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Thunder thief

Somehow I notice that interesting blogs which have many comments are disappointung by the end.

I believe when someone write something about his thought or feeling or problem, he/she has put an effort to do that expecting to have opinion from people. In the begining, yes, people giving comment related to his/her blog until "CS blog Celebrities" comment it and HIS/HER fans comment on HIS/HER comment which is not related to the original topic. After few days people start commenting and the writer is flying away.

It start bothering me and wondering what are these celebrities want by stealing thunder and change a serious topic become a joke? Is there any ethics code in commenting a blog or CS blog is just a free area where people are not oblige to respect others?

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You are right it happens here in blogland. Think it happens more when someone blogs and never reply to any of the comments. If the writer is present and reacting to comments all the time people can't hijack the blog that easily. dunno
True, and as you most probably noticed that some 'serious' bloggers are fading. moping Mostly light hearted clowns remaining..Jmo.dunno
the blog being hijacked if the hostess run away after posted it..

for example : you. you put your blog, after many members put our comments, and we get no response from you... what is going to be happened? sure someone hijack your blog...
ohhhhhhhhhh hole

that's not good grin cheers bouquet teddybear yay
I'm glad that I'm not the only one who notice it.

Referring to me that I don't reply comment because I don't have internet connection at home. Not to mention that I'm a busy person work.

I'm blogging from net cafe (connected to CS from mobile just happened recently). When I had a chance to check my blog, it had been burried by tons of new blogs and people were not looking at my blog any more.

I'm not looking for popularity by "always" stand by IN CS blog.
Some times on serious blogs, that I just gravate to, and some blogers that I have so much respect for, I some times find that the bloger and I are the only ones commenting. I try to get other people to respond, yet often to no avail.
Very frustrating.
Well, I saw some blog where the writer was present and answering the comments but still some celebrities in one way or another are able to change the original topic by putting funny comments where others and often the writer her/him self carried away.

For instance, nam's blog. He was there answering the comments and someone one comment came up starting by mocking nam and then followed by others.... So pity.
Yes, I also saw 50 comments on one blog and when I open it was like a chatting between writer and one commentator but that's ok.

The worse is when 2-3 commentators chatting on someone's blog!!!
May I suggest something don't be mad okay put no comments allowedlaugh laugh
That was most likely me Twink. Nam is a good friend of mine. Some times we banter for fun.
A blog is personal thing where you the blogger can choose the direction it follows, if say you post a blog on a serious subject & it starts to wander off topic it is as I see it up to you to steer it back on track, I understand that it's not always possible for the blogger to be online all the time but a steering comment on their return would normally do the trick, most bloggers know on who's blogs they are welcome to chat to friends & who's blog to stick to the subject in the op, for me personally a blog is like a conversation in a bar with friends, it may start on one topic but invariably the subject wanders & as other friends join the conversation it seems only natural for a little light hearted banter to take place, jmo wave wine
No Cheavy it was me, mr nam Is my friend, and that was the way we started out, him being Major Nam ad me being Ground control,,,,and I'm sorry if I offended anyone,,,but that's the way the Major and I roll.
Lind is the most controled of her blogs that I am aware of. Really sharp.
Problem with blogs being taken over is that it becomes kind of pointless to comment on the original subject if the last time anyone talked about the subject was 30 comments earlier. dunno
Don't you worrie Val. I loved that blog. I read it. Followed it, and did not say a word. But it makes me smile while i am on the tractor. Well done.
Cheavy, thanx so much, I also loved that blog, and mr Nam and I became friends on that blog,,,,before that he never really worried with me!applause applause
noo... that was me... I most talking with MC on my blog.. applause applause
Look at all of us gulty parties. OMG. Twink, get back here!! Thats an order. LoL
I guess she is sleeping Cheavy.... sleep sleep

now is 2am in my place...
Smart, you are so smart. I believe you are so right.
wave Yes! guys; I will admit it. " It was you guys."
oh! And me too,well! kind of. I am sorry too. please forgive me yawl...bowing
Hi Twinkle

I endorse what you have stated, 100%. I have seen it happen over and over again. On several occasions, I wanted to make a comment relevant to the content and subject of a blog, but I changed my mind after seeing it sidetracked by comments not related to the blog. I like the title of your blog, "Thunder Thief" and your term "CS blog Celebrities".

On the other hand, people blog for different reasons. Some use the blogs for chatting and "side-talk". Perhaps CS should provide a Chat Room for this purpose.

Here are some of the blog rules that CS has posted:

3.Treat others the way you would like to be treated – with respect - be polite, considerate, with no personal attacks, name calling, harassment, bad language.

4.TOPICS. You must have a clear topic for your blog, and state it clearly in your blog title. All entries within a blog must address the topic described in the title. When posting a comment, you may express a dislike or disagreement for a topic, but not a dislike for the blogger.

21.Think before you post! Comments posted should be considered permanent. Don't ask to have them removed. A wide public audience views these blogs. Your blog entries represent you to viewers. You will be judged by your words.

You can view the rest of the rules listed under "blog rules"
Hi everyone....

Thank you smarta for telling them that YES I was sleeping at 1:20AM and I woke up at 6 then prepare my daughter go to school and I go to work. I'm in my break time right now and open CS from my blackberry and BANG !! I find 2 things :
1. My blog has been burried by many other blogs (glad to know how many CS member active writing blogs)
2. Some people "almost" use my blog to chat and commenting on comment.

It is nature that every person has their own way to interpret a word. You may said "blog" is like a bar and so on.
I just wonder, what the CS admin create "forum", inbox, outbox, chat and other tools where members can use it to communicate.

In blog, yes, there is a choice for comment yes and comment no. I saw several blogs click comments no. Mostly we click comments yes. I'm sure we know exactly if we want comment or not. It would be appreciated if we could comment in a proper way to show that we respect ourselves as much as we respect others.

I'm sure, since my blog has gone deep down to second or even third page, my comment would be the last comment. Nevertheless, thank you for those for read and comment my blog with respect.
I can see how frustrating it is for you not being able to manage and participate in your own blogs because you don't have internet at home.

I also agree with ZMountain that this is primarily a social site, people chat for a variety of reasons, and many a happy couple have got together through this kind of socialising.

Personally, I like to see people chatting and responding to each other's comments; I like to see the topic meander and change. I feel it's my responsibility to bring the various trains of thought together from time to time, forging something greater with other people's input than I'd originally thought of myself.

I wonder if perhaps the forums would be a better medium for you? When you come back to one of your threads it will appear on everyone's homepage when you comment and the responses from others will start all over again. Forum threads don't get buried in the same way that the blogs do.

Personally I find calling people 'celebrities' and 'fans' and talking about 'stealing thunder' a bit disparaging of others. It may make people, good, loving people feel bad about themselves.dunno

Perhaps you could reflect upon what it is about their warmth and friendliness you don't enjoy? Perhaps you feel left out and excluded as it all happens when you're in work? Perhaps you could think about making the comments you want to make anyway regardless of what other people are doing? Perhaps you could join in with the laughter as well? I'm sure you'd be welcome. hug

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