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Hurray (S)he proposed me!

Do I look like man you gotta kidding me girl. May be you are wearing google glasses?laugh Hurray is there any priest? I need a best man and woman too and grand kids from some one as flower girl. Hurray I got proposed by my salt mate I need every ones help any baker? to bake my cake, any one can help me with a horse carriage? my wife proposed me mysalt mate

hello dearie

i am Stella Millerie and new here ,
i would love to meet new and true People fake,
i came across youre profile and i think it will be a good idea
if i say Hit...
i will love to know you more and be your wife
im here to Look for my salt mate someone
i can share the rest of my life with
someone that knows the True meaning Of love and ready to be committed to it.was you marry me.
i am clen kiten.i iron.i cook.ieat
Im caring Honest, Roantic, Loving,
Im not Into games Or Drama On here
Im looking for a serious relationship
Distance means nothing to me when someone is Love what really matter Most is the love you want to share with each Other
My heart is full Of Love .My heart is Open for love Looking for the right one to come to me
i am online now for a chat if you wish i am online now
for a chat if you wish . I will be Looking forward to hear from you... Millerie i love you honet.

laugh I check my self but I cannot find anything belongs to a man,, where should I look more? ANY EXPERTS laugh laugh

Comments (43)

applause Congrats! To You Girl.....
would you come too my dear? what should I wear any advice because I am going to bring a wife helaugh laugh
uh oh By The Way! Zeu.
My mailbox is locked! And i don't need nobody else....blushing
oh really but your back door is open right? laugh laugh
head banger Just ask Wallop; for the details. She is working on my wedding day too!....hug
Good idea let whistle and see if she heardancing dancing do you hear me girl??
I'll bake brownies just as good as cake with icinglaugh
laugh Capricorn;
Yea! Send her your baked
Congrats on the upcoming wedding...I am sure you will be you need?...just ask!!wine
rolling on the floor laughing Darn she did not even leave an email address I could use to give to another scammer very mad

This is the very worse scammer's email I have ever seen.
Most scammers now have improved their English a lot....

Now about your wedding Zeirich don't let it interfer with Angels wedding doh
I don't have a back door. So! Be Careful you....dancing
laugh BC;
................rolling on the floor laughing
I`m here and I am ALL EARS!!!!applause applause applause
EXCITEMENT coming out of them cheering cheering cheering

Oh my goodness, ALL this LOVE!!! heart beating heart wings heart1 I am on cloud nine happy place
cheering Zeu;
Is going to marry her girl.....Woo Hoo!....applause
you see how lucky girl I am on this CS planet helaugh laugh
I am just thinking should I do gender transplant first before the weddingrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Zeu, I'm so excited for you my friend,,,,,,, I sure you will allow me to do the catering at the wedding, as I'm doing Angels catering as well,oh year love is in the airbanana heart wings heart beating
oh yeah you can do that do that girl I am marring a salt mate so there is enough saltrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Oh Zeu, you are so funny,,,,,have you set a date yet?
BC no dear they are very good dearie engrishlaugh laugh I thought of having a skype but no she or he left me no information yay
Ooooooooops uh oh I was SOOOO caught up in the proposal that you told me about on the other blog that when I came on here I was SOOOOOOOO EXCITED that I didn`t read the blog you put up till just now dunno doh comfort WHAT is one to think confused
Not sure how to deal with this wedding????????help

Well, maybe we should just do a double wedding or maybe a triple if anyone else comes up with one and I believe another is on the way heart wings heart beating heart1 kiss smitten
val my everything set to the same day tomorrow alwayslaugh laugh
laugh laugh wallops you thought I got proposed for seriousrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
So this where all you are leaving the Fly all alone in space . and talking about love and getting marryed

What poor man did all you find now to turn into a donkey or goat.dancing dancing
yeah angel girl I am gonna marry ma girl stella mirilie who clean kiten and eat and cookrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
yes my barman is here fly listen honey I was proposed by my salt mate I am going to bring my wife but I miss very important thing can I may be borrow yours pleaselaugh laugh tongue
what is going on here she just make a silly mistake....ooops wonder if she can read o\r know the different between male n femaleconfused confused confused
ah you see you can be my brides made rightlaugh laugh
Mr Fly, I hope you make sense of all this confused dunno
I think this proposal has gone to Zs head doh uh oh
She is behaving very strange crazy crazy crazy BUT that is VERY understandable when you read her blog rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
What the Hell Z the Fly never lend his Pink to no one.dancing dancing I need some wine. And that woman from SA is she apart of this complot to castrate the fly ???
oh wallops I am very very serious I am looking for real one instead of plastic oneslaugh rolling on the floor laughing balloons
@fly rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing I will pay you from her dowrylaugh
this is for you flydrink pouring beverage delivery waiter pizza
How nice of you Z. THANKScheering cheering
you see fly I am very good when I get salt mate proposals laugh laugh there are two possibilities either she or he never been to a school either he or she feels other way around let s have some winebuddies drink pouring bartender waiter
King Fly, did I hear you mention South Africa,,,,,,,I am innocent my King comfort
no val I did not hear SA of course you are innocent we know that honey ,, but when cake is there you are not innocent we know that too honey what to worry my dear,,, laugh laugh
My wedding organizers I am off to bed. I will see you at my wedding tomorrow... see you all I am going to snordancing dancing
In America many women do marry other women. Seems creepy to me, but whatever floats their boat. I imagine the salt is needed for the honeymoon night although I have heard of peanut butter being used instead.
Best of wishes on the new relationship.

rolling on the floor laughing
Zeurich you look 100% FEMALE !!

handshake pleased to meet ya cats meow cats meow cats meow cats meow
Congrats Z. Are you going to ware a suit or a dress??laugh laugh

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