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sad but all is not lost.

I was denied US visa yesterday, its sad but am happy it didn't affect my grades thank God for my results still a distinction student. Citizens of western europe, Australia, Canada, US are so lucky because you can just pick your passport and travel to anywhere you want. Wish I was born in one of those countries.

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Hi bamskii wave

Is there's any consolation to you, Malaysians require visa to get into The States as well and according to some family and friends, it's no easy feat to get one.

Potential visitors would be interrogated as though as they are gonna go there to commit a crime instead of holidaying! doh grin hug
What you think is not true,,, it is depend on country tourism visa law. Also you can always appeal,,, if you have student visa then you simply finish your studies and get in to a job then for you it is easy,,bouquet
@ Mimi I know its also difficult for people from Asia. @Zuerich she is right.
@bam so you think it is easy for me ? I have a dutch passport do you know I was rejected from Japanlaugh laugh laugh laugh that is why I said what you think is not true.
Really japan wow. What were you going to do in japan. Japan could reject someone from europe. Well am not surprised Nigeria embassy also do denial people from other countries
Zeurich1 You are always welcomed to Malaysia, Truly Asia! hug comfort
its an interesting blog,before some yrs back i applied but still the tough rules for work permit and visa are very hard to gets,its like u can get God but not U.S visaprofessor
Concepts of God and various forms of the Bible are among our most profitable exports.

Once upon a time, before WW2 we welcomed folks who just wanted a better life. We got more than enough of those. Today most of our welcomes are reserved for those who either bring (lots of) their own money, or someone with clout pulls for them. Sad, but also true.
@bam IN japan do my PhD. It was silly me did not get the stamp here in Japanese embassy so I cannot blame them completely either but I wish they had some exception. But yes it is hard to get in to another country now days. By the Nigeria you talking about for that you need to have a PhD in scamming then you can get resident permit with VIP facilities with a computer lab and a job too try there.
K-9 yes that true but sad yeah nothing we can dodunno
I am having difficulty trying to get my US visa, just to go for the holidays...It takes so long to process not mentioning the interviews and questions asked.....confused confused
Do not give up trying for a visa...perhaps consult an expert to increase your chances at getting one...lots of rules and regulations...easier if you had someone who knows how to play the system...good luck!!wine
I think it can be hard to get into many countries. Being Australian doesn't make it easy to live anywhere. I can travel to many countries, but i can't migrate to many countries.

It is the same for people all over the world.

Oh, the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence but it is not necessarily so.


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