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someday I will pack my stuff and say you all
I came here and lived a life, I was alone on my way
I know why.
It's hard to trust people as they wanna stab back
it's hard to find good friend as none of them want my side
when I need most.
everyone is just so selfish, I can't stand anymore
so to everyone " Goodbye"

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Dukeking, I'm sorry that you couldn't find friends here on CS, maybe you didn't look in the right places, I'm quite happy here on the blogs and have found nice friends here, why don't you stay awhile and see what happens!comfort handshake
Duke you are right thats how most so called humans are, if i was you i wouldnt have said goodbye they havent earnt one handshake wave
Dukeking when English is not your first language it can make it a little harder and sometimes there is the chance that you may take up a message the wrong way ? there are some very nice people on the Blogs. People are human though and we all have faults. Thats what humans are like, good and bad.
Sad that you couldn`t find what you wanted duke, hopefully one day you find that special someone in your life heart wings

Wish you well and happiness on your journey in life hug applause teddybear
looks like a trend dukling, everyone is leaving, where we going, cuz I don't want to be left behind moping

they have beer there applause
Someone told me that "expectation means problem". At the time you start having an expectation, in the same time you start having problem.
Maybe you can try to release yourself expecting something from someone, from one place (like CS) or from one event, I'm sure you will not having any problem.
For instance, you expect to find ONE friend from CS. It looks easy as CS has millions members.
The problem comes because expectation always followed by conditions.
Please think again for saying goodbye or it is still not your time yet....
Is anyone else noticing a sudden flood of resignations here?

One wonders exactly how many are really leaving, or are they just abandoning a profile that now bores to create a new one?
@ Ken 19, I won't create a profile again. I think that if a person chooses to leave once that's because they will leave forever.... heart beating
We mourn the passage of those who leave.

That being said, what I spoke of, I have seen some do.

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