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I thank you all from yesterday when you were there for the Fly

Our friend was taken away this afternoon....Her name was Hester.

Life goes on ,This afternoon the Fly was in a meeting with the Hunter and his two Falcons ,my grandson the Iceman and his friends the Gang of 4 ,

In this meeting we talk about some Wicked brids that have been eating every thing we planted in our garden.

At this time one can not say more, We dont konw but these brids with there malcontempt might have Spys every where.

Walk good every one....

yay yay dancing dancing dancing peace peace peace

Comments (56)

shock What! I am down at the bottom. . .As number 12. Wtf! pointing
Angel does not swear! giggle giggle giggle
I'm just wickedlaugh no number of the Fly.My cap stays
Mimi....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Now now girls...don't fight over the numbers. Keep

Btw Fly, what number am I, just curious, ya know dunno grin
Who's number one?boxing

Angelmotorcycle sir bobby Let's get em I'll get number 1 and errr you get number 2 ewwww dirty job
Ange please look at your clock tobe at 12 oclock means you are in front you are the eyes and hears for your friends that is behind you. We love you that is why you are 12 the look out...peace peace
stuck Wicked Capri: I aint no number. Im just outter here. . . . super
Capri Angel rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Angel..your the looky louwow

Wait I need PRIVICY I'm wicked very madIt's Hot dunno
Capri you are at 1 OCLOCK and Mimi you are at 11 OCLOCK

Dont worry Sir Nam is at 6 Oclock just behind both of you...

I am 0
I go every where and no where

Yet I could be in frount beside or just behind

But then only his lordship can do this being ever-where and no where...

Thanks you all again
I must sleep now.

Walk good all..frustrated kiss kiss yay yay heart wings heart wings heart wings bouquet bouquet bouquet teddybear teddybear teddybear
Good Nitehug lips lips
blushing Y! Thank you, my King......bowing
And his highness KING FLY,,,has retired for a royal evening and sleep,,,,,,at some point tomorrow the king will announce when he will hold court once again,,,long live the king!!!
I'm clocking outlaugh
you are wellcome my friend hope you feell good greetingshead banger handshake

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