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june 29th

Just a few more days... and i will hold my jenny in my arms again.
I'm so looking forward to it..

As soon as i came home from her country last february i booked this new trip to see her. Finally the day is coming close.
I'll be leaving in paris on june 28th.. hope it won't be to crowded.. please save me a parking space at the PG parking.

I will stay at her place for 2 weeks again, gonna prepare some things for our wedding that will happen early next year. I'm getting so nerveous.

Pfff this blog is written so bad but what the heck, i'll post it anyway. Just wanted to let you all know how our situation is at the moment and well it does just that.
Cheers all

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YEAY TEDDY! happy to hear that! Say hello to Jenny applause cheering smitten
oh i will, but i'm sure she will come have a peek here tomorrow or this weekend
Teddy, romantic and cool..! love cool hug kiss
Uuuummm..... Who is Jenny.....? Hehehe just. Kidding...!!! Teddy happy for you and I know how it feels. Been in Jenny shoes long ago and meeting Mr/mrs right in internet is more powerful, faster, full of romance and sacrifice. When the wedding bell comes, you feel like flying.... :)
Hi Teddy! wave I can feel your excitement even from here! grin

So happy for the both of you! hug hug
Have a great happy for you!!wine
Teddy my friend.
If is always good to hear news of this sort.
Of course I am wishing you and the beautiful Jenny every success.
I too will feel the warmth and love of a special lady in my arms just a day or two before you are with Jenny.
So I understand the excitement you are experiencing.
Have a great time. cheers
congratulation, peace both of you are the real deal !!!!! I believe you'll get a successful relationship... I am not a fortune teller, but my feeling says so... wine thumbs up
Honey, I like ur blog!
Happy to hear you two are going to meet again. Have a wonderful romantic time together. I wish you all the best Teddy and Jenny.
Just remember to take some pictures for us to see.
Bright blessings to you two from me.yay teddybear hug
Good to hear, lets just hope Israel or Palestine haven't been nuked before then as although you think you wouldn't care that would make it a very long flight avoiding that area professor wink beer
Hi everyone! Hi Nightfury!
Thanks you all for your wishes.
well! i think i need to confess with my Teddy here..that im learning by myself to cook some simple dishes for him. i do expect my Teddy's coming this time smitten of course im not only curious to see what expression on his face after trying my cooking haha, also we prepare some first steps for our wedding soon later. By the way, a relaxing weekend to you allteddybear

P/s Simmo! congratulate both of you. I can see ur happy face now my friend. I know ur lady she wont keep her true love passing!

Welela! A big hug for you hug

calais.. we do our best.

Twinkle... you've been in her shoes? i didn't realise you had such cute little feet as well laugh

Mimi, I'm very exited to see her again , but since its my 3rd time now i feel much more relaxed for the trip itself.. maybe a bit to relaxed, i should start organising the things i need to take with me.

loulou, being with her is always a great time. thanks

Simmo, Will this be the first time you will meet eachother in real? Don't be nerveous. oh... just one advice.. if you make it to the bedroom... don't and i mean DON'T put a post-it with her name on the board.

Cyn your opinion is much apreciated, i've gotten to know you as a smart lady so i value it much.


blushing heart wings bouquet lips kiss hug smitten

Welela, we'll take plenty pictures again, we need them later on when we apply for her permanent visa. but as usual we will post some of them here.

Zman, I could always take a non-direct flight over st petersburg i think it is.. would be much cheaper.. and those few hours extra are a small price to pay for such solution to the middle east problem
rolling on the floor laughing

jennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy again... hi baby, honey, sweetie, don't get upset by my comment please, cuz you know i only have the highest regards for you and I always tell you what wonderful qualities you have... but honey, keeping such plans a secret isn't one of your qualities.. The moment you first asked me how i like my meat.. i have asked you if you were planning to make special dish for me. but don't worry i will look surprised.
yes this will be the first meeting between us.
As for your advice about not putting a post it with her name on it on the headboard, Shame on you Teddy,
I'll be putting the post it on her forehead.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing doh
I'm in Huge trouble if she reads this now.
sigh doh
well for the right digits i'm always willing to remove your comment :-D
but jenny said, she was gonna meet me this weekend frustrated
well i don't arrive until sunday morning... but somehow i think you are living in a fantasy

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