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Hi Pofs!

I am new here... and would love to me some nice people!
I love music
Fm radio broadcasting
Hill walking
Drives to anywhere nice

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hi smitten im nice drinking no really I am handshake

welcome smitten
Welcome to Blog city .Miss Butterfly bar is open ,only the first round you are paying, Have fun.cheering cheering cheering dancing dancing
Hi there Prof wave you will meet lots of lovely nice people on this site... albeit a little crazy.uh oh

See you have met Butters yay she is the life and soul of any blog.. a true character but a harmless sweetheart really heart wings applause

Enjoy yourself cheering
yay yay yay yay yay yay

BAR is OPEN till Mr. Fly says it closing, Hes the new bartender, gonna shake it up and make some special drinks for you all yay

then what do I do confused I know dance dance dancing dance buddies drink pouring buddies danceline party dance

sorry wizzie, just having fun wink

wallop professor his name isn't profs confused dunno confused wtf you been drinking at Flys bar rolling on the floor laughing
Sorry Wizbiz sigh I got it wrong again uh oh I saw Pofs.. and thought it was Prof as in your name. Well by now you have probably come to see that we are all a little crazy on here crazy or most of us anyway... but quiet harmless wave
Welcomecswelcome tip hat cheers handshake
wallop I think wizzie is the silent type sleep

cswelcome choir
Join the choir.
We are a bit off but harmless really.
Make yourself at home.

hi wiz cswelcome
Pssst... We're all here because we're not all there. (Word to the wise and all.) grin flirty
Welcome, Wiz! You'll enjoy your stops here...very entertaining. wave
Welcome to CS and blog WizBIZ...

cswelcome cheers
rolling on the floor laughing Wiz has changed his mind already.
Few of us told him that we are a bit off rolling on the floor laughing
I did add that we are really harmless.
Oh well can't win them all huh?

dancing doh wave applause cheering
Hello wiz welcome to the blogs but who is pofs? confused confused
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