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Thought for the Day

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I know sometimes it can seem weary but I believe we should continue to be who we truly are. Show your goodness and share your kindness to those who truly deserve and appreciate it. You might just be the one bright spark in someone's day!

Keep being you Beautiful ones! Show your beautiful souls to the world!teddybear hug wine

Have a wonderful day all!teddybear

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oh Bajan... I always try to be a beautiful one (body and soul and mind) but no body knows still till now.. doh
Hi Shay,

Very nice blog.hug We should try and make this a way of life so it comes naturally!yay
you never know who is watching and falling in love with your beautiful soul. They might just be a little shy or afraid of rejection. Believe me they are watching!hug hope you had a good day so far!wave
Hi Jim,
I totally agree there! How are you? Did you have a good weekend boating with your family?
Hi Shay,

Yes, I had a great time boating then going to another daughter's house to celebrate birthdays and BBQ. Great day and thank you for asking!handshake

How are doing now that you are home from the hospital?
why should be afraid? I will not bite them grin... just blocked them when they say it in the 1st email without knowing each other.. laugh sure it must be scammer....

means, they just need a little bit courage ya Bajan to say something to me..
rejected or accepted.. that is a risk I guess, I think I would be wise enough to make decision.... cool
I am recovering nicely,thanks. Next checkup is on Saturday as I am due back to the office on Monday so will see what doctor says. I am ready just feeling tired still too easily but hoping to return to work on Monday.hug
Take it slow so you don't have a relapse! Ok?
I am sure you won't bite laugh but some people are shy. I will wish you all the best and hopefully if they read this blog they know they can take a chance.hug
I will don't worry about that. Thanks.
I have a certain love who makes sure of that.

I love myself so much that I buy my own

ST Valentine's gift gift
that is great now you should share and buy one for someone else !laugh
I always try to be who I am, no need to try be someone else, because sooner or later they will see that and use it against me. I hope your Wednesday is a good one and you too keep on smiling.

yay teddybear hug
Hey Shay! Hope you are doing okay. To what you said,

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Hello Bajan.
I try to adopt this philosophy in life whenever I can. Some people do notice, while other don´t, but that´s their problem.dunno

Nice one Bung. I also buy my own birthday cards and put them all around my house.. - this is the law of abundance!wave
Minerva, there would always be people who don't understand a lot of thing. What we should keep in our mind and heart is

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Very true!thumbs up This is also my philosophy.hug angel
wow.. very nice words V...thumbs up thumbs up I like that I will keep in my mind..
Hi Wel,
I totally agree with you. Just be yourself! There is nobody else you should be! I am okay, trying to build my stamina by walking in the evening with my son but I tire easily so end up leaning on him on the return walk home.
I hope you had a great day today.teddybear hug
Hi V,
yes I do adhere to that also. Thank you for sharing! How are you?wave
Hi Min,
I am with you there. If they don't that is their problem.

I like your quote re law of abundance. Have you ever read Florence Scovel Shinn - The Game of life ( and how to play it). She discusses in detail the laws and power of thought.
Bajan. No I haven´t but I will look it up. I am sure it will be interesting. Thanks.wave teddybear
Shay, I am good. Thanks. Recovery takes some time. Don't stress yourself to the limits. Walk short distances and keep adding a little extra every day. You will be fine pretty soon. bouquet
let me know what you think when you read it. Enjoy the rest of your day!hug
Hi V,
thanks that is what I am trying to do. Enjoy the rest of your day!hug
Hi Bajanshay, I can't say this for myself but I can assure you that I'm very very lucky to have not one but at least 10 friends who would go way out to give a helping hand not only to me but to others as well! I've experienced it firsthand. They were there for me whenever I needed help or support. I'm a lucky gal and I know it! wink hug teddybear
Hi Mimi,
you really are blessed. 10 WOW! I am sure they are lucky to have you as a friend also. hope you had a great day!
Bajan. I have just looked up that book and its contents.
I don´t really need to read it as it is more or less the same as many books that have been written on that subject.
(A little light on the spiritual laws by Diane Cooper...
Also the Secret etc..)

They are all great! Thanks for sharing.wave angel
I have heard about The Secret but not the other one. Will look at it sometime.
thanks and no problem.wave
Beautiful thought Bajanshay, spreading love and kindness to all, I like that. applause
To be yourself.. I cannot be any other, I have to be its the only person I am comfortable being and people have to take me just as I am or leave me alone,
Good blog my lovely smiley friend teddybear
Hi Bajanshay, wave in close relationships with good people our behavior will be mirrored.

I am lucky to have the family and friends I have and I do appreciate them and be there for them.

Hope you are feeling better yourself. bouquet
Nice one Bajan,, Hello every one oh KN seems you are home,,, see ya all have a good timebouquet
Hi Zeurich, wave back working in Ireland. Enjoy the summery week.
Hi Wallops,
Happy you liked it! hug hope you had a great day!
Hi KN,
you are definitely blessed and you are right in close relationships with good relationships.

I am much better thanks, getting stronger every day! Thanks for asking!hug
Hi Zeu,
glad you liked it. Hope your daughter is feeling better and heals quickly.
Bayanshay, nice to remind us of love conversing

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