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My mother has narcissistic personality disorder, and I am sick of the small community I live in turning their backs to the obvious elephant in the room. very mad They've seen how she can be, yet they do nothing. They call her Sister in church because she acts so nice with little children, yet I know people who saw how horrible she was to her coworkers when she worked at the hospital/senior citizens center as a CNA. I have no idea if she was mean to the tenants or not, but it shames me to see her act the way she does outside our home.
I already know how my mother is, why can't others see it? The very few who have seen her real side end up running for the hills. I wish I could just do that. Yet... she is the payee of my disability benefits. How can I run when she's basically in charge of my money? How can I run when the woman who left me outside on a deck for three hours while going 52 miles away to get groceries... raised me? I can't find any support groups anywhere near here for emotionally abused black sheep children of narcissistic mothers and enabling fathers...
Luckily, I have a biological family in Utah who accept me for who I am and understand my situation. But they still think my parents are nice people who just don't know how to deal with me. Argh, it's so frustrating! frustrated
I was always, always, always taught in church that family is the most important thing, but what about family that constantly treats you like crap and convinced you that you are? What about family who don't give a rat's a** about how you feel and use your secrets as weapons against you?
Ugh, I'm sorry. I just had to rant somewhere because nobody here listens.

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Hello Clonetrouper, just read your story and find it sad.
Do you not have a friend in your church?
I know about the LDS church, know what they stand for.
I am a Protestant Christian myself.........

You are 21 so how come your mother controls your money stil?
It is okay if you don't want to answer my questions as I am not a nosy person.

What is your disability?
Family is supposed to be the most important in your life but I know blood is not alsways thicker than water.
Concentrate on the work your doing it sounds very nice.
Take care okay don't let bitterness take over as it is you who pays the price.

Hey Trooper, If you want to be happy, then be. Its only you who can bring the changes in your life. It depends on how much freedom you have to live your life your own way. I dont know what type of disability you have and whether you can support yourself by yourself. Nobody has a right to spoil someone's life or make it horrible. I pray you find a nice gentleman here with whom you can get married and move on with your happy life.bouquet
I apologize, I promise I'm not trying to throw a pity party here, just needed to rant. And BritishColombian, I don't exactly have friends in church. They all only know me for being "Sister Friendly's" daughter.
My mother is in control of my disability benefits because she says it's required for a mother to be my payee. I have high-functioning Asperger's Syndrome (well, the laws in Idaho required the diagnosis to be changed to Autism Spectrum Disorder because I don't have every single symptom of Asperger's.) and an anxiety disorder.
some mothers are like that because to them its their whole world to have control and as you know , your thoughts are not your own and what she thinks is law may have nothing wrong with you , but what is created by her control and how you reject her rule ...try to get a second opinion from a doctor who doesn't know your mother ....wave wave
It is not required after age 21. Speak with a local attorney. An alternate trustee can be appointed. Of course if you live with your mother and you cut off the money flow she may require you to move elsewhere and hopefully there is enough money to do that.?.
he ,,or she,,,who is all wrapped up with themselves,,,becomes a very small package,,,,,,,,
there are some here on this site with narcissistic disorder too
You are no more a minor...just fight it out...
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