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Is that not me to decide?

I was totally annoyed by a friend today... There was a good friend since we were university ,we were crazy friends. We went out for musicals jazz shows theater shows.. lot of fun what hear by any students from university..we always like a bracket.Where I was he was there. So every one called us Kappa Bracket. Time passed we were graduated I moved to EU. But friendship was already there even though we could not go out as students. cheers
Some time later like 5 to 6 years back he moved to Holland with another girl. Then another ,then another and then another and another and now lost the last one too. Who ever he was with were my friends either colleagues too.Few of my university friends fallen love with European guys and moved here in EU. Some times we gather all together to some ones house or we all share the price and book a hotel and spend time together as families.
And I met this guy during one of those outings. And then he start call me over the phone coming by me for books. Or some sort of notes or ask me to read his thesis and give him a support or something I can say.Some times he came with his guitar and play music.guitar
This guy become bit too much but I kept quiet with respect for the long friendship.This morning called me over the phone. And I asked me out. And I simply told him I am seeing some one so I am not able to date him. Then he asked me how I met him. I told him the truth. He said on the spot how come you trust a guy from internet than a good friend of yours for ages? I felt bit not a bit honestly I was pissed I mean is that not me to decide?

I feel annoyed. Why men got to say such things I mean how you do this ,, you did that,, ? Honestly I am not a bit totally irritated as I feel.sigh

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Mayby,he's not such a good friend as you describe him to be.handshake
Zeurich, there will always be some a**hole around you. Learn to ignore them, if you can give them a smile and move on with your life.peace
I think you should decide what to do with your life... and you heard the usual things about meeting someone online... people don't think people you meet online is worth the effort. So be you and do what you want. That is what is important. You go girl, for yourself!yay teddybear hug
Rob may be you have a point to. That is me I don't look at people's negative side. Because there was no reason to do so. also possible by the time he got changed... wine handshake Nice to see you.

Vicindu I think that is the case. even if he was not he become one of that I guess.

Welela yeah for sure. I go my way. But you know the feeling specially when you hear from a friend mean for a long time known friend.detective
Nice to meet you Badhra but I dont follow you honestly but thank you.
He took you to be guaranteed...and your narrative reveals he was in some way encouraged by you...I beg to say!
Zeurich, me thinks he has got the right to admonish you coz you have been friends for ages??? dunno
Iatoo thank you

mimi thank you..

it is another day! and another KOM with out me knowing dancing dancing
One thing is for sure...alienation of affections and emotional disparage have taken their grip upon your life as it has mine BUT! with the exception that in the end for you it was from a friend,from me? it has been so many I cannot count and know I am always a warm caring and loving man and many people spewing their opinions i8n and upon ones life is liking to that of a barnyard full of mad cows...they all have their rationale' and their reasons yet none of them equate to any more than that of what one allows them credence through so now it comes down to you the individual because bad,lame,indecisive or indifferent advice or judgement of others is just as futile as nothing at all,maybe even worse for the person in reference...remember you contend with what you allow in your life & times...nothing else matters a 10th as much as this theory or relativity. I too am saddened that your 'friend' chose intimacy over friendship because sex and dependency is as shallow as money,power and materialism's...sure those things have merit but NOT as a personality or individualism because neither equate that in reality they are merely a PART of that at best...this is a matter for socialites,not relationships.bouquet
Sounds like hes had a long time crush,but never had the balls to do anything about it,now hes ready to ask,and its to late,sounds a bit of a clown,should have asked you all tjose years ago??

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