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High fat lunch

We are supposed to keep the fat content low. But the reality is foods high in fat taste good. laugh

So sometimes I follow the rules, but sometimes I break the rules in a moment of greedy gluttony and pleasure.

Here then is today's breach. Fried chicken (with the skin on) thighs, steamed fingerling potatoes soaked with melted butter and topped with melted Velveeta Cheese. Mmmm good (but probably not good for the arteries). laugh

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Washed down with lemonade.

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Kenn, Google this as they are now going back to eating more fat
in your diet....Sort of like the Atkins diet.

Goodie as I LOVE fat much more than sweets

So once again I find myself of the leading edge of new trends. laugh
'Knee Tuck Jumps' after this?!?!!? wink
Never mind your arteries, your cooker needs serious surgery with some soap and a scourer! laugh
Hmnn Ken you make me hungry. But vegetables would be heavenly
Good morning from Indonesia Ken,

Your meal looks very delicious..Enjoy it...
cheering banana applause

As for me, I am sticking to my almost vegetarian meal....hug cheers cheering cheering
Yeah, unfortunately the stove top does need disassembly for a good cleaning. Been too busy, put it on the a roundtuit list. But the frying pan is clean. :)

Yup. Ate lunch followed by a one hour nap, followed by 3 hours of mowing with a walk behind mower, followed by 20 knee tucks, followed by watching True Blood and munching on some beef jerky.
BTW, I did consider adding some greens, but that's a lot of potatoes.
I had lambshanks cooked in red wine on a bed of rice for my b/day on saturday together with snails covered in garlic and butter for starters. Topping it off with ice cream. Phew.... what alot!! but it sure was goodblushing
no would not go for this meal unless desesperate
STILL you are tryingyay
YES snails are lovely to eat, French speciality, at xmas they do nicely

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