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Ramadan is coming in Emirates, I worry about which

I specially searched which kind of dresses I can wear during Ramadan. As it is the Holy month from tomorrow. Muslims could not eat the whole day, and only when the sun set down they can start to eat,which would be a banquet. I was also told i could not wear too bright dresses which is not respectful for this festival month. Anyway, I finally got some information, long dresses seem to be ok, but no bars will open for the whole month. And also no restaurants will open during daytime. But in UAE,it is said some special Mac Donald can open,but only very few.

For me, this is the first year to stay during Ramadan. I need be careful. Last time, I wear a nice blue dress in the immigration office,I was criticized by the female official, cos she thought my dress was too short. Well, later on, I asked a muslim guy,what did he think of my dress? He said,that female official was just jealous of me and my dress, it is no problem. But I did have heard they can give me a 30pounds worth ticket for this dress if they want.

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I need point out,the blue dress case I talked about happened before Ramadan
Culture of Oman

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia cheers
in Ramadan period, usually the temptation is greater than usual days for Muslim.. So, pls be careful and try to adjust in dressing... long dress with long sleeve is good for you... thumbs up
I would say,emirates is much looser than other Arab world. I think that is also the reason why it is popular among Arabs and foreigners.

But Oman culture can be of good reference
Hi, Smartasss,thank you for your advice.

I am fairly cautious type. I will put on long dresses with sleeves.
i guess Oman is modern compared to other Arabian countries ya Jenny..
I one timed crossed the street from the opening of the middle of a street, and ran across the street to the other side, I fell into a trap. A police with normal outfit waited for me in his car, and gave me a ticket. And in such a hot weather, I have to find that special police office to pay this ticket. Oh, I paid 15 pounds in total.
Next time, I would try to walk not towards the cars,but some empty area, and ran away quickly,save my 15 pounds laugh blushing
Oman is not as developed as Emirates for sure. Emirates in the Arab world is the richest area.
Dress code during Ramadan
•During Ramadan it is important to be more respectful. Men wearing shorts and women with uncovered shoulders in Dubai will probably still not be arrested but it would be prudent to be more considerate of Emirati culture and religion.
•In other emirates during Ramadan you really should cover those knees and shoulders.
Dress code in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAEcheers
Abu Dhabi is not so bad,but Sharjah and other emirates might be of problem.
I will not go to other emirates except Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

My purse has better usage.
I have made my mind up. Stay away from Muslim countries and their silly rules.
You are lucky,Ed. I have to work very hard and then I can afford to come to this Muslim country. And after this step,I want to find a western countries to study more. I like finance, or economy. I wish to learn more about it and meet more friends.
With all due respect, PJ, I could never live under those religious conditions. That's all I have to say. Much luck to you.
In fact, emirates are the least religious in Muslim area, I mean this is almost the most free place in Arab world. Foreigners can wear whatever they want, the same as in their own countries, only except for this Ramadan month.
That's what happens when you live in a Stone Age™ society, ruled by a Theocratic-Monarchy that... at it's very top, is the most un-Islamic. laugh Fcking Hypocrits!
Well I would like to see Lady Gaga wear her meat dress over there... well at least a newer one....
Be careful. Also do not travel unescorted. Be thankful you do not also have to contend there with religious police who can publicly flog women whose attire or behavior upsets them. Do not EVER even mention astrology as that is considered witchcraft (soothsaying) and a big no no. The list of shall nots for women in Muslim countries is to long to recite here, but wow, there is a lot of them.
I know,in a muslim country, people need be cautious. It is very safe,but, police can give trouble,my ticket one was the first time for me.

I am still working on my thing. After this, Indeed, I like to travel, and find a school to study a while.Anyone can help me with the American universities will be a big help. Thank in advance.

In life, we can try to adapt,including this muslim country.
I hope that all the negative comments are from experience...I like working here but do have my criticism. Yes to me all religion is bonkers...but when in Rome do as the Romans not confuse UAE with Saudi Arabia or archaic countries where development has been slow for fear of western culture over taking.

Family values matter here..more and more Arab nationals are becoming more liberal and accepting...It's,not perfect my any means and you do here of some awful things...but you know's not unique to arabland ! How many sick people in us or UK....thousands.

Go on to YouTube....look for comedian Russel Peters talking about Arabs...there are so many things I dont agree with...yet I never lock my car door or my front door where I live...just feel very safe.
In Emirates,if you lost something to some place,likely you can find it back.And also i heard people don't lock their car, and would not be stolen.
Got some mail from someone (not jenny or anyone else here) giving out to me about this blog or more accurately my comment. And then blocked cos she couldn't take my rebuttal.

Coward she is. She knows who she is.
Indeed I quite like emirates. The royal families treat their country people very nicely,and give them very rich and secured life. I also respect and admire the royal families here.

Emirates treat their citizens the best in Arab world.

Maddog,if I would be given a choice to be an emerati or other countries, I will accept to be emerati. Really, they are very well taken care of. YOung emeraties get married, I heard, government would offer 30000usd something as a gift, and some would be issued a plot of land, and the land here is also expensive.
@jenny: Well Jenny that's just great. Giving handouts is the best way to mute people and keep everyone happy like drones. Although it's interesting how yourself has associated marriage with the 30k handout, when considering some of your other blogs. wink


No thanks. I'll skip being an Emirati. I don't care if the foothpaths were forged out of solid gold. I'd rather be happy and free. I'd rather not be given a ticket for the manner in which I dress.
@Ian: I don't really know what you're saying TBH. There's a problem when you're equating religion and ethnicity. We're talking about Authoritarianism. IN this case the whole Petro-King area of the Gulf, compounded by Theocratic tendencies.

Arabs? Lebanon and Tunisia are Arabic and are progressive free countries. Turkey is mostly Muslim and is a mostly free country. Nothing at all to do with Religion or ethnicity. More to do with Politics.
For me, it is almost not possible to be with a muslim. If they offer me to be emirati, I can consider. Please notice this"If" .

I am looking for my partner, which I don't want to deny, I am never the type who will think money first. AS I have built my own life, so I will look at the person first.I write in my profile that i can work with the guy.

I don't want to be a with guy I don't like just for the sake of money. I can earn a living and I have a comfortable life.
"For me, it is almost not possible to be with a muslim." Why not? confused It wouldn't be impossible for me. I'd rather a Muslim than some Atheist Feminist. laugh
I have never considered a Muslim. Maddog, for you, I think you have the freedom to be with a muslim!

Just give you an example how difficult to be an emirati: only one time when the founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed had given 2 foreign guys emirates citizenship. And ladies need get married with emiraties minimu over 5 years.

I am not interested in Muslim guy. Not my cup of tea.
Oh... so.. you like a lot of Milk in your tea? lol laugh laugh
I quite like milk tea. i try not to put too much sugar, sometimes no sugar at all. I can drink a bit of coffee, cos, I don't sleep that tight,so better to avoid extra problem

Muslim is a 99.99% no for me.
@maddog... Look at Iraq..Libya...Egypt. We have gone in and tried to give them our view, even force it on them to change to a democracy..They are just not ready and need to do it in there own time. The middle east is an unstable battle ground to which the west require it to be unstable..for Sunni and Shia to fight. It needs authority to keep things in place, even handouts. I live in Bahrain and there are constant battles here, what are they fighting for ? I asked one guy and his answer was they do not get the handouts that Emiraties get !..but this is one guys opinion and not all, but it certainly doesn't help them to work for themselves.

In Saudi its worse, they are paid to stay at home..water..electric and fuel is heavily subsisidised, I have horrendous issues trying to get decent saudis to work..but they are out there. It will take time, another 50 years maybe. The progress in the last 10 years has proven that. Smart phones FB and all these other social things have bought them closer to western ideas..good thing or decide !.

Remember what one US President said...its a shame our oil in under there land !. Lets not forget it went for m Camel to Cadillac over night, when the Berlin wall came down East Germans were consuming copious amounts of Alcohol as they didn't know when it was going to end. It takes time, I hope all will realise that we don't need religion to live a good life or be good people..just good parents.

We have no right to tell others what they should or shouldn't be doing, we were an awful race of people once..look at history..its just other countries aren't up to speed yet with compassion for others.
Where your jeans and a tee shirt,stuff the Muslims.
What happened to respecting peoples beliefs? Well thats what I get thrown at me if I darecsay anything against christians, why does the same not apply here?

Am especailly surprised at you Ed dunno
Wow, I have been outside, and noticed that I am among the modest type of dresses. I saw a lady even in a round neck sleeveless t shirt. plus and skirt. I think ,the first day for the Ramadan, this is a bit too much. Obviously nobody stopped her, i even worried about my long sleeves dress, as it is think material on the arms part, and in fact, it is a down to ankle style dress, I also worry about the part under the neck, as the lining only starts from the breast part, anyway, when I looked at the ladies in Abu Dhabi, I have an idea, in general, it is more or less the same what I was wearing in other days. On the safe side, I will wear long dresses type.

You remember you suspected whether I was in Emirates or not? So now it turned out to be real that I am in emirates.

And now i need spend some time in Ramadan! but Abu Dhabi is not so bad, I don't need worry too much of my dresses. I don't want to offend them, so I didn't eat or drink in public today. It was hot,you know, today it is 40 centigrade in Abu Dhabi.
"I am still working on my thing. After this, Indeed, I like to travel, and find a school to study a while.Anyone can help me with the American universities will be a big help. Thank in advance."

Can't. You blocked mail from outside your area. Email me first. :)
@Ian: Yeah, that's all wrong mate. "We" didn't go in anywhere. The US/UK/EU intelligence community went in, in Iraq/Libya with weapons, in Egypt with money and intelligence resources. And it most certainly wasn't with the aim of democracy.

I get a sense of self-loathing. I think you've been talking too much to people who blame all their own faults on other people.

But... that's the reason why all those PetroKings rule the ME. The US basically keep the top elite protected, who then in turn keep their own people buried under handouts and Theocracy. Should watch a movie called 'Syriana'... it's about a young progressive prince who tries to modernise his own country, but the CIA colludes with members of his own Royal family to have him killed. Hollywood isn't the place to go for Current Affairs lesson, but in that case it really nails it perfectly.

As for other countries... normally what happens is, as a country gets wealthier the old social rigid rules of the past start to disappear. People have more freedom to live how they choose, because their actions don't threaten the group as a whole. But in these countries there's a mismatch. Very wealthy, very restrictive compared to countries of similar wealth. And the reason why they are restrictive? To maintain absolute control over their own people as Dictators.

So, no reach for the White Guilt card is gonna wash that away.

I think in general, Emirates have done fairly well to her own citizens.And their own people are happy with the government, and at the same time, they also open their door to the modern world earlier than other Arab area, so that people are a lot more tolerant.

Even Muslims will not disturb expats. In any countries, usually, once people are relatively equal, or people are happy with their government, then people usually are more tolerant, do you think so?

We have a saying: Once you have lots of good food, then you want to learn more knowledge, and better manners, and tends to be more open minded.

Hi Ken,

I did try to send you mail, your setting also stopped from sending mails. I don't think i did my own setting though.

I don't block emails at all.

Strange! I want to study a bit more, I really like economy or finance. And I wish to study in the USA, and meet more people. Thank you, Ken! That is very nice of you to help me.

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