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Beautiful Pictures of Ireland

A friend of mine sent this to me. It is beautiful and very nice!

As the piece starts, the pictures of Ireland are amazing, but wait until you get to the two spoken parts!

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I am having a little difficulty with the link. Not sure if others are seeing it. Not sure what I may be doing wrong.
Shay, copy the link and paste into your address bar. Click on it and it should play ok. I just tried it with the link on my blog and it worked fine.
I did do that but I will try again. Thanks thumbs up
I was able to get on the site but not seeing anything
I am using my phone so not sure if that maybe the problem. sigh
That could be. I am using a laptop.
Gentlejim I'm having probs. too.
Hi Jim. Haven´t seen it yet but will look it up.
I love Ireland and its people.
You would love this song too..


Try this link. It works. Absolutely beautiful!wave teddybear
Minerva, awesome video.thumbs up I loved it!yay Beautiful! Everyone should see it!

I couldn't open it (tablet/flash problems) but I've no doubt it is gorgeous.

I am lucky to be from such a beautiful country. Especially when the sun is shining as it is now heart wings
Shay, Golden, Molly,

Try this link:

Minerva sent it to me. I tried it and it works.yay yay yay
Nope, but I have probably seen most of the views in real life anyway, thanks handshake
Hi Jim, wave there are some lovely pictures in it, thanks for sharing. flower

I found a youtube link, maybe it helps for all of those who can't open the link. (not sure if it's completely the same content)

That view is lovely. And the prayer. Thank you!.....hug
Jim thanks so much for lovely pics and prayer, really enjoyed it Thanks for going to the trouble too. hug
I saw the pictures from my laptop!......crazy
Thank you KN, Angel and Golden. I love sharing things like this. I am glad that you enjoyed it.yay

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