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Do bullies eventually swim away if you stand up to

Do people that walk around and drive around looking who they can bully swim away eventually like a fish, if you stand up to them enough.

If you dont stand up to them, cause you dont want to offend them and keep submitting, does that bully then have full control over your whole life.

Is it the ones that stand up to them, and dont give in, no matter what, are the ones that get to the top.

and the ones that keep winging down and broken, be the ones that end up with nothing.

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hi wyatt wave good question, I see it like, bullies can be best explained that they stay in a small fish bowl and swim around around and around until they get their next feed crazy

handshake Rainbow, I think that the 'Bully' that chases me everytime I wear a red shirt can be lucky not to be processed as Bully Beef and be canned.handshake cheers
Lukeon, hell the hell, are you staying out of prison.
havent they confiscated all your money yet, and said, they arresting you for concealing cash. and that is corruption.
(cause they want it) which is legal.

But, youve got it wrong. The man in red, is the one you are supposed to watch out for.
that is the leo or pisces man. also watch out for people who wear orange.
Sorry, I mean how the hell. My brain is dying, cause it realizes that nobody cares about how much you learn or know.

one is still doomed.
If you cant beat em then join em rolling on the floor laughingrolling on the floor laughing

Hi rainbow sweetie , good to see you keeping out of trouble.
No, I prefer to stay in the undergrowth of and between the trees, but sometimes the undergrowth gets too many invaders, who drown you, and you have to try slither away and find another forest.
but, you may totally drown in that undergrowth, if your shell is there, that you dont want to leave behind, cause getting another shell, may not be possible, and without a shell, you are totally vulnerable and squashed.
Rainbow Bullies tend to be big fish in very small ponds.... they rarely rise to the top, there is a difference between being Tough and being Strong... a grounded, person with vision.
Bullies are Cowards who prey on sensitive people they have usually been bullied or ill treated in some way themselves or have an axe to grind with life... either way they discharge their rage onto the 'weak' or easily bullied. Bullies are sad people. Alot of kids have committed suicide over Bullies, Cyber bullying and Schoolyard bullies. It has become endemic.
Well Godencross, these bullies have certainly done a good job on keeping me out the economy.

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