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What a Surprise !!

It was last 2 weeks when I saw him visit my profile in CS. His location is not far from my country. Then 2 days later I got his short message in my inbox asking "how many languages do you speak?" I answered short too " six...". Nothing happen after ward.
Three days ago, I got his message again, "it's my coordinate xxxx. Care to meet?". I was wondering as it was a local coordinate. By curiousity, I replied with my coordinate and said 'yes' thinking it would be just a joke.
Today, I got sms from that coordinate invite me for diner tomorrow evening in one of fancy resto in my town! I'm shock!!! Never expect it is real !!! And tomorrow eve, I already have diner invitation to attend....

Wish he had a pic in his profile, I might prefer to have diner with him tomorrow...

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That sounds more CIA that CS uh oh laugh huge risks involved with meeting someone you don't have any real information on professor
Hahahha.... TRUE!!
But at least he is in my territory. He might be lion but still lion will never win in the battle if it happens in the pool :)
Just be cautious mbak.. siapin semprotan lada atau apa gitu.. hehehe.. goodluck! Wish you have a great time tomorrow.. wave
hei.. good morning...

kok lu ga cerita ke gw? capa neeeeehhh?
Ck ck ck girls....
I will not meet him tomorrow. My prior event is more important.
I'd rather hurt him for declining his invitation than hurt my daughter by not attending her school gala diner.

Hhhmm.... Should I refer him to one of you? Hihihi....
Ahahahah.. no thanks.. I have my man already.. loool.. how old is your daughter?
very interesting! No photo but coming to have a dinner? May be your next door neighbor?laugh laugh let us know what happened so interested to know. As always I am curiousgrin I say good luck! But be sure you don't have to pay the restaurant Bil.
Hi Twinkle, wave I would be cautious with just meeting someone you never saw a photo off or know nothing about.

If you meet him some other day, be careful and maybe meet him during the day. Best of luck. bouquet
What a confused wish you need us to approve of!.....silly state of affairs!
it was me twinkle grin
Request he post a photo on his page, even for a brief time.
If he does not, I recommend not going to meet him.
If you choose to still meet him, bring a friend and have your friend take a cellphone photo of him. You friend may leave if you feel comfortable...
Hi ,
Keep safe, too many loonies out there.. take a friend along and stay out with the public, no private rooms etc. hope you are well and safe..

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