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A Gross Breach In Confidence.

For the last few weeks I have been swamped by investment brokers all claiming to have heard that a birdie whistled in their ears that I may be coming into some money soon; all wanting to advise me where to invest the money.very mad

So far not one was prepared to tell me who the little birdie was.frustrated

Not too many people know about the pending money awaiting transfer of the property. Possible culprits are:

My two daughters, father, sister, nephew and two nieces.
No chance.

My bank or My Attorney.
Most unlikely.

The Buyer Of My House or His Attorney.
A possibility, but unlikely.

The Estate Agent or The Deeds Office.
Maybe somebody there makes a bit on the sideline.

Some of my cousins and their children.
Ah, I will bet some money here. Especially those on my mother’s side who objected to the selling of ‘our family heritage’. As if they had a claim on the house.

What surprised me most was the number of inquiries. There must have been at least 10 of them; very much as if there were more than one leak. I saw the first 3 trying to find the source of their information. The rest I rejected outright telling them that I cannot invest money using a broker with divided loyalties and unless if there were some information forthcoming, it was a no-go.thumbs down

But whoever it was, it was a lousy thing to do. What has happened to trust? Is there no confidentiality left in this world?dunno
cats meow cats meow

And then the moving became a bit of an anticlimax now. Suddenly I have very little to do until the weekend. Have a great day out there.wave

I have a few errands to run. Will be back in about an hour.

Comments (45)

laugh laugh Very good luck with your moving! How about your dogs? Are they doing good?wine
@ Cat - wave .. Whenever you place a house or property onto the market it becomes a public record, investment brokers study these records constantly, a little like tow-truck drivers listen to police radio to find car crashes..... conversing

No need for any family member to be suspected, Mate.... cool

... grin cheers
The animals are fine at their new home. I spoke to their new owner last night. He said they miss me but are adapting ok.
hug wave
Hi Hans
Yes, that is a possibility I did not consider. But then why were they so secretive about where they heard it. It it came from public record why not just say so?
cheers wave

I am running late. I have to slip pot for about an hour. See ypu guys a bit later.wave
@ Cat - Yeah that's just the standard corny line that they use because they don't want you thinking that they are being sneaky, slimmy vultures..... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

PS - I've heard that some 'smoke pot' but never heard the term 'slip pot' ... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

.... grin cheers
I agree with Hans, also there is possibly a leak in the council office, I assume the buyer will have done some kind of search on the title deeds, land registry etc very mad beer
Hans, I am with you. I have never heard the term...slip pot.
By the way my investment company Grabit & Leggit, a subsidiary of my building firm Bodgit & Leggit, would be happy to advise on all matters pertaining to your new found wealth professor
@ Gentlejim - wave .. What can I say but... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

... grin cheers
I think it's a term used when you see the police coming up the drive - Slip pot under the floorboards is full expression I believe professor
@ Z - wave .. Your company is on the stock market is it not, Mate.... laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

... grin cheers
I feel much honored with 4 wonderful gentleman till now I am the only woman in the lead!wine wine Follow me guys I have a google map what gives the road to china when you ask to Nebraska applause
Right, I'm back. Thanks for keeping the fires burning.
applause cheering
Ok, I hear you but I still smell a rat.
cheers wave

Btw, how's the metal detector going? Paying for itself?
Nice to hear that your doggy doing good do you have a photo may be?
Hi Z
Are the council even aware of these dealings. Don't they only get to know about it after the new owner has taken transfer?dunno
Hi Jim
Sorry, I only noticed my typo now. I was in such a hurry to leave. I actually meant 'slip out' but I guess you all knew that.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
cheers wave
I'm currently dealing with Steele & Mac Grab but it is not new wealth. A very large part will be used to acquire another dwelling or I will be employed by Walker & Seymour.doh
cheers wave
I'm not a photo person. I have very few of myself as well. My friend said that the cat made the loft his home and is not eating the food I brought along but then there are plenty of mice in the loft.

He never was as good a hunter as his half brother who died last year but now suddenly he prefers mice.doh
hug wave
Hi Mr. Cat, good to see you. wave
Don't know it works in SA, but in the UK the first thing that's done is a local authority search to see if there's anything that's going affect the house & make sure there's nothing lurking like an extension built without permission or a proposed industrial development planned for next door.
your lucky to do all this so easy. lucky to be pisces, lucky not to be persecuted, by pisces. and leo.
you have a smooth ride. but, they I dont think they will steal your money, just want a fee of course, which I know you dont like.
so, I guess your getting away with all that m..... and all the lives you destroyed to get it.
all the dreams of spiritual people who you hunted down.
all those you imprissoned with false lies of your imagination etc.
all those souls you discredited, and made them look crazy to others for their survival, so they had to be alone and the bad one in this world.
all those that committed suicide cause of you.

so, tell, me what do think about your brother M....... who is pisces taking over JSE.

now I guess your next move is having a easy ride out of the country, and find soemone else to use, who will take you in and look after you.

now you going to leave your family to die here while you escape with all the money.

Hi Usha
Good to see you again as well.
hug wave
If we had something like that it is probably down the drain. Here people build houses without plans lately. I suppose some councils are more vigilant than others but the olden days when the council had a plan of each house are long gone.
doh dunno
Your comments, in general, are not kind but this is probably the most distasteful comment you have yet made on my blog. I you think that I have used people to achieve my ends you should put your facts on the table. Don't make wild unsubstantiated accusations about people you don't know for that puts you in the same category of some others of whom most are, thankfully, no longer with us.
Catfoot, sorry to hear about this, but I think you did handle it the right way... you go, don't let anybody stomp on you or your feet. yay teddybear hug
Hi Wel
No loss incurred so no problem. I just find it disturbing that all these instances assure you of how confidential they treat your information and yet in the end everybody knows.doh
hug wave
@Cat...Im currently sitting in the same position as you and I am well aware of the emotional trauma of selling up your home of many years, letting go of many things dear to you and searching for something a bit more geared towards your new lifestyle as a retiree.....all I can say is may you find that special place and may it bring you many blessings and
Hi Catfoot
Why don't you invest your money here in my country? I am the best and genuine investment expert. I promise I will manage your money for me.. I don't mind becoming a very wealthy woman.. Really, I am serious! uh oh
Thank you Kitty
And that is what annoys me most about these vultures descending you to see what they can gain out the situation.

I'll be handing over the keys on Monday. My attorney says all the guarantees were met and that according to the Deeds Office transfer is now eminent.
hug wave
Hi Kal
I'm sure you will do a good job but I have this lady friend in Ghana who approached me before you did. And she made a few more interesting promises that you did not think of.laugh rolling on the floor laughing
hug wave
WoW catfoot!! wow

Care to share with the rest of us here what were those interesting promises that the Ghanaian lady friend 'whispered' into your eyes??? grin
Hi Mimi
Oooh, I cannot tell you.blushing

Besides, it will be a gross breach in confidence.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
thumbs up thumbs up laugh laugh laugh
doh rolling on the floor laughing
Sorry im late,
But here are a couple of law firms i think you might like to use.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing doh

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

doh doh
No need to thank me,
just trying to be helpful. handshake cheers
Hi Simmo
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I think I will do better with the yellow pages. But thanks for trying to help. It is much appreciated.
doh wave
wave Hello Catfoot, handshake Good to hear from you. When it comes to these investment people, I sometimes wonder if they pay to get information of others. (whether it be monetary, or services offered to existing clients. My sister and I just went through my deceased mothers affairs, and was spoke at ,by those knowledgeble investment people, when I asked what their fees were for all their advice, and investing, not one of them could tell medoh doh . That question sure got a mixed response, but never an answerdunno It sure shut afew of them up.
Cat , you have a great day there budyay
Hi 12121
Well I know some time ago one of these guys offered me a healthy kickback for successful pointers to investors. Told him what to do though.
doh frustrated wave
I suspect that your next family gathering might be lots of fun. uh oh

Hiya Cat, how are you and hope you'll eventually find a place you will feel comfortable in. bouquet

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