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Who am I!

In today's society where there is social media, the press, magazines and periodicals that puts too much emphasis on everything; can you really answer the question of "Who am I?" If you take away the Porsche or Bentley (if you could even afford such luxuries), take away the house that you live in that you really have no business living in, but you are just to keep up appearances. Take away the extensions in your hair and the makeup that mask your inner self, what is left is the real deal.

Can you hold someone's interest in a good conversation, or say that you did something for someone that didn't have an ulterior motive? Well, if you can't answer yes to any of these questions, it's time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, Who am I?

Life can be so much simpler if we search ourselves and let the joy that is within us (and it has to be there), permeate and illuminate our space. Trust me, when you're comfortable in your own skin, you attract like minded people and not those who push you toward some facade of who they think you should be.

I used to have low self esteem as a teenager and I attracted the worst kind of people, those who preyed on the weak of mind and found myself in situations that I didn't want to be in, but was too afraid to say it. Low self esteem is the greatest killer of self worth; you place no value on yourself, and so you leave yourself open for others to determine your worth.

You see, once I grew up and came to a place of maturity where I could recognize and not be afraid to say, I'm beautiful even without make up on, I'm worthy of love and some one who will cherish me; someone who's presence in my life doesn't determine my worth but compliments my attributes. Then and only then did I truly come into the knowledge of who I am.

When you can look yourself in the eyes and say, I'm worth the time and effort for someone to get to know me, or I'm not an inconvenience. When you can really walk out of your house to get the mail and not feel the need to 'put your face on', or walk confidently into a room filled with people and know that just like anyone else there, you can stand tall, smile and be your funny, witty, smart, confident self and not run for the nearest corner of the room to hide; then you too can say, I know who I am!

Now a social butterfly, I'm proud of the person I've become, no longer intimidated by others who seem to have it all together lovely, or those who try to fit me into some prefabricated mold of who they think I should be. I'm not perfect, I'm simply me; the woman I've always been but couldn't see...beautiful in every way, whether that does or doesn't meet society's standard of being. Im an exquisite creation, a brilliant mind, a fun loving, God fearing, compassionate know what? That's good enough for me!

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yep,,,you got it right,,,,cant let them keep you down,,,physically or mentally,,,,,and you are not invisible,,,after all ,,i can see you,,,and so will a lot of others before this blog is done,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I like u r candid and genuine thoughts ! U have grown in confedence, and I applaud you! I remember years ago when a friend of mine put a bent crocked pine tree on his business Card. I asked him 'why?', and he said , ' that is my passed misfortune', 'I'm crippled for life.'. I said.' U can't think like that , your better than your passed'. I can see by your words, that you have grown passed your weaknesses. You have matured and become a strong strait tree ! !

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