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I dunno what to say!

Hi peeps...its been a month. ..
hmmmmmmm..... been through a lot these past few weeks. ..
Honestly.... trying to get myself back...having emotional distractions. .being isolated keeps me think too much..
sometimes meditation doesn't work for me...i don't even want to chat with someone else
except one person..but sadly that person wasn't able to have time to talk this time. .. of course I understand the reasons that he has his own world too.... not only in front of the net everyday!
But when I tried to hang around in other groups and start to make new friends. .. at first chat and conversation I almost feel bored too...

what should I do guys??? Any suggestions?

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Drop over to Nams blog, and join the wake. We would love to meet you.
Join the
What is Nams blog??? Sorry been out from a long time so kinda lost! Where to find it?sigh dunno
Move on without him, your world will be opened for others....
sorry huh...mybe u misunderstood my writing. ...
im not a broken hearted actually. ..blushing
I was just lost my concentration in life...mix emotions. ..I can't even explain it coz it comes deeper. one moment im happy... the next seconds covered by loneliness. ..homesuckness...fears...etc.... most of the negativities I think.... doh confused confused help
Just two blogs before you. You will meet a lot of people. I have to stay there for awhile I think?
Well 7 before you. Me bad.
Its ok... got it....also there...tnx
I say we drink drinking and talk about fuk all, sometimes everyone needs a break from reality yay
Ur r one of a kind butter. ..
that's what I missed of here...
yeah... sure.... I prefer brandy. ..u have? dancing cheers drink pouring drink pouring
just wait and see
Hey alex.... Welcome in blogs..wave
Its been a long years... but...
why do I need to wait and see?
Means?econfused dunno
applause Just join us, in the blogs....drinking
yay yay yay I have a new drinking partner yay

brandy she is drink pouring pointing

yes dear...I do... came back to enjoy the gang.... teddybear thanks
Yes butter.... we're partners in crime... open it... pour it... lets drink...aky is the limit....lolelephant elephant elephant super super
Hi shell nice to see you on blogs! teddybear teddybear
Hi zeurichwave

I know I've gone for a while.... but yeah...good to be back!
Hi shellone! Homesick is it not? I can not type the number six and the spostrophe and some keys are strange for a month now.dunno Anyway, welcome! Blog and comment and then surf. Otherwise eat and sleep.bouquet

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