visa to go in China grin
so I take rich, you didn't bring me a camel back moping
If I had never owned horses before, I would not jump into owning two. Many of my neighbors own horses. They are expensive to feed, medicate and care for. You will learn. They also can drink a lot of water every day. Cleaning their stall, the good news is the stuff makes great fertilizer. Best of wishes in this endeavor.
@welela yes I did, The old owners and we had a wonderful lunch together. They live there few more days even though I have keys. I thought of being kind for a couple who leave to china. Yeah I know rabbits will be a village very soon. I have enough land, So animal can have fun. Those two horses already working at horse training school with neighbor lady... that will go as it was there already...

@flyjames... Yeah I know I am use to it... Thank you fly...

@mimi hi hi me go to china

@oh butter give me some time I will bring at least a plastic camel okaykiss
My parents owned horses and still they do... I am much familiar with horses... thank you for your wises dear! wine wine

The World Equestrian Championship was held in Shanghai last week.Now the horses went back to Europe. They will come again next year.applause

I kept a rabbit as a pet when my daughter as a grown up too the end had to sent to others.
applause applause Nice to hear girl...teddybear

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