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Just for fun

<my apologies, I can't get this to post here as a video, so I can just show you the link.>

Me doing some 'knee tuck jumps' (elbows to knees version).

Most of the women I have dated are fit enough to do this exercise. laugh

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omggggggggggg knees shoulders head and toes, knees shoulders head and toes, I love that exercise applause I CAN DO IT applause

It also brings all of the abdomen and a lot of the rib muscles (positioning the arms) into play. Kind of a vertical crunch exercise, but without many of the problems of a horizontal crunch. applause
Now, I know why we are not dating!!! uh oh
Well Mimi, for the infirm there is a one legged version of this exercise, where one does it one leg at a time. Of course with the one legged march many more repetitions are needed to burn the same amount of calories, but what is important is the rusting machinery has begun to move. Sort of marching in place. For the somewhat less infirm but still not fit yet, there is a jump in which you touch your hands to your thighs. Much easier for shoulder joints not used to movement. Hopefully eventually with enough exercise you will someday be able to do a full knee tuck to the elbows. There are of course more intense (harder movements) versions than that shown here but those are kind of reserved for those thinking of showing full six pack abs. :)
Errrr.....Ken, I think I just better stick to my yummy cupcakes??? cake cake cake grin

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