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g]My mother has always supported me in everything I've done, she has been with me when I've made decisions and revealed things so shocking that it almost tore the family apart my mother being as strong as she is held us together when most would abandon ship ,she is the glue that holds all of her family together. So when she informs me doctors have given her two years she smiles and say baby don't think of that way just spend timewith me and llet me enjoy my daughter lets continue living, f*ck MA HOW AM I NOT SUPOSE TO THINK ABOUT THIS? Oh god this is to heavy to carry cs ,I can't do this one.sad flower

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get her to stop smoking now and she might live longer than 10 years ....wave
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Me and mom I love this lady shes everything I am and more
at this moment of your mothers life,,,you must honor her wishes,,by you being or showing anything different than the way you were before you found out will make it harder for your mother,,,,,,if you will honor her wishes when shes gone,,,then you can certainly honor her wishes when shes here,,,,act like theres nothing wrong,,,,,thats ,,WHAT SHE NEEDS YOU TO DO......youre mother understands her situation and has accepted it,,,,,{and who knows,,,doctors can be wrong you know,,,theyre only human},,,,,,,,,,
you may say that this is too heavy to carry,,,,but youknow,,,you will carry it,,,,,,,,,,,,for your mother,,,,

The thought two years from now the effects on her physically before then the thought looms to large wtf
but thats almost 2 yrs away,,,,at this moment in time,,,from here on in,,,youll live life one day at a time,,,,by the time you get to the bad part of this,,,youll have been used to knowing its coming and youll be able to handle it,,,believe me youll see....,,,,,,, a girl iwas to marry had cancer,,,and i did a year and a half with her before she went on,,,,,ive already been thru what youre embarking on,,,,so maybe getting it 1st hand will help make it easier for you,,,,hope so,,,,,,,
leah you are very blessed, so is your mother, my words as I say will sound empty, not good at this stuff, but what I do know, cherish each moment, laugh, live life with her, don't focus on tomorrow, or next year, you are so blessed to have every moment, today heart wings

someone once told me, live today like its your last, I laughed and said im living forever, but tomorrow I may not be here, so true, although a timeline is lined out, doesn't mean anything, you could pass b4 her, so enjoy, live and cherish every moment with your mom, your bestfriend im thinking teddybear
not to worry leah,,,youll be stronger as the time goes by,,i promise you...........
@ leahkathrine - wave .. So sorry to hear about your Mum .... sad flower ... I wouldn't put too much faith in what a doctor tell you, often people live much longer than predicted by them, such was the case with my Mum and Niece.... conversing

.... grin hug wine
I know it a hard for you rite now but you got to believe that there is more time for her and some thing good will happen to her be strong and that the best thing you can do rite now
be strong and keep believing that she will come out of what ever she is having peace
Thankyou so much beautiful lady feeling very heavy right now

I hope they're wrong god I hope they're wrong

There is no strength in me for this one
I am so sad to hear this...but make the most of it and try to enjoy your time together...bouquet
which one is your mom? confused

u got a bat cave behind u, dats great. handshake
She is so beautiful , what does she have ?
My heart goes out to you miss Leah .
Because you are always so full of life yourself.
Minnesota. Where all of the women are beautiful. And all of the men are strong.
My heart goes out to you both.
............Awww! I'm so sorry. hug
Leah, you need to stay strong for her, for both of you... hug comfort hug teddybear
Leahkathrine, I will pray for your wonderful mom! bouquet hug
Leah, so sorry to hear about your mum. hug

My mum is our rock, too, and we had a scare years ago and thankfully she is still with us.

You will have a hard time ahead but it is your mum who will suffer physically and you have to be there for her now. Stay strong for her. rose
Leah, my heart goes out to you..and i can only pray for you, and hope for the best,,,Nameron lost the woman he loved...and I lost my brother in October of last year to cancer,,,,but the thought of losing a just too much to bear...have faith in the knowledge that we are all here for you, stay strong, be positive and take care of yourself!!heart beating
Leah, First my condolences at the news. That being said, your mom needs you to be strong for her.

you work in a hospital. I think this gives you a little advantage as you have seen some things and know what may come and what some of the better options are. I presume your mom is doing some planning for future times, which is as it should be. With hind sight I wish our own oncologist (cancer is merely an assumption on my part, since you did not use the C word, and there are some other medical conditions which contain time limits, dialysis for instance, etc.) had laid it on the table like that regarding my spouse instead of speaking in nebulous survival percentages. Things would be a lot better for me today if he had just given us a 'how long' prediction, but he never did, so we always put our faith in meaningless and worthless 76% survival numbers given as recently as 2 weeks before her final hospitalization and subsequent death soon after. So your mom has an honest doctor with some guts. That's both good and rare.

As an aside (which is the other side of the coin) I have a friendly acquaintance call him R, an electrician (a fairly good one actually) he is a total drunk, multiple DUIs and a chain smoker and allegedly these days he occasionally does other stuff too, call him a poly abuser. 2 ex-wives, and a daughter he put through college. Whatever. Back in 2000 he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given only a few months to live. Somehow after some discussions they agreed to try cutting the tumors out. They removed all of one lung and the worst part of the other lung. They didn't get it all, but closed him up and he got chemo and radiation for a few months till he got bored with it all. The doctors gave him only a few more months, certainly he not would not last a year. That was in 2000. Against doctors advice R decided why not continue smoking and drinking and having fun any way he could. He saw his daughter graduate college I guess that was in 2004. In 2005 his first doctor died of his own cancer. In 2007 R was pronounced cancer free.

R is still lurching around having fun, fighting with his ex-wives, paying alimony and doing occasional time for DUI in one county or another's jail, before hitting the local bar after release and flirting with this or that sweet young thing. My point is it is all a crap shoot. Sometimes the odds are ignored by the Fates and blind chance enters the room. I look at R and think about my wife. My wife was pretty close IMO to being able to walk on water and I will probably never find one like her again, and I think about chance and serendipity. R, who had done work for us at several of our properties, liked my wife and thought she was a great person and he was pretty sad to hear of her passing. He lives each day to the fullest as he understands what that should be because he knows he is on borrowed time. He understands sometimes cancers come back with a vengeance an acquired resistance to what 'killed it' the first time. I (many who know him actually) may not agree with him as to what living each day to the fullest should mean, but we respect his choice. The reality which R understands is the best doctors can do is guess. In your case respect your mom's wishes. She has decided spending some time with you and enjoying life is how she wishes to spend the time. Let us honor her and respect her choice.
Though u do not say why and who says this and it is not my business to evaluate, medicine is far advanced nowadays, if u can afford it....

Good luck!
and u look like a bunny with a crooked leg, perhaps u can fix this.

This is serious...please know when to have humour...leah thinking of you...bouquet
i wonder if it is if someone is posting a pic with two smiling faces, perhaps u r just dumb....dunno
Of course you can't not think of your mum's prognosis as a prognosis. That's an enormous burden for you carry, Leah.

However, I'd say she's asking you to pretend a little; she's asking you to help her live.

Help her live.


My mom would be the blonde the beautiful wonderful lovely blonde, you pitching a tent somewhere sounds nice about now
Thankyou dear

I'm sorry to so damn sorry
If it is really so and nothing you can do my deep regrets. sad flower

Thinking of going to the Alps where i have been 36 years ago, where i could have broken my bones or more but wonder if i still can.
Or i stay at home, it is cheaper anyway. idea pointing

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