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Beds the substitute for the Womb?

Why is it we seem to crave for the warmth of our beds when feeling tired or run it a substitute for our mothers womb?

We all feel safe and secure in the warmth of our beds snuggled up, hibernating until the tiredness has passed. Most of us have our bedrooms looking just right building the walls of the womb around the bed to give us the feeling of serenity and peace.

So is the bed a substitute womb? conversing

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laugh oh bed is my best friend,, I love it so much.grin
I'm not sure about the others but it's for me definitely!! I can practically do anything or everything on my bed!!! I mean EVERYTHING !!! wink grin wave
It is for why do we not sleep standing up..we sleep in chairs on couches..but all strive to be in the comfort of our own beds....our own purpose built sanctuary...(Mothers Womb?)handshake
Yup, I would think so, sub-consciously?
My bed is my place where i can relax and get some sleep after a long sometimes hard day... I love my bed, but I do not see it as a substitute to a mothers womb. Enjoy the rest of your day.yay teddybear hug
Substitute for the womb, but that's what I thought my straight white jacket was for confused

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Hope you have a Gooder buddies
Sub-consciously.... but consciously we purposely make our beds..soft..enticing...colourful..practical its our sanctuaryconversing
Butters the white jackets are for waiters who fail to serve proper refreshment drinking hug wine wine

Beds....we have these for our comfort and joy....

Why not use a hammock or a park can sleep there..why do we run to our beds ????
Sted, a park bench and a hammock are pretty hard to have sex on doh so god created bed applause

rolling on the floor laughing
Butters..... rolling on the floor laughing hammock and park bench depends on the position....blushing

I mean by the river banks, grass...backseat cars...traditional spots...but for SLEEPING we run to our beds...drinking drinking drinking cheering dancing

How many times you been to a location...but it is not your bed your sleeping never have a good nights sleep unless totally wasted...drinking drinking drinking yay
Sted rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing im in many locations all the time confused I always wake up somewhere else and thinking different positions, well that's what my kids say dunno and I don't sleep well when im wasted, must have a high tolerance to something drinking

doh cheers
Being Ex Service have spent time sleeping in many locations too...even when wasted..drinking wine drinking beer ,

But overall you are at your happiest when in that sanctuary you call your OWN bed ?
I never had sex in my mother s womb. So i dont see my bed as you may. I see my bed as a haven for passion and making love . A place to relax and sleep beside my lovely man. As we cuddle i am as far away from a womb as i can possibly be.
I do not see my bed as a gratification tool but more as a sanctuary..where one can be oneself encompassed by the warmth, feeling secure and safe...that is my logic behind the question of Beds a substitute for the Womb...the place where we were secure and safe. handshake
I tried to comment earlier but was cut off,,,,so I kinda feel worried now. I try to avoid my bedroom and especially my bed as much as I can, and I don't know why,,,,I will only go to bed if I feel I can't keep my eyes open anymore,,,,,,every night I sit in the lounge till I feel I can't anymore, sometimes its 2 or 3am, and only then do I go to bed. Is there something wrong with me?
Stedan nothing wrong with you sometimes we avoid a space because of something that may be playing on ones mind..but overall you should get back into the routine you once meantime make the best of whats happening now...if in doubt do without.. peace
Staden, I haven't been in a routine in 12 years, this actually started me thinking now, since my husband passed on I have just avoided the bedroom, I would sit anywhere in the house or outside with my book, I would read till all hours of the morning. I have put the books and ereader down for a spell and spend all my free time here on CS. I think my life is pathetic but I don't think I want to change it.
Val no life is pathetic sometimes we just get in a rut..but it just seems to extend rather than disappear, many spend time in here to read the blogs or to write something they feel needs saying..but overall it depends on the person to make the necessary changes for themselves..others cannot do it for you no matter how good their intentions.comfort
Thanx Staden, for listening and taking the time to answer!
If online will always answer every comment or is only I thank you also handshake
Bed is where you are taught as a child to sleep. So thinking it as your mothers womb is a bit much. For me Bed is a lonely place it is where I lay my head and wish to have an arm around me. Yes it is a lonely place I prefer the couch where I can be against the back for warmth. Yes a bed is a lonely place. Can't compare to a womb. sad flower

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