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Instant love style...

when we stuck on someone instantly.. fall in love quicker than school boy, I said that is "Instant love style"..

whatever she/he said even thought nothing to do with us, but we could be affected with it.. we could be happy or we could be offended.. we could be jealous laugh and even we could be angry without reason.doh

should we like that? of course should not be...
we are mature peoples where we have manner, even for someone with high temper character and impatience, still she/he should not lose control... do not let your ego to be your master scold.

be a good listener would help you to get to know each other better..
everything need process, so give time to it.. to grow.

please remember regret always come late scold scold

have a nice day everybody...

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (33)

Hi Smart! wave I'm guilty as charged! I made hasty decisions that I much regretted later and as a result of that, I have to endure a lot of pain in the heart....hug teddybear
Who is to say how long it takes to fall in love,
It might take a millisecond or 10 years, but when you fall in love, its a great feeling.
Do any of us really know what love is and what it feels like?
Why do we place restrictions on when we can be in love?
Just curious i guess.
Hi Smartassss, your looking well. comfort
Morning from Norway Smarta. Yes, you are right, it is better to think a little then to be to hasty. When I was younger I had a ill temper, but I have outgrown that, so much calmer now and I like myself much better, age do that for you. But I do also agree in what you say in your blog, we are mature people, so act like one, be one, please. Enjoy your Wednesday, sweetie.kiss yay teddybear
oh Mimi... as your friend I only able to say... enjoy the pain, in love matter, the more we try to forget, the more you feel it..
so, do opposite way... honest, it works to me.. dancing
talking about fall in love, I think different person will have different thinking.

to me, love is acceptance and comfortable feeling (in all aspects). bcos of comfortable, we will miss him/her anytime..
when I feel comfortable to be with someone, then I have to be able to say that I accept him to be in my life... so it would be related to timeline..

Hello Simmo1..wave I have to be well... thank you.
Dear Welela,

well... we grow together with number actually. the older, the wiser.. so, I dont understand when i meet a guy only mature on ages but not on acting... dunno
But Smarta, you know, from young age we women are much more mature then any men... so no wonder this guy is not mature... he is not old enough to get the point here I think. yay teddybear hug
yes... there are some men childish, but there are some men mature than his age.. maybe its depend on life experiences, society, personal..
Hello Smarta and the familylaugh laugh very well said,,
Hi Zeurich... so you agree with me naa?
teddybear teddybear
I agree with all you wonderful ladies, I was told the other day here on the blogs that I'm a blind dork,,,,,because I fail to see that someone is interested in me.,,,well I'm still old school, and expect that person to approach me, whether I accept or reject the advances,,,,is up to me,,,,but I guess I will never know, untill he acts. I'm so busy having fun that love is not on my mind. At that time.yay banana yay
Hi Val...

Sometimes we dont know that someone pay attention to us if he did not show by acting. But you may take it as learning to know men habit and I hope what happened to you would make you more sensitive to grab men action...

Have a nice day Val dear... teddybear
Thanx Smarty, I will have to take my blinckers off then,,,,enjoy your day too,wave
Hi SmartAss, I agree, it's better to take it easy but The Heart is its own Master. heart beating My last relationship was a very strong, crazy, intense, love relationship that Ive never experienced before in my life... and never will again, I felt a very deep connection, very quickly, [not good]and we both were like best friends... but now it is over some months and I am still grieving... I mean, I miss the closeness and having somebody that I am totally 100pc at ease with, that understood me and I understood him, same sense of humour, interests, sex life great.... but yes you are right.
Val, I agree if a man wants you, he should do the running, it might be 2014 but Men are still the Hunters and I am not going to be swayed by any mumbo jumbo equality talk. Men like the chase..or at least I dont chase men. bouquet
well said.thumbs up
btw, where is your new pic? i like your new look better than the one you put here on your profile. i think other bloggers will think the same as mine when they see it.....giggle wave
Hi GG...

if you read my previous blog about "Sweet Memories", what you ever have in relationship experiences, I also have.. yes dear its soooo sweet... I need quite long time to recover the pain. And really thanks to God that I am fine now, means I can handle all those thing. Trying to forget, that is a must, but we could not remove a histories from our memory, so lets we keep it as nice part of our life..
teddybear teddybear bouquet
Hello Mei...

how is your son now? is he getting better? hope he will be fine like before..

well... my new look.. grin will not change anything.. so let me keep for myself.grin
Many years ago now we were told instant mash potato was the way forward, but like most things instant the look was better than the taste, imo doh grin wine
Hi Zman...

yes you are right, things instant the look always better than the taste.. in love matter also like that i guess. the look can be cute, in fact he is wolf... rolling on the floor laughing
Zman Well said ! thumbs up A well known saying 'Too hot not to cool down ' comes to mind. I learnt my lesson the hard way, but if we don't learn from our mistakes , then we are in trouble. I do think friendship is very important in a relationship and having similar energy levels. [This will sound mad to younger members of C.S. but if you have a partner who wants to party each night and you like to live in the Day and havent the energy for constantly moving and shaking.... it causes huge problems. wine It's 30c here and I am finding it very hot as Ozone layer gone..heavy traffic and fumes dont help. Now if I was on a beach, with a breeze....
SmartAss just thinking you have alot of Wisdom for somebody so young. bouquet
Thank you GG, I take it as compliment... but life experiences teach me at most.. to be more sensitive person...teddybear bouquet
everything takes time especially relationships romantic or friendships. We are all human beings and we will err but once you find someone who truly accepts as you are faults and all and you do the same then you can truly say you have a relationship.
Hi Bajan..wave

yes dear, I will not hesitate to declare that I have relationship romantic when I found someone accept me as I am and feel comfortable to be with him... love
Val, you sweet, beautiful woman. I am the one who called you a dork. You do have blinders on.
I think that we here on the blogs, do not often see potentual prospects. We tend to feel that the distance is out of range. Funds, papers.
All I am trying to say, is that this planet of ours is really small.
A hot, passinate relationship in cyber world. My, is it going to be the same in the flesh???
Insecurity is a waste of energy.
Open eyes, open mind.
I am rambeling.
Good blog Smart.
Ops... CHeavy, no comment from me..peace
Glad that you understand all wise word about love by the end, smartasss.... Good blog.
Hi Twinklewave

its honor to get your compliment... thank you.
SmartAss you learnt from your past mistakes,,, thats wisdom. I am impulsive and very passionate and that's great in some respects but in others.... its catastrophe. Still I am aware, next time I will watch for the Red Flags and go slow.... scold heart wings
SmartAss Reading your previous Blog... the post I wrote above doesnt make sense regarding past mistakes on your part, so forgive me for that... my mistake. Great blog. teddybear Sending you hughug
drinking There is no comment from me. Carry on please.
Hi Smartassss, nice blog! I hope you are fine! cheering heart wings bouquet
helloooo Callies, welcome to my blog and glad that you agree with me.
its better late than never come ya dear...teddybear

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