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12 Detroit Boy found after 1 1/2 his

A 12 year old boy in Detroit reported missing
was found yesterday by police.
Apparently, he was hiding in his basement and somehow
even evaded search with police dogs the week earlier.
The police hadn't ruled out homicide. uh oh

Here's the link to the Associate Press story

So,....I guess we know .....
who the new 'Hide & Seek' champion is. peace

"Step-mom couldn't find me. Step-mom couldn't find me." tongue

rolling on the floor laughing

Comments (5)

This case keeps getting weirder;

#1. The police found a bloody PVC pipe during the search.

#2. The father, Charlie, was literally being interviewed by Nancy Grace on CNN when the boy was found in the basement.

Here is that interview;

Nancy Grace can be your worse nightmare.
Where did he pee and poo?

Sth stinks here...
wave Hello JimNastics, I was watching Reporters on several stations. They spoke of child abuse, insurance money, step mother caused it, father did it,and on and on and on, lots of speculation, they laid it on pretty good.Had to justify their jobs. And in the end, with all the speculation, and hems and haws, barf they still haven't told the truth of what actually happeneddoh (aka fertilizer spreaders!)

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