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My day was like a dream that should not have happend.

A very bad dream that will stay in my head for some time.

After two days I went to the farm this morning ,most of the time I have the place for my-slef only this morning my dauther was up and the orther young ladys were just siting there in the sun.

I have missed the first sing that some-thing is very wrong,
As soon as I was inside my douther told me one of the horse wilbe dead in 3 hours.

This horse is more than 20 years old = about 80 humans years.
In all my life it was the first I sat on a horse all the children liked her, even last week a mother with child was riding this horse and a child of 4 years old road her.

I do not know alot about horses I have just started to learn how to talk to them,

There is this picture H just leying there in the sand pasting away.
A life has gone , We can not buy back this life it is gone.

Let us love life,
I am having a glass of wine now looking back at my day with a deep and sad feeling. I wish we were richer to save this horse ....

Walk good my friends life is not always fun or a game.

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my life has gone,,,,im far away from here,,,,,,remember my joy,,,,i gave year after year,,,,,you cry not for me,,,but for what youre deprived,,,,,remember the good times,,,,and ill always be alive,,,,,,,
Hi James,,sorry to hear about the horse,life can be such a kick in the teeth,,you will always have youre memories my friend,,they will never leave you,,a sad time,such is the nature of life...try to walk good
Nam. I did not cry its only now being at home

looking at the picture of my day I could cry, still I must go on what happened is also apart of life,

Cant walk away from life, Yet I wish this day had never happen.
King Fly;
King fly, I feel it with you, it is always sad when a beloved animal pass on, but I think that is beautiful words mr Nam wrote for you,,,,,,,I will have a glass with you!wine wine wine
when we sit there in sadness ,,we are crying ,,whether its on the outside or inside where no one will know,,,,,,,,
Fly....hug lips
I made up my mind, to not cry again,,,,,no matter what, I have hardened my heart, and no one will ever hurt me again, no one,,,,and I will drink to that!!!cheers
Yes Twzz. Its just being at home alone looking back when every-thing hit the Fly hard man,

Seeing all the lady crying and being helples ,

more than that the young children who had fun with this horse

we will have to tell them what happened to this horse.

Still thanks for your coment.
Yes Ange not a good day for the Fly.
Yes Val. this horse was more than an animal for us we live with them
thay are the life of the farm,

Thanks for your comment.
Capri. thanks.....and more..
King Fly, I wish I can come over there and just hug you and hold you, till the pain subsides,,,,,,because that is what I want when I'm hurting,,,, but there's never anyone one around for me,,,,,that's the reason I made up my mind not to be hurt anymore!!!!comfort comfort
Nam there is the matter of FACE,

This after-noon I wanted to cry just like every-one but we had to call the animal doctor and the rest.

then there matter of the orther horses ,

Its only now I have the time to look at what had happened.

We men cry alone no one will see us crying.
Still I love life be it from a plant or animals and humans

Today as been an eye opener for me,

My connetion with animals
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and companion, Fly.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how much money we've got, it's time to let our friends go for their benefit. Dying ain't so bad.

But loss is agony. hug
Thanks Val. I am good, its just the Fly opening a door

I am not a farmer I think of my-slef as a gardener I want to smell my roeses in the mornings when I come home from work and when my younger deauther say to me Pa. we will have tea in the graden.

No the farm thay have horses and some times I must stay there for a week-end. Then I have to look after the horses thay have become my friends.
Oh king Fly, you making me sad now and I don't want to be sad,,,,especially not when I'm going to bed, and it is late I need to rest,,,,,but please please don't despair and do take care of yourself! Good night king Fly!!!!
Jac at the end of last year the Fly was almost not here on this earth it
is only the love. of my dauthers that I am here today,

Seeing them crying this after noon over the horse is a eye opener for me.

Yes I know the horse has past on . but I can tell her friends I love them and I am there.
Heya Fly,

over here --> me wave

Anyways, I'm very sorry to hear about the horse. I like animals and it's truly heartache and pain to see one go, especially one dear to your feelings.

However, did you have to use such Language on your Blog Title? lol.. Sheesh! help doh

Okay, just joking with you about the title. I understand your frustration and sadness.. might as well, let it out.

I wish you and your daughter better days, everyday. handshake
The hour is late . One must go to bed
I can not give answer to all of your comments

Please feel free to comment about the the passing of a friend <this horse was my friend.>

Does not matter the psting of a life I will stand still, yet I saw a brid killed a Moth in flight tobay I did not feel sorry for the Moth ???

This is was also anorther life passing ????

Walk good...Every one...
wave Walk good King Fly!
hug comfort hug teddybear sad flower
Mr Fly, so sorry for your loss sad flower sad for your daughter and others too who will miss their friend. sigh Huggles to all there who loved that dear old horse hug hug
Sorry about your friend Mr. James. You gave her a good life, and she made many people happy. The memory will never pass. sad flower
sad flower Sorry Fly teddybear
Sincerest condolences at the loss of a friend of 20 years.
Nams first comment poem was true for humans and animals, we are all interconnected. Sadness will pass and good memories will remain, so your good friend remains in your heart.hug

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