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My excused to every one.Seems like I am back in blog cty, The ship from rocketman failed to left off.

Now I must spend an after-noon on the farm learning to talk with horses. I think some thing is wrong with the fly First he is singing to his plants now he.s going to talk with horses.

What is the world coming to dunno dunno Have a good day every one.

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Come by me I have two horses,,, we can talk to them together!banana head banger cheering applause
Flyjames = Horse whisperer

Helloooooo wave wave
Well glad you didn`t disappear on us too applause Too many people are going, or so they say moping

Anyway singing to your plants and talking to the horses may make more sense than talking to us on here sometimes rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Now we need Mr Nam, with his Mr Ed jokes! Where is HE?? dunno
James, good to have you back from the rocket, it could have ended with a bang if you had lifted off. No need to proclaim you are going to live us... No need. Enjoy to be a horse whisperer, it looks very nice in the film by the same name...laugh yay teddybear
Mr.Fly I knew you were a Horse Whisperer , I sing and talk to animals and plants so its ok to be Mad, we are in the right place.. Blog City,Stay wonderful King, where you belong reunion flirty
King Fly, I'm glad you are staying, I talk to my plants as well, and I think they listen to me,,,,,I'm just sorry you never went up in the rocket to seach for major Nam,,,,,because now I will never know if I have offended him.,,,,,have a happy stay with us and I hope we will always be happy here.
frustrated darnit! Mr. Flyj. All of them said, what i were going to say to you!
Angel, never mind. Let's drink a toast of Angel water to the RETURN OF THE FLY wine wine
To all of you ladys in Blog city you are going tobe sorry thay the fly came back. Not one of you will get a drink from my bar.

Still its nice to be back. must go back to work
do have a nice after-noon.yay yay
not a drink from your bar confused uhmmmmmmmm hmmm drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring drink pouring buddies dats okay Fly, I see how it is, you set out some boundaries drinking good for you yay I have no boundaries confused

rolling on the floor laughing

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