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How to tell a guy loves you?

I think of this topic, just wonder which kind of opinions people can come up with. I wish to have lots of people discuss here, thank you in advance!

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Only jumping is also welcome!If you can come up with some idea, it will be better!
when he blackens ur eye???? dunno
Blacken the lady's eyes? What do you mean blacken?
Hi Jenny wave I might sound very shallow here.....if he's willing to travel more than 9000 miles to see you?
I originally would think to travel internationally to meet a lady means something, obviously, I was wrong. As nowadays, it is not a big deal to travel, especially with the discount plane tickets, I would not say, it is a piece of cake, but seriously, no need think an international trip means something that heavy. That is only a start.
You got a valid point there but I'm that type that are easily pleased grin giggle giggle giggle

Maybe I should change my mindset and be more demanding, no? very mad
A turtle walking just one mile mean more than a gazelle one hundred :)
Some guys might use company trip to meet ladies. In such a case, it does not cost them anything.I think to meet is the first step, you need know the guy in real life. And better to be with the guy enough time of life, so that you know the real person.

I think personality is the key factor, whether you two really like each other's personality, and whether you have similar life goal, if not, how much each of you can tolerant the other.
Some guys might use company trip to meet ladies. In such a case, it does not cost them anything.I think to meet is the first step, you need know the guy in real life. And better to be with the guy enough time of life, so that you know the real person.

I think personality is the key factor, whether you two really like each other's personality, and whether you have similar life goal, if not, how much each of you can tolerant the other.
However, in my present case now, it would be a sacrifice from his part coz he's working for no one but himself and money is scarce for him now. He needs to set aside the money in order to come and see me and that also would not happen overnight, maybe it would only materialized end of this year or early next year.

I appreciate the fact that he's working really hard to be able to come for a visit and that alone makes me wanna hold him tight and never let him go.... grin
The last to ignore you...after liking you....the first....studying the flash in your eyes and pretend be ignorant!
Could you follow? or you are a fool not to?
He uses money he can't afford to spend to buy you a new dress for your sister's wedding?
if he really loves you......he would go without sex till after the wedding ...that would be easy for me , I haven't done it for 21 years wave
You can tell by the way he looks at you like you are the most beautiful women he as ever layed eyes on and the way he holds you like you are the rariest and most valuable gift life can give and the way he kissies you as the world around the two of you falls apart you don`t even notice!tip hat bouquet
He takes care of you when you're sick. head banger
Instructions for "how to tell."

Step 1:....Quit bragging about your lame education.....nobody cares.
Step 2:....Post pictures that weren't Photoshopped in China several years ago.
Step 3:....Don't admit that you currently live in Sandland.
Step 4:....Come to terms with the fact your expectations are totally unrealistic.
Step 5:....Don't ever mention income again, yours or what you expect his to be.

Every blog you submit lessens your chances, as it is pure evidence of your true intentions.
Well, you see, there are people who like me,so please do not worry about me. I am still using the photos locally in emirates,which means they can see me in real life,luckily my face doesn't change. I will try to do more nice photos though. I tell you, I look more or less the same as my several years ago. This is from my ex boyfriend when we met several months ago by chance.

I can see you are calculate. You are not my type,so that I don't answer more of your email.I don't want to waste each other's time. We think too differently.

Not to mention, here it is a general topic for all the ladies.I don't mean myself specifically.And it is only a discussion.

Some people already appreciate my capability to sort out finance,and I don't think it is a bad feature of a person. And it is from guys locally.
Is not that possible to ask him "Do you love me?" instead of saying "I love you" Just sayingconfused
He sounds very bitter Peony . He only hates you because you are so beautiful and capable.
And because you dont want his type. Sad to see .
You Go girl .
are you sure there is a guy from here, a dating site who really have willing to fly away a thousand miles to see the gal that he (maybe) loves ?
maybe some... as I see like Teddy and Jenny, but other? distance for them is a big barrier and still should consider abt expense at the first place, unless mutual understanding between you two...
Smart Hmm.....hmmm Without a shadow of a doubt, I know mine would! snooty

I have that much faith in him and his words... smitten
Seriously I did have met guys on line, who took international flight to see me. But once I met them,all of them like my looking, of course before hand they saw me from video chat. But since the time you met, again, you have to face the same problem as the guys you meet in real life. I mean, those guys who fly all the way to meet me, didn't work out.

I think we can't really love each other only by keyboard.

I mean, that is my personal opinion. I like to write out the life idea, and some experiences. In general, I am getting more and more careful about on line things. I think we need finally get back to real life, and once in real life, personality matters,whether you both like each other looking, also physically match, and whether your way of thinking can cope with each other.

I am here only to share the idea. I do think these idea are from my lessons and experiences. I wish people can benefit from it.
I agree long distance relationship is not easy. WEll, for me,i think people you like on line need finally meet in real life, and you two need try to spend some time in real life, and once you both sides want to be together, and decide to have relationship, then one side need move to the other's place to lead a local normal life.

And I am able to do that if I really meet a guy we both love each other, and have spent some time together in real life, and still want each other in our life. Then I am able to do it.
Mimi, congratulations! The way your guy is making that big effort for you, is very promising,very nice.

I wish all the ladies find who you want!
Hi Nicefeet, thank you for your kind words.

I have said before, I respect him, so that I will like to leave each other grace to be able to nod to each other,greet each other.

I am like this.If I am not interested, I prefer not to start,not to waste each other's time. I mean I understand guys might do the same way to me.
Well Jenny, I agree largely with what you've mentioned above. It's hard to know the real nature of a person ( for both he and I )just through the cyber world. That is why it's imperative that we meet face to face ASAP.

Both of us are dying to do just that but there are other commitments to be sorted out before it's even feasible. Mine with my kids' well-being and his with his work. We actually need to wait for another fours years before I could join him anywhere. I have to make sure my 2 kids completed their high-school and he needs to make sure his work and projects come to fruition before he brings me over to be with him.

I guess I just need to be a bit more patient and I've never been known as a patient person. This gonna be a real test, the ultimate test for me! wine grin
Mimi, I agree with you,too. As I know how difficult if people only rush to another strange place for love, then often they found they could not earn a living, and life is not only rosy colored.
Ok. Here's my offer jenny..I am in Dubai next me for a coffee..nothing's Ramadan so no alcohol..I'll see you face to face..see you in real life talk to you and I can then tell all the guys what you are really's that sound ?..let's dispell these assumptions about you. Deal ?
You might even fall in love with me ....rolling on the floor laughing
wow.... good offer from good guy Jenny... just coffee.... what is the difficult of it?confused

and you tell us what Ian is really like....
So does Peony have to Go to Dubai , or will you Go to Abu Dhabi ? Or maybe you can get a limo for her to come to Dubai.
no, they walk on their wounded feet and meet in the middle of nowhere in cameltoeland...

why r u not watching Fussball???
In love, actions speak louder than words. You will know if he loves you.
Ian just to check with you, in the Middle East, is it only during the Ramadhan that you won't be able to get any liquor? How about any other day? I thought liquor is prohibited, Ramadhan or no Ramadhan. confused
A man that loves you loves your daughter as well.

He will not bring up your past or inquire about it.

He will wake up every morning and let you know he loves you. If he is a Christian he will thank the God Almighty that HE has given the THREE of you one more glorious and blessed day.

He will be mindful of your well being and open doors for the two of you. He will attend to you when you or your daughter are sick.

He will make the two of you, you and your daughter, want to do things for him also because you love each other dearly.

And that's just the start!
Alchohol is allowed in Dubai,Bahrain,Abu dahbi and in hotels in Qatar....but in bars during Ramadan no booze or live music allowed....I'll travel to Abu's an hour in a car...least I can do for the girl..
love is a wonderful thing - u really must wonder, if love stops already on behalf of smoking or not, e.g...or higher and lower education or none.
Ian Now the ball is in her court and we are all now waiting with bated breath if our lovely Jenny gonna take up your offer! giggle giggle giggle grin

Stay tuned... popcorn drinking
I think she will reject the shit!laugh

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