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My best Marathon!

Long walks are always good to do so I am also talking very long romantic walk to the fridge every day,

For all who thinks alcohol is a problem according to chemistry alcohol is a solution thank you damn god science

when you reach your 80 you are able to Laugh,Cough,Sneeze and pee at the same time on the same spot

once you lick frosting off a cupcake then it is muffin and that very healthy

When I play bingo I always deposit 10$ and play with 25$ what has been taken from my other saving.

6 old asked his dad if France in Africa because all the foot players were in the same color what you use to write more often.

Before I buy a sweep ticket I always ask lottery board what number they are going to give for winning, because they never give a winning for the numbers what they said,,

I don't understand why toilet paper company makes advertisements, who is not buying them.

The best marathon I ever did till to the toilet every day,

If a man say I don't know ask a woman
that is the one and only wise man in the planet.

In case if I died and went to hell it would take me a month to realize that I am not at work any more.

Smile is sign of joyA kiss is sign of love, A laugh is sign of happiness,
having a friend like me is freaking good taste

Hope you had a good day every one?

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (12)

Oh Zeu, you must write more blogs like this, my tummy is sore from laughing, you ROCK funny lady!!banana banana
Hi dear how are you ? Hope you had a good day?kiss heart wings
Wups... ha,ha,ha... good once. I almost laughed my dinner up again, thank you. I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday and you too Val! Enjoyyay teddybear hug
laugh laugh welela eat for me too please,,, am dieting these days every day I start from tomorrow. peace
I don't understand why toilet paper company makes advertisements, who is not buying them.

that line is so true!!!laugh rolling on the floor laughing

how are you Zeu?
giggle giggle giggle hug teddybear
Hi bajan how are you?laugh laugh yeah he you see,,, I get once a while brilliant ideas he

Hai mimiwave wave
Day went all fine till the afternoon. My little one burned her hand in the afternoon... while trying to take a cake out from oven.. this little one could not wait till I come down. mumbling mumbling
Oh dear Z! Hope she's ok...Give my kiss to her, will ya?? teddybear hug
Very funny blog Zeurich. sure hope your little one feels better soon burns hurt very much.

teddybear for her wave for you
Going to the hospital BC let you know all later she did not sleep a bit at all.
Dear BC I want to send you an email will you add me please?hug teddybear

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