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Not from the window!

Yesterday was a sort busy day due to dancing season end stage festival. At the last moment I realize that she is not fitting in to her legging any more. So I had to rush to the city. I asked my little one to be inside not to go out side. That I did when I was coming out from front door...

I bought what needed when I was driving back home I could see this little girl sitting on the deck with her legs in to the water in the back yard. I was mad but with out showing that I said "I asked you to stay inside not to go out of the door what are you doing?"

She said with a big smile, yes but you did show only front door that means I can go out from back doorgrin

That hit me my self to my age of 12, I was grounded being stubborn as usual. As I remember breaking something from some one, my father grounded me he strongly said you are not allowed go out of your room door and I don't want to hear you go down with stair case

In the afternoon I jumped out of the window and climb down with the big tree what was next my room. And I was out... my father was mad and ask the same thing " my answer was you did not tell me that I am not allowed to jump out of the window and climb down from the tree"

People say Daughter like mother I honestly think that is true!
Better than a princess like a king!

Aloha Saturday!

teddybear teddybear teddybear

Comments (11)

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Indeed like mother like daughter!! Smart gal and now we all know where she gets that from, eh ?!?!?!? wink
hug teddybear
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing yeah he no excuse for me he!! I am planing to drop some photos of the dancing later!teddybear teddybear
Yes please!!! Would love love love to see some photos!!! love Thanks Zeurich hug
smart you both... laugh
Sure I will,,,, mimi how are you? also love

Smartayay yay ma girl how are you ???
Hi Zeurich, I bet she's just as cute as you are too,,,,can't wait to see the photo'sdancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
I am dropping it almost done with the transfer!hug
laugh Sure, like mother, like daughter... No doubt. I look forward to see some pictures. Enjoy your Saturday.yay teddybear hug
Your daughter sounds adorable. You took a risk leaving her by herself, at least that is what I understood. In Maryland, a child under 9 years old cannot be left alone; it's the law. I'm glad she was all right. Children say the cutest things.
Yes for 15 min she was alone. But my neighbor was home too... if I am out she is keeping her eye on my daughter. hug
When I was little my Dad would paddle my behind with a hairbrush if I misbehaved. One day after being told to not touch the cookies I thought about it and decided that the spanking wouldn't be so bad if I stuffed some of Dad's paperback novels down the back of my pants. This done, I ate the cookies and Dad hauled me over to the hairbrush. A few painless 'thwocks' later he was like WTF? and after searching quickly found the books and released me because he was laughing so hard. Mom asked him what was so funny and he showed her at which point Mom spanked me. Thereafter I was checked for hidden books if I misbehaved.

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