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So, ok I admitted that I'm smoker, even on my profile stated that I smoke. So what?! Some of these online people I've chatted been telling me that I have to stop and it's bad for my health yada yada...
make it a big deal as if I'm stealing or robbing a store for smokes.

I know it's bad habit, but...

First, if I want to stop smoking , its because I want to. Not because of you telling me what you think I should do with bad habit of mine.
It's not Class A-1 felony ffs, so chill!

Second, ur reason of quitting smoking got nothing to do with me, so why trying shoving down my throat to why I should quit,... for u? Unless I come to you for support and help, then that would be different story.
But, well done for u that u've managed to stop ur bad habit of smoking.

Third, mind you, it's my own money that I WORK FOR that I'm burning, not yours!

Fourth, if you don't date or friend with people that smoke, well there's still plenty of people out there that doesn't smoke. So, move on rather than nag at people that smokes.

And if you don't like smokers, then don't hang out in area which clearly says " SMOKING ROOM, SMOKING AREA" and then you nag about the smell of smokes on you, or start coughing like u choke on a hairball and giving the shitty look while sitting around smokers.

frustrated frustrated

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Smoke and beer applause Smoke and coffee applause smoke and sex yay

Everyone has an opinion, first most say, omgggg its gonna kill you, well could a yellow bus if I don't look where im crossing, 2ndly, omgggggg 2nd hand smoke confused but yet you take seconds when you do my ex rolling on the floor laughing 3rdly, I basically say, you don't like that I smoke, I could change that, but you cant change you ugly, mind your own business, please and thank-you, then I light up another one drinking smoking

Lmao butter that made my day. Love it, love it, love it!!!! cheers applause applause
I quit the smokes a few years ago but have no problem at all with others smoking,,none of my business,,i remember being in a bar on holiday enjoying a few polite ciders,i sparked up a cigarette and within a nano second a lady a table or two away started coughing like she,d swallowed a wasp or suchlike,,id not even inhaled any of the said smoke myself,,and she was definetely coughing because of my cigarette,,,i have family and friends who smoke,,theyre choice entirely and none of my business,also my choice to be around them or not whilst they participate...uh oh crying roll eyes cheers
Smoking.... I smoke not drink daily...drinking but smokers being ostracised left right and centre...public facilities ban smokers prevent you from doing your legally rightful practice of doing your own thing..yet abusers of drugs, sniffing obscene substances is ok in the presence of the righteous ones who deplore the smokers ???? confused

I would prefer to spend my time in the presence of smokers or tolerant non smokers...but the rest of the population can swivvle on the middle finger rolling on the floor laughing
Stedan laugh swivel on the middle finger laugh havent heard that one for sometime,,a quality gesture my friend,,also "spin" on the middle finger was a firm favourite...cheers crying conversing roll eyes
I am a smoker and I support you wolfie!thumbs up bouquet
Twazzle ..... rolling on the floor laughing

It is amazing what memory recalls when excited...rolling on the floor laughing cheers
Woftt..... I am just quit smoking and that bcos I want to... susah seh, sesekali masih ...
Confucio said

Those who kiss a smoker is like kissing a horsedunno
@ twazzle : see, there's should be more people like u, butter and sted with "mind your own" attitude thing. then people prob be get along great.

@ sted : I agree with ur statement...especially the last paragraph rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

@ joey: arwhoooooooooo

@ smart: susah memang mo berhenti. tapi kesel juga kalo di omelin sama org2 yg posisi nya di balik puter screen. yg nggak ngaruh banget ama mereka, terus tinggalnya yg miles away gitu dunno
iya.. saya heran, sok melarang merokok. mana ada cerita orang mati merokok kecuali narkoba. kalo mati karena nge-bir... banyak.. bir oplos pake obat nyamuk rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Is true, I once kissed a horselaugh
@ bunga: ok im a bit lost connection between smoker and kissing horse, but erm.., confucio need to kiss a horse first before made such comment why? laugh
@ smart: kalo dibandingin org mati karna rokok ama kecelakaan paling kayak 1:5 laugh

@ bunga: lol bunga a kissed to remember eh? laugh
Well the connection is simple

The horse mouth taste terrible, so is the mouth
of a smokerfoot in mouth
I have no comment about smokers it is simply not allowed here in Public. They have special cabins. That calls cigar clubs. grin

Smart what insect repellent has to do with smoking?dunno

Enjoy your smoke guys I am hungry I am going to eat spaghetti,, teddybear
I quit smoking a long long time ago but I have no problems with smokers.
I have many.friends who are smokers.
But if they dovisit me at home, they are not allowed to smoke in my house....
They on the terrace........hug teddybear heart wings
I wanted to quit, but then I thought to myself,,,,why should I? My kids have their own lives, and I'm all alone, I don't drink,,,,but I love my ciggy and I don't care what the next one says,,,if I die I die and if I live its ok,,,yay yay
I say smoke away.
Guess you don't think of what your smoking does to others. Or don't you read. Second hand smoke causes cancer and kills others. And I don't have to go to a smoking area to breath it. Your walking past me outside can give me your second hand smoke.
So don't say your smoking does not affect others.
I personally don't care if you smoke, I just don't want you giving cancer to others because you smoke.
I personally don't smoke in public, and not when I have people around who does not smoke,,,,people get cancer whether they around smokers or not.banana
I do too. Ibid.
hiya fallen, aren't they annoying? I hate that kind of people always preaching about how bad smoking is, but reality is their has been not a single objective study to really proof the harm smoking and surely not what 2nd hand smoke does to someones health. Like all things in life, to much will harm you, but drinking toooooo much water can also kill a person. Doesn't mean it hurts if you don't overdo it.. so keep smoking and ignore those ignorant brainwashed idiots.
Wow Teddy, I love yourolling on the floor laughing yay yay
Teddy just because people do not agree with smoking it is no reason to say they are ignorant brainwashed idiots.
@ Zeu: Hi Ze wave

@ Tits: When I visit friends house. If i see the owner arent smoker, I dont smoke either (even when im getting a cold turkey haha) to respect the owner. But, it normally just be a short visit for me haha.

@ Val : I hear ya, thats how i feel. I mean my social life pretty much inactive other than at work. Got back from work there only be me and laptop, cigs and coffee. This 3 are like essential thing for me laugh

@ John: hi wave puff puff

@ You: have u heard that the chance of getting hit by car are higher than catch a cancer as so call second hand smoker ?

@ Val: true that. next things they gonna blame smoker too for skin cancer, cause the smoke touching them? laugh

@ Ken: Hi wave

@ Ted: You said it, and cant top that up laugh thumbs up
Embedded image from another site
Maybe people should focus more on drunken sods getting in their cars and killing innocent people instead of someone sitting at home enjoying a smoke while watching a movie.
@ Kare: Hi wave So, they should.
youmeyes, i don't consider all people who are against smoking such ways.. only the ones that just repeat the crappy reasons that gouverments and anti-tobaccolobby spread. Cuz like i said, their is still not a single objective study that proofs any of these so called harming effects. Furthermore, their have been some studies indicating benificial effects of smoking on alzheimer and other brain related illness. But ofcourse those facts never reach media because it doesn't suit the leaders their coverup.
A friend once said "I can appreciate a good o*al fixation"...
Thus, I like a girl who will smoke the "presidential cigar", but she should look better than Monica.
rolling on the floor laughing
Yes my Wolfie , you are Smoking...... but it has nothing to do with tobacco ....... very mad
I liked what you wrote.
I have only one bad habit now its smoking.
In past, I was heavy drinker. I used to drink everyday. I had many friends, were drinker too. Some people used to tell me" you must stop drinking it will harm your health in your old age" and some wanted I shouldn't stop and some dont.

I thought myself, I must stop it now and I stopped by that day. Now I feel happy and satisfied. My friends meet me they never believe that this guy can leave drinking. I stopped it because i it was my wish. I heard of my heart.

Now I have this bad habit of smoking. Yes its true non-smoker dont like passive smoke because they read and heard that passive smoking is more dangerous.

Some people always like to give advice because it doesn't cost them. we know smoking is injurious to health even a small kid knows. if we are addicted we cant stop it by hearing people advice. We like thus we do and when right time comes we will stop
No one can force you to quit smoking, but if the people you talked about are living far away from you, why did it bother you? Here, the common place where you can smoke are outside: there is only a few of privilege area called "smoking area" for smokers available. Almost none.

I think it's our responsibility to take care of our environment including the health of other people surround us, so I didn't see it wrong if people you talked to tried to give you some advice. I tried to understand that the urge of smoking, once you're addicted, is very hard to resist, but that could not be excuse why smokers have to be understood when they're smoking around. Instead you were expecting non-smokers to show their tolerances towards you smokers, it was you who needs to tolerate others' health around you before you smoke around them.

"Some people always like to give advice because it doesn't cost them. we know smoking is injurious to health even a small kid knows. if we are addicted we cant stop it by hearing people advice. We like thus we do and when right time comes we will stop"

An example of a comment from an ignorant person. Will you have the gut to pose such similar comment to pregnant women, couple who wait to have kid for a long time, people who suffers from lung cancer or emphysema? A small kid would not know the impact of smoking unless you tell them the truth, instead of luring them to smoke.

The smell of your breath, your clothes, your hair, even every part of you from meters away after you smoked could not lie and was not made up by us non-smokers, so stop whining on non-smokers. If my purse or my shirt getting the terrible smell from your smoke, would you be ready to take the responsibility to pay the bill of my shirt's laundry afterwards? If not, then think to smoke wisely.

Smoking or other addictive habits that have possibility to harm your or others' health should have been viewed carefully, not carelessly.

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