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Losing hope...

Finally I had met an incredible guy, but he disappeared just as quickly... I'm talking "off the grid". Getting a guy has never been difficult for me... But my shyness makes it hard to show them what I'm really like, instead of them just going for looks, I see CS as an opportunity to have someone really get to know me first... After meeting a few really amazing people... I still haven't had one stick out again... Any success stories to give my tunnel a new found light?

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@ HanLove - wave .. Its not easy on-line. When you talk with someone face to face you can both see each other's expressions. When you talk on-line a lot of people misinterpret your writing because you try to keep it simple without over-explaining your meanings but if the other person reads your text and takes it the wrong way then sadly they often just ignore you instead of asking for further explanation or expand on what you said.... blues moping conversing

... grin hug wine
i have experience such also.
Yeah, my wife and I are a success story of CS. We met here about 18 months ago. We married in March this year.

Amazing comes in many different packages, and not always in the package we think that it should.

This is the case with my wife. She is the perfect woman for me, not perfect as in flawless, but perfect as in well suited.

But when we first met, she didn't think we had any chance of success.

Well, 18 months on, and here we are happily married now for 3 of them.

Don't always judge a book by its cover, just as you don't want to be judged by your cover.

And don't give up hope, but be prepared to be a risk taker (using wisdom though).

Thank you very much Hans :) very useful!
Don't loose hope girl. Hans said is right it is never easy. Now days finding a job is much easier than finding for right partner.comfort comfort also first talk first letter don't take as you found the person. Take it easy keep it simple. hug
wave wave hans hi ya did not you miss me
@ HanLove - Don't lose hope, if you do we will all have to organise a search party to find her again Girl and it would cause too much dispair. successfull on-line dating is is a slow process, keep hope safe.... conversing

... grin hug wine
@ Zeurich - I wasn't aware that you left, Girl... dunno confused

.... grin hug wine
That is such a beautiful success story... Thank you soo much everyone for the kind words... Patience is key!
I think we have one success story account here. Problem is most people if they have found someone, why would they stay here on a site for people who haven't found someone? Answer is they don't. They both just quietly turn the no longer needed computer off.
if only u lived near to me....i d make all ur shyness dissapearwink grin
then we all watch leos girl friend chasing leo with a cricket bat right??or notgrin grin yay
oh really you did not hans.... laugh laugh

Hanslove my dear you are still 19 why you are worry about a partner jump out explore your self have fun teen age never comes. Be patient try to grab some education. you will get the one you meant to be may be from your college may be at part time work may be next door so please enjoy your self think about a partner later... I wish I am 19 now to have fun and relax life laugh laugh
Never EVER give up hope; the right one for all of us is out there somewhere. I thought I had found my Miss Right, everything between us seemed perfect then, all of a sudden, it was all over. She felt that everything was TOO perfect and, even after just 3 weeks, found herself depending on me too mich which is not what she expected or wanted. As a result, she pulled the plug and left me devastated.

Unlike me, you are young and attractive and have your whole life ahead of you. Give it time, Han, and you WILL be happy. As for me... I will NEVER give up hope - where there is life, there IS hope

Good luck xx
I was in an emotional bad spot after my 13 year relationship ended. What I discovered is respecting and loving myself made it much easier to express myself.

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